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  1. I found a local tv shop that actually still repairs CRTs and ordered a flyback from Best Electronics. The Tech determined that this was the problematic part that has gone bad and was leaking. Does anyone happen to have the Atari Jaguar kiosk setup manual/PDF? I had it awhile ago but can no longer find it :( thanks!
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    Any developments on Heretic?
  3. I’m having issues with my SC1435 too. Any luck guys? I heard it could be a flyback transformers - I’m curious if anyone has revived their monitor or anyone that knows of a local area in California. Thank you
  4. Hi all, so my Atari Jaguar monitor is all of a sudden decided to go black. I read that this might be a bad flyback transformer - anyone else have any issues with this monitor and any recommendations to repair this in the Bay Area/SF area? Not sure if this can be a DYI project - thanks in advance!
  5. Great communication + prompt shipment. A+++ seller that I'd highly recommend. Thanks again for allowing me to purchase this 'Rare' piece of Atari Jaguar history
  6. Interested in the cart and poster
  7. Reviving this thread. Any updates??
  8. I aleady PM u for one earlier this afternoon.
  9. I'm having a terrible time getting the power button to work and align properly with the power switch. Did anyone just reposition the bottom two (with hot glue) post to it's original location so that you can screw down the two lower silver screws onto the board VS shaving down the two posts? If I recall, some peeps went thus route for the white dental cases. Any tips? I used some duo sided adhesive and still can't get that perfect height, perhaps I'll try adhesive foam like one member mentioned...
  10. My order finally came in and looks great! (California) Be patient peeps, your orders should arrive soon
  11. That's what I figured. Just wanted someone to confirm. Thanks for your response!
  12. Hi All, This might sound like a silky question but it's been awhile but I've recently purchases some nice Panasonic eneloop AA I plan on using for my lynx. In the past I'd use the Best Electronics battery pack or ac adapter. My question is, will it damage my lynx if I left the batteries inside my lynx and plug in my AC adapter? The reason I ask is, if I recall I might have damaged my original lynx II when I was a kid due to this. I think I was running low on the alkaline batteries playing Dracula Undead (near the end) and I plugged in my ac adapter so that I would not lose my progress. What do you guys think? Ever since, I've always either used My battery pack/ac adapter... What do you guys think? Thanks!
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