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  1. Love how you colored the text on that title screen, that looks fantastic! Need to try out this latest version. ..Al
  2. I received a message back from "Belts Mania", confirming that they did indeed create that belt. Whoops, that should have been, "back in the day". ..Al
  3. I've only played and finished the first game eons ago. Did start Mass Effect 2 at one point, but never finished it. So I'll probably go through and play all three remastered games at some point. Does look like a nice improvement over the original games, at least based on the trailer. ..Al
  4. The artwork from one of the panels is from the 7800 homebrew Pac-Man Collection, which is relatively new compared to everything else. Also, I can't imagine Atari would have included Alien Brigade versus many of their well-known arcade titles they could have drawn upon instead. Aaaaand, a minimal amount of searching revealed a photo of this same belt on a page from a company that manufacturers wrestling belts... Here's the page with the photo: https://www.facebook.com/BeltsMania001/photos/1610586462468644 Here's the company's main page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeltsMania001 I've already sent them a message and asked them if they manufactured this belt. But I'm 99.9% confident at this point that this is a brand new belt created very recently by the above company. ..Al
  5. Yes, you would have received a confirmation email from the Google form after submitting it. I just took a look using the email address associated with your forum account and you are number 1363 on the list. So you should be able to buy one in, I'd guess, two more rounds of Jaguar GameDrives. ..Al
  6. I did send you an email on Monday. I'll send it again. ..Al
  7. Try using your email address as your username. If you're not able to login, please send me a message and I can help you. ..Al
  8. Yes, they are all set. I've already built all the copies of Adventure II XE and Scramble. Just need to finish all the 2600 games and I will be shipping everything out en masse. Already have all (well, nearly all) the Jaguar pre-order games shipped, so I'm focused on getting everything else done, as well as non-pre-order games. I'm a bit buried right now, but hope to be completely dug out from the pit I'm in soon. ..Al
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