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  1. Thank you for the write up HDTV1080P. This was a good read and I have purchased one of these power supplies as a result.
  2. My RF cable went out today. I plan on modding my system next month with the AV and LED mod.
  3. I put the loose 2010 copy that I had in a box so now I have a 2010 and 2013 boxed copies now
  4. Just received my games! Thank you Al! On I side note I noticed that the third run of Halo 2600 has an AtariAge logo on the cart where the second run did not.
  5. After all the Halo 2600 craze settles down, a 4K Halo 2 would be awesome. Just throwing that our there if anyone wants to catch it.
  6. I am looking to get more posters of this theme. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Yeah! Looking forward to putting this thing up later this week.
  8. Awesome! I will be picking up my poster case for it this weekend.
  9. I actually have that exact one. It works like a charm.
  10. Happy Birthday Desire'e Birdz Galby! I am glad that you enjoyed the French toast courtesy of Robert Irvine.

  11. Yeah! After I get these I am moving on to modding my 2600 for S-Video.
  12. Any economist will tell you that if a person starts off with the phrase of “Any economist will tell you” to validate his/her point, their point has probably already been invalidated.

  13. Hey Al, any chance you could give a hint of what is in the instructions?
  14. Yeah that actually pisses me off. A buddy of mine that I was buying a copy for just found out about these. I told him that I was getting him a copy just so that he doesn't try and get one on Ebay.
  15. I was scared there for a sec. Just to make sure I am good, I would like two boxed copies. One of them I am giving to an old fiend who has no idea these even exist.
  16. Yeah! At first I was freaking out, screaming, crying, and shaking violently in a corner because I didn't see the PM. But I am ok now.
  17. Thank you for the update Albert. I know that I emailed you a while back but wanted to make sure that I was on the list for a boxed copy and an extra box and instructions (I have OCS and that is how I roll). We all appreciate what you do here and know that it is a work of love and not of just profit. So thank you Al for giving us a very special piece of Halo history.
  18. My son Breanainn is three years old today. The other night he woke up and walked into the living room while Desire'e and I were watching television told us there there was something wrong. He then lifted his shirt and hit his stomach over and over while saying that it was a rock. We laughed about it but he was really worried, so I reasured him that it was a very good thing that his stomach was a rock and put him back to bed.

    1. Andrew Davie

      Andrew Davie

      best not let him watch Alien, just yet...

    2. Grig


      I'm still trying to pronounce your boy's name (and this coming from someone with an 'x' in their name)- a little help?

  19. What did you guys think of the Halo 4 presentation last week?
  20. I always wondered about that as a kid.
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