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  1. That's really helpful, thanks for the quick reply.
  2. When drawing a scaled sprite using the object processor, how is the x/y position calculated? E.g., if you have an sprite that is 32x32 pixels, with the top-left pixel at screen position 160x120 and then want to zoom in and make the sprite bigger, how does it calculate where to draw the scaled sprite? I've read that the Sega Saturn allowed a "zoom point" to be defined so you can specify that the scaling has an originating point that is left/middle/right and top/middle/bottom, but can't see from the Technical Manual how the Jaguar does it. Thanks for any help.
  3. I've read in the FAQ and technical docs that the object processor can be used to act as a sprite engine, tilemap engine, bitmap display etc. But how was it used in reality? I've read that Tempest 2000 is basically using the object processor to read a frame buffer for the main display and overlay the score as a sprite. Did most games work this way (using the Blitter to draw to framebuffers) or was the object processor used in clever ways? Thanks JR
  4. KS Do you have any pointers to the 3DO design? I've found references to the 3DO patents which gives some information on the design of the hardware, but nothing that digs into the various components and capabilities. Thanks
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