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  1. Here's another photo of carts in progress. The stacks of carts on the left are some carts (nearly 100) waiting to be cleaned with Goo Gone. The carts on the right are drying after being cleaned. About to go assemble all of "The End" and "Deepstone Catacomb" carts, and then I'll be attacking the carts on the left with Goo Gone those so I can use them tomorrow. In other news, here's an example of a box that had to be reprinted as the colors were off. The box on the left is from the original run, and the red Atari 7800 logo and "DRAGON'S CACHE" title that appears on the spines and top and bottom are not supposed to be red (which is the color Atari used for 2600 games). Also, the Dragon's Cache logo, screenshots on the back, and artwork on the front were a bit washed out. The printer re-ran these, and I received them yesterday. The reprinted boxes look perfect, using the maroon color to more closely match the color Atari used for their 7800 releases, as well as the manuals and labels. And the art isn't washed out--look at the background in the "Dragon's Cache" logo, you can see it's quite a bit lighter on the box on the left. Now imagine how much fun it is when you print 20 different boxes, 30 different manuals, and 35 different labels all at the same time, using three different companies (the reason these numbers are different is I printed manuals and labels for some older games as well as the new ones). Plus posters for games (Venture Reloaded and Zoo Keeper), postcards for two different games (Adventure II XE and reBOOTed), and a soundtrack CD (for Last Strike). Do not recommend, unless you enjoy pulling your hair out. Back to work!! ..Al
  2. I have, and there are some interesting ways of going about it. For instance, one thing I considered would be to work with one or more homebrew authors to create a unique title that would only be available as part of the Kickstarter (or at least only available in some deluxe form). However, I'm just going to finance these myself. It won't take long to get the carts once I have the design finalized. ..Al
  3. Thanks for that. Here are a few more: Gunfight Mondo Pong (was in store for a while) Poker Solitaire (this is Poker Squares, they got the name wrong) Space Treat (versus Deluxe) Test Cart (from Paul Slocum) There are various hacks listed as well, such as Combat Rock, but I'm not including them. ..Al
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I will report this. It would be helpful to have a list of all the homebrew games on that cartridge, as I can report any that I have agreements with homebrew authors to sell in the AtariAge Store. ..Al
  5. Here's a batch of approximately 160 Atari 2600 carts drying after I used Goo Gone to clean the exterior of the carts (in particular, the two label surfaces to remove any label residue to ensure they are nice and smooth). Half of these have already been used to build games, the remainder today, and there are many more carts elsewhere. ..Al
  6. That's awesome, thanks! We already have the other Terminator films digitally, just missing this one. ..Al
  7. Just wanted to give a brief update on my progress. I expect to have most of the games finished by the end of this week, and to have them all completed (including some extra games for these orders I still need to build) by the end of next week. This means having the games in finished, boxed form (nearly all of them are boxed, so they are going to take a ton of space!) and ready to ship. After that it will take about a week to get them all shipped. I will start posting photos of the games towards the end of this week. And I will continue to post updates every couple of days from this point forward. ..Al
  8. Yeah, that's pretty terrible: I find this amusing from Amazon: HAHAHAHAHAHA Amazon is absolutely the worst place to buy anything if you don't want to get stuck with fake, poorly made products masquerading as the real thing. There are many things I will no longer buy on Amazon since you never know if you're going to receive an original product or a bootleg. Oh, and of course the big retail stores like Best Buy are all for this legislation. Because of course they are: Sigh. ..Al
  9. Oooo, that's very nice! I need to look into that. How do those plastic plates work? Do they snap over the existing plastic panels? I bought a fixed cargo tray that lifts up with the hatch, but I like this design better since it retracts if you need the additional height, and looks like you can easily remove it. I have those same rubber mats in the back. ..Al
  10. I wanted to comment on this particular aspect, as it's one of the most individually time consuming tasks (well, both removing labels and especially the cleaning of the shells to prepare them for ingestion of new boards and application of labels). I am pretty hell bent at this point to get new cartridge shells made, although I can't devote too much time to that until I get these orders shipped. It will be my number one priority, followed by getting the store onto new software (which will coincide with offering digital purchases of homebrew games) and then getting the forum upgraded again (some nice new features in the latest version!) ..Al
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