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  1. FOr all who are interested, the 1st use of CGI in film/TV, etc, was believe it or not, in 1968 or '69...& of all places it occurred on an episode of Sesame Street. A jazzy triangle meets a square
  2. For anybody (still interested (this post is over a year old) who doesn't want to download the entire torrent, here is a website with many of the same books available for individual download. http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/Atari%208-bit%20Books/
  3. Are you still looking for any old Atari 8-bit PC programming books in PDF? I replied on a comment you made, but it's over a year old. I wrote some links. If you're still interested in the books, but you don't remember where the post was or don't get auto-notification from Atariage, you can email me for the information. THey are great books, & many of them, all in PDF!

    [email protected]

  4. Your post is over a year old so I am not sure if your are either still into Atari & 8-bit PC programming, or if you already found everything you needed/wanted. In any event, I found a crap load of awesome Atari 8-bit PC programming books! There's probably 50 to 100 in total. Here are just a few example titles. 101 Atari Computer Programming Tips & Tricks.pdf Advanced Programming Techniques for the Atari.pdf Adventures with the Atari.pdf An Atari 8-bit Extra.pdf Assembly Language Programming For Atari Computers.pdf Atari BASIC.pdf Atari BASIC Learning by Using.pdf Computes First Book of Atari.pdf Computes Second Book of Atari Graphics.pdf Inside Atari BASIC.pdf Machine Language for Beginners.pdf Here is the link/address http://ftp.pigwa.net/stuff/collections/Atari%208-bit%20Books/ You also mentioned Commodore 64. I don't know what you found/have, but just in case your interested, here are a ton of C64 (&some Vic20/C128) PDF books. http://www.bombjack.org/commodore/ Well, I hope this helps you & you enjoy them!
  5. Hello & thanks again. I don't know if this is worth mentioning or not, personally I think it might be, considering I am pretty sure it's what gave me all of the default.bas.bin problems. When I initially followed your step by step instructions, I was still getting the same problem. It's solved now & I believe the problem stemmed from the [settings] tab/option. When I deleted my old VbB folders, made new ones (I did everything EXACTLY as you wrote, even using the same folder/project names, locations, etc), ran the Configuration Wizard & restarted VbB, the problem was still happening. After some initial frustration (followed by some deep breathing exercises & "counting to 10"), I just happened to notice that under [settings], the "bB Compiler" & "ALT Batch File" paths were still pointing to their previous locations. I had just assumed (wrongly) that setting the paths in the the Configuration Wizard would take care of this. After making the proper path adjustments, everything worked perfectly. I know it's a syilly beginners/newbie mistake, but that's probably what many (or @ least some) new VbB users (myself included) are. Anyway, under Step #3 or #4 (your choice), you may (or may not) want to make a note of this. IMO, if you did, it would cover pretty much any/every problem that would/could arise during VbB setup/installation & make for a perfect "VbB Setup Tutorial". I apologize if my suggestion/tip seems out of line or anything. Thanks again. Gerry
  6. Confused, stupefied, befuddled, etc. THAT worked! My problem has come up multiple times w/other people. (quite a bit on Youtube). Your step by step instructions are like a "VbB Setup Tutorial", the 1st of it's kind really. I'd like to thank you very much for you time/patience, & superb, clear, instructions. If I notice anybody else w/ similar trouble, I will point them here. Again , thank you! Gerry
  7. You mean "incorrectly", don't you? In any event, now I am having the same problem! (default.bas.bin). When i initially tried, I was in a hurry. Everything was in a folder on my desktop. I made a dedicated folder & set everything up again. I started from scratch. I used the configuration wizard & all the paths seem to be set right. You said it's the 1st thing you replace. Do you have a bare default.bas.bin you could send me please, & if so, would it even help/work? Also, where would I put it? A Project folder? Thank you. PS: This is so frustrating I usually have problems with the default batch (.bat) file. It's the first thing I replace. If bB is setup correctly, that is usually what is causing the problem. -Jeff
  8. I keep getting "Could not locate default.bas.bin and could not recompile. Please check to make sure it was compiled correctly." It's driving me insane!!! I am a total beginner @ all of this. The 1st time I started/tried, it was just a test. Everything was on my desktop. I had the same trouble, but somebody here recommended some newer VbB/Bb versions. It worked. Then I wanted to make a dedicated folder for everything. I moved everything & started again new. I know all my paths are set right. I was getting the "please move sed.exe to the bB folder" but figured that out. It's just this damn default.bas.bin. I can't fix it. WHY is it doing this??? Can somebody, anybody, PLEASE help me?
  9. See if the fix for Windows 7 users fixes the problem: http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-vbb.html#troubleshooting Thank you! I don't have Win7 (Vista), but that worked! Thanks again, VERY much! Just to let you know, I was using Build 554 & have no idea what the problem was. VisualbB_1.0_Build_562 + bB1.1beta_B seem to work fine though.
  10. That worked! Thank you, thank you, & thank you, to the 10th power!!! VisualbB_1.0_Build_562 + bB1.1beta_B seem to work. Build 554 must be missing something I guess.....I don't know. I just really want to start learning how to program. Ever since Xmas 81, I've wanted to make a version of Atari 2600 Donkey Kong with 4 boards. I am a LONG way from that point, I know, but all my life I've never really had the discipline or time to learn programming. Now I have nothing but time (& hopefully a little more discipline). I found/downloaded dozens of old Commodore Vic20/64 (my other interest) & Atari 8-bit books programming in PDF. IMO, VbB seems like a good way to start, especially for newbies. I can actually "see" the code as it's changing/compiling, & it helps me understand it. Well again, for your time, I thank you so very very much!
  11. Hello. I just started learning how to program. I found on Youtube a VbB tutorial "How to make your own Atari 2600 games". I followed it step by step, but I keep getting the following error: "Could not locate default.bas.bin and could not recompile. Please check to make sure it was compiled correctly". It happened right after I made the playf ield (same as in the video), hit COMPILE & then RUN. It worked in the video, but not for me. I can't find any documentation regarding how to fix this problem. If you know how, could you please help me/tell me what to do, please?
  12. Same problem here. I followed step by step, a great tutorial "How to make Atari 2600 Games". I can't find any documentation on what to do. You wrote "Yeah, i had to re-download the bB binary because the one that i got was missing the "Sed" directory for some reason. works now, thank you." Can you tell me where you got it, please? I really want to use VbB.
  13. Don't know if this count but I don't know where else to look for help. I've checked the official VbB guide & can find nothing. I've followed the video tutorial step by step, posted on Youtube VbB Atari posts, etc. When I try to compile & run I end up with: "Could not locate default.bas.bin and could not recompile. Please check to make sure it was compiled correctly". Can somebody please tell me how to fix this?
  14. I keep getting an error: "Could not locate default.bas and could not recompile. Please check to make sure it was compiled correctly". Does anybody know what is causing this & or how to fix it? I tried copy/pasting the default.bas to every folder in VbB. No luck.
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