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  1. Hello, first time I write about anything related to the website I think... 

    I have had this sales thread running for almost 10 years. First post have been updated and edited in the last 10 years for information about new batches, changes in prices and content as well as updates for buyers current orders. 

    But it seems I can't do edits anymore - post is stuck as it was on June 13th. Is it meant to be this way from now on, did someone decide it was no longer a good idea, what happened in the last ten years to end up with this? Will it be better to write a new post in the thread every time there's an update? Is it better if I start a new sales thread for each new batch? Who will benefit from this?
    The post is not written as if it was going to be locked in, it was meant to hold dynamic information - as it has been able to do in the last ten years... 

    I know other forums has a short editing period and then lock posts but often the first post is left editable. As a long time member you'd perhaps be able to apply for "editability"?

    Please let me know and I'll see if I need to change my strategy for any future sales.

    1. Albert


      This is only a temporary issue, it will be fixed soon.  Within the next day or two.

    2. e5frog


      Great, thanks.

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