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  1. My score was 317 . I didn't like this game at all, it was rather frustrating (not in a fun way) . Also it seemed pretty gory, at least for an atari game
  2. [posted by Darth Kinzer's personal droid while the Maker is away camping] 32,050 ...no poker bonus...
  3. I loved this game, but I was only able to play this Sunday because of school and other stuff. All I had the time to do was break 10,000 and then of course I died immediately after.
  4. I absolutely love dig-dug and was delighted that it was chosen as one of the games this week. My final score was 54210, which was enough to beat my dad's score! Although that was awesome my space rocks score was pretty hopeless. It was 7100. That game may look amazing, but its HARD!
  5. I really enjoyed kung fu master ,but I was not such a fan of Chuck Norris Superkicks . In kun fu master I got 34100 because whenever I beat the second boss the boomerangs he threw would come back and kill me! Or a stupid knife thrower would just kill me before I could leave the screen . In Chuck Norris I got 67000. I can barely stand this game! ​
  6. I'm pretty terrible and can't stand this game enough to even break a pitiful 30,000. So my final score is 26,060.
  7. YAAAAY!!! I'm back and after awhile I finally beat my old high score: 57150 (which I didn't post). I'm now at 76200! Although, I've only spent enough time on Wall Defender to scrape up a measly 26353
  8. Defender: 34000 Wall Defender: 26353 No picture because my dad is lazy. I did not enjoy Wall Defender as much as Defender, but it was okay.
  9. By myself - 17 2 player bonus, with my dad [DT Kofoed] - 3rd maze
  10. Submarine Commander: 395 Night Driver: 29 I'm not so interested in the other games.
  11. 1600. I like the tanks, but can't always get to them!
  12. Woo! I love this game. this was only my fifth time playing.So watch-out here I come
  13. Never did get above the starting $50000 in Journey Escape
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