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  1. Epyx_Fail


  2. WTB these 2600 carts: Space Shuttle, Gyruss, Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator, Challenge of Nexar, Picnic, Piece o' Cake. PM me!

  3. Still looking for: Space Shuttle Gyruss Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Challenge of Nexar Picnic Piece o' Cake
  4. Anybody see this? http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/698159145/atari-2600-star-castle?ref=live
  5. ...you're a full-time musician walking into a music store and the first thing the owner says to you is, "Hey, you'll like this! Check out this Atari stuff I got!" Two hours later... "Yeah, so... about those guitar strings I needed."
  6. Just made an important life decision...deep breath...I'm going to learn to program the 2600! Goal #1: Create a "game" that's a big flashing handlebar moustache with the word "OBEY" underneath.

  7. I dream in 8-bit. My girlfriend asked me, "So, who's Stella?". I was ninja E.T. for Halloween. I keep hoping for Epyx to release Spring Games and Fall Games.
  8. Looking for these titles for the 2600 to complete some collections. PM me if you got any of 'em: Roc 'n Rope Space Shuttle Gyruss Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Challenge of Nexar Picnic Piece o' Cake
  9. Well, I was playing California Games during a crazy-ass lightning storm... then the next thing I remember it's 2013.
  10. Here's a little info on the cars. Seems they were part of a nostalgic brands series that Hot Wheels did last year. I'm gonna try to find them in a store somewhere. That Stella van is the hotness. http://videogamecritic.net/vgc_ataricars.htm
  11. I think collecting became "serious" for me when I realized that I had exhausted the supplies of all area yard sales, thrift stores, used book stores, craigslist ads, and gaming stores that had anything remotely related to Atari 2600. Come to think of it, I haven't dredged the area in a while. Bet I could find some cool stuff now.
  12. Had an Atari Touch Me handheld GIVEN to me at a thrift store today. The name kinda creeps me out, but it's fun as hell to play. Being a musician makes me unnaturally good at this game, as I can make a little song out of the pitches and not have to memorize the lighted patterns. It's like Simon, but without all the marketing jibba jabba. Did I mention it's portable? Atari anywhere! Apparently there was an arcade version of this. Does anybody out there have one? I would love to see a pic.
  13. Just got a "Touch Me" handheld for free at a thrift store. That name still creeps me out.

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    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer
    3. Reaperman


      Every time I hear 'Touch me' I imagine those dolls they use to make children show where they were molested.

    4. Epyx_Fail


      Atari Touch Me debuted in 1974 as an arcade cabinet. It was not commercially successful. Milton Bradley "came up with" Simon in 1977. It was a smash hit, prompting Atari to release the Touch me handheld in 1978. But it was too late, as Simon had already dominated the market.

  14. Decided to hang on to my collection. Screw money.

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    2. littleman jack

      littleman jack

      Glad to hear your keeping your Atari stuff!

    3. Stan


      Honestly man, you'll be better off. I always regretted selling my original 2600 collection and I'll never do it again.

    4. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I tried to screw money. I got a paper cut on me willy!

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