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  1. I actually pre-ordered two (one in August and another in October...had planned for one to be a Christmas 2020 gift...so that's funny in retrospect). I received the All-In bundle for the October preorder on the 10th, but hadn't received any word on the August order. I ended up contacting support once they started sending out the "low stock" e-mails and they responded that they would be processing my order soon. That just arrived today. If you haven't received a pre-order, opening a ticket with support seems to be your best bet.
  2. I'd definitely be interested in at least a couple of them to try out.
  3. I just put my pre-order in (and picked-up another Evercade cart while I was at it...kind of loving that thing). Thanks once again Carl.
  4. I think it's pretty obvious that I meant that as a compliment.
  5. I haven't really logged-in here or at Facebook in a while, so I just caught wind of this earlier this morning. I swear...this year. 😢 There's not a whole lot to say that hasn't already been said. He was a cool guy, gracious, opinionated. I always liked that he was a hardware guy and I still treasure my 800 Series USB joystick from Legacy. It's kind of amazing how someone's contributions can touch so many different people over the years, in so many different ways. He's going to be missed.
  6. I only have the one Jag. I've had a 2nd one a couple of times, but in both cases I had to part with it to cover a shortfall (diapers and formula got expensive). I'd love to get a second, but the going rates these days are usually more than I'd want to pay (unless my current Jag gives up the ghost, then I would most likely be compelled to do so). As for the Jag CD, that one broke (first the lid latch tab, then it stopped powering on entirely), so after almost forgetting about it in storage, I parted ways with it as well.
  7. I just wish anyone that has anything negative to say would take a few steps back and try to gain some perspective before posting. I have been happily waiting all of this time and will continue to do so. The amount of time and effort that SainT has willingly put into developing this cart is to be commended, yet here he is, having to basically defend himself from what I can only hope are the fringes of "the scene." SainT has delivered other products in the past, so I really don't think his customers are "spooked" in any way. News of delays and uncertainty is usually disappointing, but after seeing the attacks, all I can really do at this point is shake my head and hand it to the man for dealing with it as well as he is. I'd love to have a Jaguar Game Drive cart, but not at the cost of another human being's health and happiness.
  8. I saw the announcement for this and was going to place my order immediately. Immediately took a while, but my order is placed. #676.
  9. I love Earth Defense Force 5. It's fun, easy to pick up and play and as kitschy as it gets. It's also good two-player fun (play it nearly every night with my oldest). There might be games I critically like more, but no game over the last few months has garnered more of my play time, and that's what really counts.
  10. Karyyk


  11. Anyone interested in playing the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.? I have 3 friend codes for the XBOX One version. If anyone is interested, PM me if you want one. The weekend schedule for the BETA is 5-9PM today and 2-9PM tomorrow.
  12. The Kitty Box might be an option if they're available. http://0711spiele.de/zubehoer/atari-jaguar-kitty-box-hdmi-adapter/ I have one, but actually haven't tried it out yet, so I can't really speak to how well it works (yet), but I'm pretty sure it's what K3V is using for his Jag streaming, so I know it looks quite good there. I might give it a spin tonight if I get some free time (that's a BIG if at this point in my life...).
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