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  2. I think the TV/game switch might work on those but I gotta get a cable adapter for the 2 prongs since TVs of today don't use those
  3. Got this for $5 last year at a garage sale & he had TWO of them! D'oh!! note even the label is on wrong as well! If a topic has been started about this one I apologize
  4. all this is going to a friend & it's all prolly worth more than $100 +$50 for shipping ugh
  5. well I jelly-oh-so right now hehe great stuffs Seen the game store displays b4 on vids
  6. got this a couple years ago at a garage sale for $5
  7. a friend found this one in his junk apparently it is Radio Shack's 1st football all there even the battery door is on it! I do have alot of these handhelds as well
  8. well super before I go I wanna sell off ALL my stuffs then go on a Bucket List Tour of places I wanna triple make sure I has nothing but a bed & a TV before death happens Lots of times the family will go into a house after the person has died & toss out most everything! O.O nuuu do not want that!
  9. looks like Space Invaders pretty cool
  10. maaan there are quite a few in here I has NEVER heard of WOW! Plaque Attack reminds me of Tooth Protectors but am sure its not the same Course I DO wants Zaxxon someday
  11. well color me JELLY-OH-SO! did you ever get the Plug n Play Pac-Man & Ms Pac-Man ones? Also I just gave a friend a Tomy Ms Pac-Man & a blue ghost monster wind ups its for his daughter as she loves Pac-Man too she also has the arcade of Super Pac-Man in her basement One year I gave him a oval shaped Pac-Man garbage can one thing you should seriously get is the original Pac-Man name from Japan he was called Puck Man over there Did you ever get Pac Man Fever by Buckner & Garcia on LP? I knows it came on cassette tape too!
  12. well I jelly of the stuffs hehe
  13. Anyone know what these Texas Instruments games go to? A TI PC or what?
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