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  1. Merry Christmas!


  2. This is a test of the emergency broadcast system.  This is only a test.

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    2. x=usr(1536)


      Sure beats last night's tornado warning and subsequent hunkering down.

    3. frankodragon


      How about an EBS with sign language?  


    4. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      I'd give it a C-

  3. Please refrain from making religious or politically-related posts to AtariAge. This includes status updates, posts, signatures, and so forth. Thank you.

  4. Do not use status updates to post about politics or you will lose your ability to post status updates without warning.

    1. CPUWIZ


      A couple people were already kicked and the same goes for racist bullshit, it has no place anywhere and especially not on AA.  We have people from all over the world, this is neutral safe ground.

    2. BydoEmpire
  5. AtariAge Discord server now available!  Please join and help us test it!  https://atariage.com/forums/discord/invite/Members/

    1. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      I'm signed up, that's good right? I am not familiar with DISCORD. 😎

    2. digdugnate


      i'm like, there, or something, Beavis.

    3. cessnaace




      I tried registering and it didn't work. After typing in my Username, email address, and creating a password it then prompted me to Continue, but it would not let me. 

  6. Do not use Status Updates to talk about politics or you will lose the ability to post status updates. Thank you.

    1. CPUWIZ


      I often wonder, if people who still don't get the message about NO POLITICS, are all working on machines, that kick yourself in the nuts.  They should get together and make one unit, that kicks really hard.  Thanks Al, I am fighting compile issues.

    2. wood_jl


      No, discuss religion instead!  Hahahaha.

  7. Rebuilding search index to see if that fixes problems with some results not showing up..  This will take several hours.

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    2. Albert


      I think I completely nuked access to that forum on purpose. It's not coming back.

    3. Albert


      Oh, and the Politics and Religion forum wasn't for subscribers.  The only people in it (for the most part) were those who were originally in it when that forum was still publicly visible to everyone (well, everyone logged in). 

    4. AtariBrian


      Al, I pm'ed you a few days ago about something incase you are unaware. 

  8. Today.

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Today, tomorrow; as long as it's in the queue.

    3. Nathan Strum

      Nathan Strum

      I'm looking forward to Albert's next status update tomorrow: "Yesterday"

    4. joeatari1


      Today is the greatest
      Day I've ever known
      Can't live for tomorrow
      Tomorrow's much too long

      I'll burn my eyes out 

      Before I get out

  9. New Half-Life Game!  Finally!!

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    2. Grig


      I will give it a go

    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      I play games on consoles to get away from the repetitive stress of a PC mouse. If it's not released on the PS4, I'm not interested.

    4. GoldLeader


      What's Half Life?

  10. Sorry for the "Checking your browser" screen, we've been under heavy bot attack since around midnight.  Forum should be much more responsive now.

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    2. save2600


      Just tried again and am NOT getting the Browser Checking screen. Even cleared cache, etc. and tried using both Firefox and Safari. Thought you might want to know...

    3. Albert


      Yes, I'm aware of it, as I turned it back off.

    4. save2600
  11. I know status update replies are broken, I have opened a support ticket...

    1. Machine


      Are you sure they are broken?

  12. Forum has been upgraded.  If you spot anything strange or flat-out broken, please let me know.

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    2. GoldLeader


      It appears that a reply isn't left and then begins repeating...

    3. GoldLeader


      It appears that a reply isn't left and then begins repeating...

    4. save2600


      Just noticed that on a status update I replied to, hit Submit, but didn't appear to do anything. Hit submit again, same thing. Reloaded the page and saw I replied twice. So, your submission is getting posted - just that you can't tell.

  13. Going to update forum software later today. Mostly bug fixes, but will allow you to search your entire history of private messages, versus just one year!

    1. Flojomojo


      Did you perform the upgrade already? Everything seems much snappier and more responsive now. 

    2. Albert
  14. If you're attending the Portland Retro Gaming Expo next week and want an AtariAge name badge, please check out this thread:


    1. retrorussell


      Not this year, sorry.  Cosmetic surgery setting me back.

  15. After a long day of building homebrew games, what should I have for dinner?

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    2. Albert


      I ordered a fajita chicken burrito from Chuy's!  Now to go pick it up!  https://www.chuys.com/

    3. digdugnate


      we did ground turkey tacos tonight :)

    4. Swami


      Any homebrew beer?


  16. We're starting to gear up for this year's Portland Retro Gaming Expo!  https://atariage.com/forums/forum/237-2019-portland-retro-gaming-expo/

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      That's a lot of work. How about a nice game of chess?




    2. RickR


      Please tell me you'll be selling 2600 Galaga carts there.


  17. The "Who's Online" list at the bottom of the forum index is now sorted alphabetically again.  Your name will always appear first, though.

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    2. tschak909


      Albert, I really...need to give you a hug for AtariAge, and doing everything that you to, to make this place as awesome as it is. I am really starting to appreciate, just how hard it is to build a community.

    3. Albert


      @tschak909 Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you're enjoying the site! It can be as much work as you make it, really.  This forum upgrade was a long time coming, and there was quite a bit of preparation work involved (without that, it would have been a bit of a disaster I'm sure).  Plus I had to rewrite all the software on the main site, and the store also had to be upgraded at the same time (although that wasn't as tedious as the forum and the main site).  I still have a lot of work to do on the main site, as there's plenty of broken and missing pages there.  The main database mostly works fine, though.  And I still have a fair amount of forum-related work remaining but it's coming along nicely at this point.  

    4. Albert


      @Random Terrain As long as the members are all listed alphabetically, that's good. : )

  18. Oooo Shiny New Status Updates Widget.  Enjoy! :D

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    2. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Oh, I thought you set it to 5 lines a while back.

    3. Razzie.P


      Any luck correcting the permissions issue that's causing me to be unable to leave a status update?

    4. Albert


      @malrak You should now be able to post a Status Update.

  19. I have enabled Tapatalk again, for those who were previously using it.

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    2. Albert


      @fdurso224 What are you looking for?  I have enabled logging in via Facebook and Twitter.

    3. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      When I share links to social media accounts like with Facebook and Twitter, I use to see so many guest come by to help with view counts on the Neo-Geo thread. 

    4. groundtrooper


      Thank you so much for the Tap-A-Talk. I feel much more connected again. I guess my "Subscriber" donation kinda helps this cause. It probably doesn't cover it all but I really appreciate you doing this @Albert .

  20. "Indefinite Editing" in selected forums (Marketplace, Programming, High Score Clubs) should be working again, as well as any specific posts people have been granted to edit.. 

  21. If you can't create Status Updates, go into your profile and make sure "Enable Status Updates" is checked.

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    2. save2600


      Hooray!   Actually digging some of the features AND notifications now work. I now receive e-mails to threads I subscribe to. Thank you Al!

    3. save2600


      One thing though... you can't delete your status update? I see it now... under Options, then choose delete. Another example where it takes more clicks to do something.   :)


      I see you cannot delete what you've replied to on someone else's profile. Going to have to be more careful what we write if not... :dunce:

    4. Reaperman


      Yep, that fixes me.  😁

  22. New games, including Trak-Ball hacks, are available in the AtariAge Store! https://atariage.com/store/

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    2. Arenafoot


      WOW!! I was expecting them closer to Thanksgiving!


    3. Tombstone


      simply awesome!


    4. GoldLeader
  23. Auction for Boulder Dash to benefit Random Terrain: https://www.ebay.com/itm/-/222781581956

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    2. save2600


      Really, really cool of everyone involved to do this!

    3. Arenafoot


      so this one copy traveled that far? or is the list of cities, where the other copies of this game are located at???

    4. Albert


      That's where it traveled before arriving in Austin, Texas.

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