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  1. Have you looked at Kramer products. Expensive though.
  2. If you haven't already found it have a gander at aussiearcade.com.au there is a mod guide by one of the members for the GG and maybe someone might have infor for the falcon?
  3. Works well. Just takes a few resets first time you use, to sync with whichever version you have eg. Pal, ntsc, famicon, etc. If i recall correctly. It remembers the setting after this.
  4. I use (again Sony Trinitron) a KD-32DX40. I'm from Australia so 32", widescreen, 50Hz for light guns with RGB Scart input suits me perfectly. I run the consoles through a couple of Scart Commanders (keene.co.uk).
  5. Think i've seen your sig on the GG forum? Ninty Nes with rob, u-force, zapper and power glove. Also powerpak Snes with everdrive using rgb scart Gc with qoob pro via component output Wii stock Ds and dsi with acekard Sega Md2 switchless mods (region and hz) Mcd2 32x switchless mods ( region and hz) All via rgb scart Saturn with region mod and cd-r mod rgb scart Dc via vga M$ Xbox region mod, component and toslink 360 stock hdmi Sony Psp 3000 Psx region mod s-video Ps2 matrix infinity, component and toslink Ps3 stock hdmi Atari 7800 french rgb scart Jaguar and cd rgb scart 3do s-video Intellivision coming but will need composite mod! Cc3 Think thats it. Prob forgotten something
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