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  1. setting for scanline intensity. thanks Avery. I've been waiting for this for a long time.
  2. Paul, use this: c1 - c6 cartridges = Williams 64 mapping. c2 & d8 cartridges = turbosoft 64 mapping. x2 & prisma cartridges = Williams 64 mapping. other cartridges, use turbosoft 128 mapping. in the *.car image, the mapper is not properly defined.
  3. thank you Avery ! let me find out. is it planned in the emulator, support for other languages other than English ?
  4. thanks, Avery. A great release and a Christmas gift. guys. who can explain what happened to the site? I can not get here by ordinary means. I had to use anonymizers.
  5. a question for Phaeron or baktra. folder side b ---> error --->10.wav file This file is loaded and running in the atari800 2.0.3 turbed emulator. but, not works in altirra. error or...
  6. new turbo 2000 games. record from the real cassette:https://yadi.sk/d/MQu7NXlh3Pchnd result:https://yadi.sk/d/GLjTb_B83Pch5a
  7. I confirm, an error if to delete from adjustments rapidus. a small request. Avery, please, add an option to settings of the emulator: the window of the emulator is over all windows.
  8. excuse me. false alarm, everything works.
  9. Avery, turbo 2000 mode not work in test 11 and 12. Please, fix it.
  10. I have a lot of files on the theme of the video cartridge. see here: https://yadi.sk/d/EfLMxuzX3NQUCC
  11. nice !. I hope Avery will accept this modification in the main branch.
  12. by means of the utility of "Disk explorer" opened an image of the disk "Schreckenstein (1985) (Ariolasoft) (DE) [a1] .atr" and I received a fatal error. there is a version of this game in a look *.XEX file?
  13. Thank You, Avery ! fantastic, You made it. The first emulator atari emulating "Turbo 2000". see video: turbo 2000 archive. https://yadi.sk/d/TiMUk0VOp7EF2
  14. runing 32bit version, but not see any lines. I use windows 7 x64. my computer - intel core i5 3570 - 3.40 Ghz Nvidia geforce gtx 760. 16gb ram.
  15. hmm. Cartridge "ALLEY CAT (WILLIAMS).CAR" does not work correctly. after a jump in the aquarium, the emulator crashes. bug in the emulator or a bad dump cartridge?
  16. Avery, I downloaded archive "Williamsrom2car.zip" from here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/242957-ultimate-cart-sd-multicart-info-bits/?do=findComment&comment=3469517 Many of these *.car files lead to the collapse of the emulator. please, fix it.
  17. I know it. but I was hoping, and suddenly will. full emulation drives - it is not interesting to me. it would be desirable something new. since 2009 I wait for adding in the emulator of emulation of a turbo 2000.
  18. santa - santa phaeron ! and how - a gift under a fir-tree? a new stable version not wait? I'm sorry, I'm drunk as a ...
  19. I long ago want to find the Cassette version of the game "M.U.L.E.". I very well remember that I saw this game in 1990 on Cassettes from a turbo of 2000. but now I can't find any version from the cassettes.
  20. where i found rom file for duplicator ?
  21. Avery, xf551 and indus gt - also will be added?
  22. altirra full bios pack ! altirra bios.rar
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