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  1. No, the Jaguar will not power on without a cartridge inserted. ..Al
  2. Albert

    Piero Cavina

    Wow, that's really sad, I wasn't aware of this myself. Thank you for posting this. I sent an email to Piero earlier this year about his royalties for Oystron and I received this cryptic response, Translating this it seems to mean, "It could happen", but I imagine in this context it may mean something else. Perhaps an Italian speaker can offer an alternative meaning. I hadn't responded to it as I've just been spectacularly busy. In the past he always responded in English, so I thought this was a bit odd. I don't know if this was an auto-responder or if someone is monitoring this email account and responded. Oystron is really a fun and unique homebrew game on the 2600. I'll need to read the article you linked about his Apple II text adventure game (using Google Translate). ..Al
  3. Awesome, I went to school in Rochester and went to Bob's house several times when I was living there. I was big into Atari 8-but computers at the time. Definitely will listen to this! ..Al
  4. Yeah, I'm curious to see how many people complain about not having an optical drive or CD player to enjoy the Last Strike soundtrack CD. ..Al
  5. Good to know some people still have optical drives in their computers. ..Al
  6. I've shipped all the orders containing new Jaguar games except those that include either 2600 games or some of the other new games that I haven't finished building yet. I'll have those orders out early next week. ..Al
  7. I'm already working on this. ..Al
  8. We're working on some new 7800 boards. Once we've finished testing them and they've been put into production, I'll make these games availabel for ordering again. ..Al
  9. William Thorup has posted an article on Jagcorner about the creation of the Last Strike Cover Art & Packaging. Very cool article if you want more insight into what goes into creating the packaging for a new Jaguar game! ..Al
  10. It's down for me, as well as: https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/best-electronics-ca.com.html ..Al
  11. LOL at four parts. Guess that makes sense given the stream ran for about 21 hours. ..Al
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