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  1. I've moved posts relating to the Commodore drive discussion here: I can move this into the Commodore 8-bit forum as well, but for the moment it's in the Atari 8-bit forum. ..Al
  2. Certainly, it is a very cool item, especially with the postmarked envelope and accompanying letter. From the letter, it looks like you had to use it at an authorized Atari dealer, who could then deposit the check into their own account after the sale. The amount of $2 does seem low, and that would be worth about $6 today. Still not a ton of money, but it's a nice discount nonetheless. ..Al
  3. Gyvolver Atari 2600 by Duane Alan Hahn (Random Terrain) For thousands of years, the inhabitants of Gytaraxis have lived in peace thanks to the energy barriers that protect their planet and its power source, the Vityrian Crystals. Hoping to seize the power crystals for itself in an effort to make its armies invincible, the evil Calamitous Cube has declared war on Gytaraxis. Using virulent vibrations, the Calamitous Cube has eaten holes through the energy barriers that protect Gytaraxis. In an effort to fend off the Calamitous Cube, the Gytaraxians have called upon the legendary repair ship known as Gyvolver to fix the energy barriers and keep the crystals from falling into the Calamitous Cube’s grasp. Gyvolver Discussion Thread
  4. Maybe you could use it towards the new Atari VCS? ..Al
  5. I already stated I'm going to move the posts to another thread, please stop harping on this. Your posts about this are also off topic. Thank you, ..Al
  6. Try refreshing the page, then saving again to see if that helps. I've seen this a few times myself when saving a post. ..Al
  7. That's most likely not low-ink, but clogged printhead nozzles. If I ever see that, doing a cleaning cycle generally clears it up. Also, looks like they used a low-resolution image as well, judging by the poor quality of the text. Overall this is just a very low-effort reproduction. ..Al
  8. Shitty inkjet paper printed on shitty inkjet printer. ..Al
  9. I'd like to do this, however, the post numbers you are seeing are different than the post numbers I see since there are several hidden posts in this thread. Because I can see these hidden posts, that throws off the numbers. And I don't want to move the wrong posts. Best thing to do is to copy the link for each post (by clicking the post number) and pasting it into a message. Best to PM me this privately. I can then move all of those posts into a new thread titled "Commodore Disk Drive Discussion". Also, I cannot leave a single post in both threads. It's either move it or not. Thank you, ..Al
  10. Avalanche Atari 2600 by John W. Champeau Avalanche is a port of Atari's arcade game Avalanche, originally released in 1978. Gameplay is very similar to Activision's Kaboom! for the Atari 2600, which was released in 1981. In Avalanche you need to collect falling rocks using baskets before the rocks reach the bottom of the screen (in Kaboom! you are catching bombs in buckets instead). Avalanche supports 1 or 2 players, using paddles or joystick controllers. Avalanche Development Thread
  11. Once again, we'll have demos of several upcoming games at the AtariAge booth during the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Here's what we have lined up this far: Atari 2600: Avalanche Chaotic Grill Deepstone Catacomb Lunar Lander Ninjish Guy in Low Res World Robot Zed Sokoboo Tower of Rubble Zookeeper Atari 5200: Magical Fairy Force Atari 7800: Arkanoid Atari 800/XL/XE: Adventure II XE Atari Jaguar: reBOOTed Last Strike Crescent Memories Not Outrun Crumbs Xevious This list is by no means exhaustive, these are just the games I've lined up so far. I will update the list as we continue to march towards the show in October, and I will provide details about the individual games in posts below on a periodic basis. ..Al
  12. Albert


    That one is interesting, I wonder how that happened. I can probably manually fix these. ..Al
  13. Albert


    Not sure, I'd need to investigate how the code highlighting works for other file types. This is a commercial editor (CKEditor), and I assume the code syntax highlighting is one of the built-in features. Not sure how easy it is to extend it (although there are many third-party modules available). ..Al
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