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  1. I've had one of those cables in the past 80s. I can remember it was a simple splitter cable to connect 2 Joysticks on one port. It was used to plug (for example) a standard and a pilot joystick permanently to a console so you don't have to pull and plug them every time. Nothings special and no mysterical, hidden functions at all. Sorry pal.
  2. When you remove the switch cab does this happen then too? If yes, there must be somethong wrong with the foam thing under the cab. Maybe it's too flat and the switch is pressed nearly all the time?
  3. I use the emulator on my smartphone to shorten the waiting time e.g. when visiting the doc. Or to have a preview of games I don't own. In all other cases I only use "the real Thing"! Like Marco(2) said... Emulators are a little bit like an inflatable doll. Some people may have fun with it but it's not comparably with the "reality"
  4. Those jr. consoles were sold in Ireland only (as I know) and you can get them on ebay UK and Germany from time to time. I got mine on ebay Germany for about 13 Eur incl. p&p. Not the cheapest... but it was worth
  5. This all is a ridiculous witch-hunt! They really should use their time for more important things...
  6. Awesome, THIS IS the solution of the problem! I've tryed an old flexible coax cable I've had on stock. I just mounted a standard RF-plug and put the loose end with a little improvisation to the console. What I now see is the best and most stable picture I've ever seen by a console! I'm really happy now, cause it's peanuts to get the rest properly done. Thanx to you all for helping me on this jarring crap. The funny thing is that the little Vader Jr. has a much better picture than his daddy Now I urgently need a real cold beer to celebrate that
  7. The first one is a little... ehm... boring?! Is there something happening sometimes or is it it?
  8. @Schizophretard sure I can but there's nothing special to see. The Nintendo cable which seems to be the best so far is a little thinner and more flexible than the Atari. That's all
  9. No, but I've tryed the original cable from the vader and the picture was just perfect. I've also tryed the replacement on the vader and the pricture was full of interferences like with the jr consol. So it must be definatly a problem with the cable
  10. Sorry to say, but that didn't work either The red one seems to modify the sharpness and the (channel) fine-tuning The green one is for the color intensity. Bummer... Are the original RF cables really that special? I still can't believe that.
  11. BTW... how can I adjust the channel inside the jr. Which one of the 2 potentiometers is used for that? Maybe I can fix the problem with that?
  12. I'm using a simple Excel sheet. That's all
  13. Are the original cable really that heavy shielded?!
  14. Now it's getting real strange! I've tryed 2 different types of cable to run the Jr console. The first, a unsiversal TV cable, was showing the interferences as described above. Now I got a second one, it's from a nintendo snes and fits perfectly. The Interferences are very reduced, but the "ants" are still running over the screen. Okay, the scrambling noise is gone but it still doesn't work like it should As written above: The original cable from the vader works fine with the jr, but vice versa it doesn't. It seems that the original ATARI cable has something special, but that cannot be, can't it?! Any further suggestion?
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