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  1. Thank you everyone! I'll contact you as we get closer to the show and let you know what my plans are as far as Thursday and Friday goes. Currently I'm hoping to get everything setup on Thursday -- all the game systems (looking like 24 at this point) and displays, one large flat-panel (65" or so) display, hanging banners, setting up the game placards, making sure the demo carts all work, and so forth. Then Thursday evening assemble any boxed games. Friday I can then finish up any remaining tasks, and hopefully I'll get to enjoy the arcade Friday evening! ..Al
  2. Thank you! I'll contact you as we get closer to the show. My current plan is to have as much setup on Thursday as possible so we don't have to do too much on Friday. But, things don't always go to plan. ..Al
  3. Please send me a PM with what you'd like on your badge. You can learn more here:
  4. Log out of the forum and try visiting your club. If you can't see anything in it, neither can Google. Google doesn't have magical powers to see content that guests who are not logged in also cannot see. ..Al
  5. If guests can see the images in your club, then, yes, Google will definitely index them. ..Al
  6. No, not at all. Collectors generally want to own ORIGINAL items, not reproductions. And this doesn't apply to just classic gaming.
  7. Agreed, those were so expensive! Along with the Apple II, which we could not even think of buying. I had to save up money by cutting lawns and shoveling snow to buy my Atari 800XL.
  8. I put the blame for today's shitty keyboards squarely at Apple's feet. Some time ago, their laptop keyboards were fantastic! I'm talking about the black Powerbooks. Those really were great machines. Lots of ports as well, unlike today's Apple laptops. Once Apple introduced laptops with the chicklet style keys, that spelled the end of getting decent keyboards in most laptops. And Apple continues trying to make these keyboards even thinner, to the point of developing a keyboard that fails for a large number of its users, forcing Apple to start a program to replace these keyboards well after the warranty expires. I think we're into year four of these butterfly keyboards now. I won't even consider a new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, not only because of the problems with keys dying on them, but because they are just abysmal to type on. I'd be happy to have a laptop that's a bit thicker than what they have now, as long as it has a good keyboard and a decent selection of ports. At least with a desktop machine I can choose my own keyboard, and generally use keyboards with nice mechanical key switches. As for "glass" keyboards, I don't mind it on my phone at all. But for an iPad, I prefer a physical keyboard if I'm going to do a serious amount of typing. I have several iPads (having done iOS development for a while), but I rarely use them. Even if I had a nice, large iPad Pro, I'd still want a keyboard. Apple is making them more compelling as "laptop replacements" (especially with the upcoming iOS 13), but if I cannot easily put it on my lap and type on it, it's not going to work out too well for me. And you can't really do software development on one easily. If I was forced to use a full-size glass keyboard for a significant amount of typing, I'd not be happy. That's one aspect of Star Trek: The Next Generation I don't really want to see. I love the keyboards on old personal computers. The Atari 800 had a fantastic keyboard! And the one on my first computer, an 800XL, was also good. Then everything went to shit with the 130XE! The 520/1040ST keyboards weren't great, but I love the keyboard on the Mega ST! The original Mac keyboards were also fantastic to type on, and one of my favorites is the Apple Extended Keyboard II. I tried using these with modern Macs (over five years ago) using an Apple ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) to USB adapter, but it could not keep up with my fast typing! I may have to try again to see if those adapters are still being made, and if so, they work better with modern Macs. I still have several of those Extended Keyboard IIs somewhere! Sorry for the (mostly) off-topic rant! ..Al
  9. Great, glad to hear that!
  10. I will say my inquiry isn't revolving around just a single Atari 8-bit game... ..Al
  11. Wow, this is such a great thread! I really wish I had photos from my Atari 8-bit days. I had an impressive assortment of hardware since I had two systems setup, with one of them running a BBS on a ton of hardware (and that system had two monitors hooked up to it!) Keep the photos coming!
  12. The ball looks much better now! Look forward to trying this out again on real hardware, hopefully with POKEY audio. Are you going to be able to implement the enemies that come down from the top? ..Al
  13. I agree with madman, I can't imagine why someone would reproduce a copy of Cybermorph. I'm sure it's real, just with a pretty poor label. Looks like someone tried (and probably succeeded) in peeling it off, judging by the upper-left and lower-right corners. These labels do come off quite easily with a heat gun, but obviously one wasn't used here! Or it's been left out in the elements. Does it work? ..Al
  14. Do you have a multimeter to test the output voltage of the power supply? That's how I determined mine was dead. ..Al
  15. I'm in no rush, that would be great! I'm sure it will be immensely better than the Atari screen! I've already spoken to him about it. ..Al
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