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  1. I will have new 2600 shells soon, and will offer them to others. I'll have them in bulk in a few months. They will fit existing labels (as I have a ton of labels in this size myself). ..Al
  2. Still working on getting the VAT situation squared away. I have been in communication with HMRC the past few days. ..Al
  3. Has nothing to do with being in Europe. Has more to do with my being on vacation (in Europe, we're in Croatia today) and not having a lot of time to internet, or even having decent internet at times. No slight intended. ..Al
  4. I believe I have some extra copies, I will check when I get back from vacation. I still have a few I need to ship out upon my return, and I need to ping a few people again who didn't pay when I sent out the messages on how to do so. ..Al
  5. Greetings! I am looking for working 2600, 5200, and 7800 consoles in relatively decent physical condition. I will be modifying these consoles with s-video, composite, and stereo A/V outputs for use at shows like the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Consoles should include at least a working power supply, and if you have controllers in good, working condition, those would be helpful as well. Likewise, if you have extra stock controllers (not third-party controllers) for these systems you'd like to sell (even if you cannot sell me a console), I need to build up my stock of them as well. I'll pay cash and/or trades for games in the AtariAge Store, and I will pay for shipping to get said hardware to me. If you have anything that fits the above description that you'd like to sell/trade to me, please send me a PM. Thanks! ..Al
  6. Definitely! Great device to have if you own several homebrew games that support it. ..Al
  7. Yes, they will work fine if you buy the PAL60 version of the games. Yes, Gorf Arcade will be released in physical form at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in mid-October. ..Al
  8. Who is doing that? That's like comparing a modern car to a Ford Model T, and is a laughable comparison. ..Al
  9. Nothing got on the cartridge during shipping. The cartridge itself is in a plastic bag, the bagged cartridge is in a box, the box itself is in another plastic bag and then the bagged box is shrinkwrapped. Having said that, it would not hurt to use a Q-tip with some isopropyl alcohol to clean the cartridge edge connector that plugs into the Jaguar. If there is anything on the cart, it's certainly possible that Editorb's Jaguar is more susceptible to it. ..Al
  10. Your game was tested on a Jaguar after the board was soldered and it was tested again after assembled into a cartridge before it was labeled. Testing included navigating through the menu and starting up at least one of the games on the cartridge. I would like to know the results of your testing on your second Jaguar. I have not had any reports of failure of ether Gravitic Mines or Dr. Typo Collection from anyone else since shipping all these games out en masse. ..Al
  11. The Gravitic Mine box and contents of the box are the same between the two versions. It's all the extra stuff that's unique to the Deluxe version. I see the poster also arrived! Have fun with the games! ..Al
  12. Albert

    Christmas in May

    Awesome, glad they arrived safely! Lots of fun to be had there! ..Al
  13. Awesome, thanks for the photos! Hope you have fun with Intellidiscs! Btw, you should remove that protective film from your controllers. ..Al
  14. Agreed, that was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated and watched the stream! ..Al
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