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  1. snstay

    New label

    I used the program gimp to make the label. And the cx number is immaturely enough just boobies when wrote out on a calculator.
  2. Right not all mine. But I have added to it when new games are avalible.
  3. So I got this box the other day and I'm curious about what kind of insert if any went inside it. I'm sure someone here should be able to help me out.
  4. Just got this one yesterday. Still has the plastic on the metal. Leave it on or remove it?
  5. If you are just setting up mame hyperspin is the way to go. And its not that difficult at all. Best looking front end out there.
  6. An upade on the project would be cool though. Some kind of light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. Dose anyone know where to get those clear carts? I think they look really cool.
  8. I think thats just a stock screenshot. Believe me he knows what hes doing. He helped me when i messed up my 2600 mod.
  9. Try game tech us. Jason dose a great job and i see coleco gemini is one of his options. http://www.game-tech.us/
  10. I have a nes hooked up with a powerpak with all the games on it but i always seem to play punch-out castlevania 3 and tiger heli. Same with the snes with the powerpak im always playing super punch-out castlevania 4 and super mario world.
  11. What did you do just sand the cart slot?
  12. Cart port mod? What is this you speak of.
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