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    Texas Instruments TI-99/4A hardware and software community and users. Learning more about tips and techniques for getting the most out of the 99/4A. Using emulators like Classic99 has brought me back to using real metal. :)
  1. Fritz442: I just downloaded the editor and had the same reaction as CyberTaco. Wow - simply amazing. I can't believe how much depth the editor has while making it so incredibly easy to make our very own Tunnels of Doom games. I'm looking forward to diving in and making a personalized game that me and my son can play together. Thanks so much for creating this!
  2. Hi Keith99er, I came across this TI-99/4A Cartridge List in Excel format with almost 250 titles that includes a column with the release date (year). It looks like this person created it for his personal inventory tracking. I haven't verified how accurate or extensive it is, but it's been pretty useful tool for me as I begin to rebuild my 99/4A system and collection. http://www.cantstopclicking.com/ti994a/index.html Cartridge List (Excel): http://www.cantstopclicking.com/ti994a/index_files/Dano%27s%20Cartridge%20List%20-%20Blank%20%28v2.1%29.xls Hope this is helpful! -David
  3. I'm definitely interested in a complete cartridge if one's available. I sent you a separate PM - let me know you have one to to spare that I can purchase. Thanks!
  4. Planning out the next steps in rebuilding my TI-99/4A system... for the 4th time in my life!

  5. This is similar to the route I went just this past week to connect the TI-99/4A I bought off Craigslist. I bought a used Dell monitor at Goodwill for $29 that has a composite video input as well as VGA and DVI inputs. The monitor is about 7 years old but has great picture quality. I made my own composite cable yesterday. The monitor doesn't have built-in speakers so I just have the audio (red and white) outputs connected to some powered speakers (Parsec sounds great through these speakers). Later, I plan to purchase and install the F18A - and I'll be able to use the same monitor!
  6. Thanks for the great question and detailed reply. This provides a lot of insight into some of the unrealized potential of TI-99/4A. If only TI had persevered, stayed in the home computer market, who knows what might have been.
  7. A Michigan institution, Meijer Inc. Founder Frederik Meijer Dead. http://www.npr.org/2011/11/26/142798052/meijer-inc-founder-frederik-meijer-dead?device=iphone #meijer

    1. SRGilbert


      I've been a Meijer devote for almost 20 years now. I'd hate to live in a town without one. We just went there today! RIP Fred.


    2. atari2600land


      Fred Meyer in our area has an eerily similar name and is also dead.

    3. Yurkie


      R.I.P Mr. Meijer


      I do a lot of my shopping at the Meijer.

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