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  1. Reading their article I find it funny that, the interview she did was her first one. What kind of press are you, that you have never done an interview? I love the easy going nature of the MGC, and if I started seeing things going the way they wanted it I would stop attending.
  2. It was a great time, and was excited to pick up a great deal on Halo 2600! The museum was great, and enjoyed how open the pinball room was this year! I even took my 2 year old in to the museum area to play for awhile and he had fun as well. Already looking forward to next year. Picked up: Halo 2600 Final Fantasy 3(snes) Super Contra(NES) Mortal combat 2(sega) Street fighter 2(sega) Dues Ex (PS3) Memories(Priceless)
  3. NES, SNES, 2 atari 2600(one h6 and one 4 woody), WII U, PS2, PS3, Xbox360, and a 3 in one(nes,snes, and sega). Still wanting a model 1 sega gen.
  4. On sunday I am hoping to bring my son, he is 2 and I think he will enjoy it...
  5. Looks pretty neat! Will have to check it out!
  6. One of my favs actually!
  7. It is a bible adventure, but the game play is still great.
  8. If anyone wanted I could bring my vic-20, though I would have to find a monitor for it...I think someone already had brought one last year though.
  9. For those that remeber last year when Scott Adams spoke he had people playing his new game, it is available now, just thought I would share. http://www.msadams.com/ipreorder/
  10. I thought I would post this here but there is a new scott adams game now on pre-order. http://www.msadams.com/ipreorder/ I have played the beta and it is pretty awesome!
  11. Could i get the raw as well?
  12. If you buy online you prepay but still have to pick up your ticket at the door.
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