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  1. CPUWIZ gave me permission to post this photo of him in the hospital...
  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that @CPUWIZ has been in the hospital for the past several days. He went in after an ucler ruptured and was told by the doctors if he had waited much longer he wouldn't have made it. Since being admitted, there have been other issues that have come up as well. CPUWIZ has been a friend of mine for many years and has been a moderator here at AtariAge for nearly as long as the site has been around. He has also helped us with various circuit board designs over the years for different systems, and has helped many others with their projects over that time. I'm hoping that he'll be released from the hospital soon so he can continue his recovery at home. If you would like to send some positive thoughts his way, you can do so in this thread, and I'll point him to it. He has limited internet connectivity and I believe he only has his phone with him, but I'm sure he'll stop by as he's able. Just don't expect him to respond to any personal messages or emails at this time. Get well, CPUWIZ, we're rooting for you!! ..Al
  3. Curious to see the response if they do. ..Al
  4. It's better to upload a video to YouTube (you can make it Unlisted) and embed the video in your post, instead of directly uploading to the server. I'll probably disable video uploads, they take a huge amount of space and the forum isn't really setup for that sort of thing (it's a feature they added to the new version of the forum software when it was updated last summer). ..Al
  5. Albert

    Thrusty Thing

    We've started a new thread for Gravitic Mines, which we will update regularly with new information. The first post has a new trailer for the game. ..Al
  6. You are wrong about this. Locking this thread. ..Al
  7. Yes, you will need a JagLink II for each Jaguar you want to network. Yes, they are more expensive than Atari's solution, but these are hand built and not mass produced like Atari's Jaglink interface. The JagLink II will work with the original Atari Jaglink. ..Al
  8. Glad the package arrived safely, hope you enjoy the Lynx GameDrive! I now have a McWill-modified Lynx II, and I look forward to spending some quality time with my Lynx enjoying new and old games. ..Al
  9. my gamedrive was stolen today.  


    I had been scheduled to receive my gamedrive today, Order #24830.  It was stolen from my front porch before I got home.  I found the box a block away, ripped open.  Before we discuss any possible replacements--i wondered--could you possibly deactivate the QR code that is associated to my lynx gamedrive?  Maybe stop the thief from using it?     

    Order #24830, any help is appreciated.  

    1. cvga


      I'm sorry to hear about this. I wonder if they even know what they stole 🙄

    2. unoclay


      definitely not, but if they saw the sales slip, they know its worth $$.  But who is randomly going to buy a Lynx gamedrive?  Most likely they'll throw it away.  I searched the ground everywhere nearby and for a few blocks, but no luck.  I also have messaged a ton of local Craigslist atari vendors for help....but my best hope is if we can get the dev to deactivate the QR code in time, at least they wont be able to use it....


  10. I am working on getting more... ..Al
  11. Huh, I did not know this... https://www.nytimes.com/1982/05/04/business/disney-title-suit.html I assume Disney either lost of settled, since Williams didn't change the game's name. This isn't even mentioned on the game's Wikipedia page. ..Al
  12. Yep, everything will be going to the printers soon! Boxes, manuals, and labels. For some games, posters. For some Jaguar games, one has a soundtrack CD and another has a set of postcards that will be included. Deepstone Catacomb has a nice, two-sided flyer the author created, which will be included with the game and as a flyer with orders for a while, got that in last week. It's all coming together, can't wait to have everything in hand! ..Al
  13. Wow, that looks very cool! Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your technical issues. ..Al
  14. They will all be going out this week, except the orders that have additional games attached to them, as I need to build those games first. The store will send out an email with the tracking number as each order is shipped. ..Al
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