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  1. I have verified that the address printed on the shipping label is the same as was specified in the order for the shipping address. I suggest going to your post office with the tracking number and asking them about it. They should be able to talk to the carrier to see if they remember delivering it, although it's now been almost three weeks since that delivery date. The package has not come back here. We can handle this privately, so please send me a message or email, thank you. ..Al
  2. Shipped out all the Jaguar GameDrives! Made two trips to the post office yesterday, one in the morning and then another before the post office closed. First trip: Second trip: Hope everyone enjoys them when they arrive! ..Al
  3. Posting rich text would probably work well, depending on the complexity of the formatting. Can you show me some examples of what you want to do? ..Al
  4. You got my attention with "Wen hop?" in the title (SpaceX fans will appreciate that), but man, this looks super impressive so far!! Look forward to watching how this evolves as you continue development. ..Al
  5. Djmicklovin's been banned from the thread, so he won't be responding to any more posts. ..Al
  6. And this is the fourth round of Jaguar GameDrives I've put up for purchase! And I'm not the only vendor selling them. ..Al
  7. Just finished preparing a large batch of Jaguar GameDrives for shipment tomorrow. ..Al
  8. You'll get a second email from me today with details on how to purchase it (this is assuming you've sent a response to the first email you received). In order to keep purchases to just those on the waiting list, I have to edit your account in the store so you can see a hidden Jaguar GameDrive entry that allows you to purchase one. ..Al
  9. The boxes are the same size as our 2600, 5200, and 7800 boxes, which are based on the size of the boxes Atari originally produced for those systems. ..Al
  10. You're right, I made a mistake when assigning the primary category for the game when I added it to the store. I just fixed this, so it's now listed in the 7800 -> Games category. Thanks for pointing this out! ..Al
  11. That's an impressive collection! Please use the Marketplace Forums to advertise it, though, when you start listing everything you want to sell. Thanks! ..Al
  12. That is awesome! Might be able to fit those in the box. Can she make 500 of them? ..Al
  13. I need to make boxes for Beef Drop and Castle Crisis. And get more Atari 8-bit titles in the store. ..Al
  14. I agree, I'd much prefer it work like it does on Facebook, where once you block someone they cannot see your posts, nor can you see theirs. It would also be nice if quotes weren't displayed. Posts where someone is tagged (which I assume is what you mean by "mentions") are a little more problematic -- if you hide such posts, that could certainly alter the flow of conversation that you might want to see. A more comprehensive block/ignore feature is not something I am going to implement, but I can see if anyone has already suggested that to Invision. If not, I can make such a suggestion. It's possible a third-party has already written a more comprehensive ignore feature, but if something like that is not well-written, it can slow down the forum, so I'd prefer it be something Invision implements themselves. ..Al
  15. You may be able to get one from this round. I will be sending more emails out today, and I think you'll be in that batch. ..Al
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