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  1. Hey folks, I picked up a PAL Spider Maze 2600 game. Looking closely at the label, it looks like its double labelled (like most of these in PAL land) but even the Spider Monster games are very rare and can fetch $100+ The cart works perfectly and is in excellent condition, what looks like label spotting is actually in the original print but is magnified by the double labeling. The label has age to it and is not a new reproduction. Anything rare 7+ considered and nice boxes are always welcome but I have most R5 games CIB so looking for something more unusual. and loose carts are fine. I have traded before on AA and do collect so know a little bit about rarity before i'm offered standard CIB games worth $20 ; ) I value my game at $125 and reproductions are being sold on eBay for $100 which are clearly only ltd to the amount made and any given time. This one looks to be also double labelled if you look closely. (sorry if the seller is reading this) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/atari-2600-spider-maze-game-k-tel-ktel-t-handle-ultra-rare-/251829912622?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa23b842e http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/atari-2600-game-SPIDER-MONSTER-K-TEL-ULTRA-RARE-/251831139876?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aa24e3e24 Spider Monster label is likely to be underneath on mine (same game) In my view Spider Monster has less value than a PAL K-TEL Spider Maze *there are original PAL Spider Maze carts. The K-Tel NTSC Spider Maze games actually still have "FunVision" written in the games code (displayed bottom left during play). FunVision must have made Spider Maze for early K-Tel distribution along with Vulture Attack and then made PAL versions changing the games titles. Vulture Attack = Space Monster in PAL land. This double label business happened in the late 80s/90s to my knowledge. I picked up one about 15 years ago that was already very old and had a worn label. Open to offers but a trade would be nice.
  2. look! new lid thanks to Knimrod. A successful USA to UK 800 lid donor : ) Looks very nice indeed and if anything upgraded. It's still not on properly so I have concluded I am useless but thanks for all your help .
  3. Thanks, I thought this was a tumbleweed post so glad someone else thinks this is cool and unusual : )
  4. Hello Atari fans. Possibly a boring post but here goes anyway. I've come across an unusual and official Atari brand CX2000/2600 power supply (UK 240V). I say "rare" because i've probably handled over 1000 2600 PSUs as I recondition the Woody 2600 light sixer models and have purchased 100s of job lots over the last 10 years. The label reads Atari CX-2000/2600 (in that order) It's similar in design to the early 1977/78 Cherry Leisure and Ingersol PSUs which came with UK Sunnyvale light Sixers and the PAL heavy Sixers but must have been made in 1982 (after the Val Proto was made obviously). As far as i'm aware it's unique and interesting that is says 2000 first as it if was made with the Val model in mind? Has anyone ever seen a 120V one of these? Probably not that interesting to most of you, but is to me considering the obscurity of the CX-2000 so I must be the only person with labelled power supply for one. A label error but shows the 2000 was on someones mind at the factory in the UK for it to be produced. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks but cart lid hinges have snapped completely off, this is no longer a how do I fit enquiry. I broke it applying too much pressure. It's a new lid request but not having much luck although fingers crossed on an offer just waiting a reply. I'm offering min $25 just for the front lid (the back grill is fine)
  6. Hey Knim. I'm out for the day but my email is [email protected] any pics of the lid can do to my email as well if thats cool. Thanks again. Antony
  7. That would be great, I suppose if the logo is scratched up it might not be for me, or if too yellow but as I said I have the grill (back section) so just the front flap/cart lid required (which removes from the back grill easily) I thought it was one large hinged piece at first.
  8. russ you can have Designer Pencil cart with manual and box as I understood your instructions so you win : ) i'm a man of my word and probably saves me breaking more lids in the future ; ) I'll hopefully be able to buy a lid of Knim. Let me know your name and address for postage
  9. Originally I thought I needs the whole lid (with grill) I only need the cart lid so front part. I can see its two parts now. So happy to pay $20 + shipping for that if thats cool? Russg?
  10. Hey , Russg. I now know what tabs you mean in the metal plate, that is invaluable advice for when I get a new lid : ) I have to bare in mind that I was a bit stressed and not thinking when I tried this on Monday, so although others helped and before,(NIm) I thought tabs were the erm..front latches as was seeing red and not reading messages properly. so probably needed a circle around the notches in a pic on the metal plate (or something idiot proof). When I read the word "a little down Pressure" I went all primal and looked like a ape trying to open a tin of beans (no offence to an intelligent primate) I actually sold the 800 and was due to post it to Germany on Monday so breaking it cost me that sale and I had to buy another 800 (not cheap) to replace for my costumer so as I only truly understood just now reading the "hello! you understand!?" from Russ (too late) and described two notches in the metal plate rear Even though Nim had pics and was in first with a link, (my mind was all over the place and couldn't find help on that thread (to be fare I probably gave it 1 minute) so was more down to my lack or patience. I probably needed to see the notches, and my 800 lid had a .08mm gap (almost a cm) and I cant see that in Nims pics. Technically I still haven't attach the lid but i'm happy to buy one off Knim. I still haven't managed to attach my broken lid which is clean in half so I will try properly later as it's a sore subject. I seem to just to almost black out as soon as I attempt it. Well I mean draw a blank, I often use dramatic terminology.
  11. HI, Knimrod, that would be amazing. Can you send me a picture of the lid please? and i'm happy to pay for it (if its anywhere near the right tone). : )
  12. If anyone has a decent beige (not yellow) lid? - i'm paying $35 + UK shipping.
  13. Thanks Knimrod, my finesse went out of the window and I just snapped the lid clean in half (whoops) least I now know it can not be re-attached. Not the resolution I was after, the worst thing is that it was all fine, then I had a flashback of a lid nightmare months ago and took the lid off thinking "how could I of had a problem before" and got sucked right back into 800 lid hell. Today has not been a good day. Thanks for all your help.
  14. thanks, if russg is correct then i've been trying to do something i've already achieved and wins, although it doesn't feel right for the back to just lift off so easily. leaving a side gap as well. I will have another look and see if i'm where I need to be. Thanks to rdea6 and eeun I have the tabs in the correct place and the lid will close and computer will work but the back of the lid is just resting on the back which Cant be right? surely that needs to be more secure. Plus just found a pic of an 800 with the lid as it should be from the back without a near 1cm gap. I will read again later but not sure about the gap as you can even see it from the side view so will add another pic with tabs, in case i'm not explaining this well. Thanks all Antony
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