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  1. Yeah, this is why I need to make some minimal effort to promote the subscriptions. Thank you for buying a subscription! ..Al
  2. Just finished the second bin of Zoo Keeper cartridges! And this still isn't all of them. Will get the remainder built tomorrow. Now have two more bins of pre-order games, so here's an updated photo of the wall of bins.. The two drawers of Zoo Keepers are at the top. And finally, for something different, here are all the folded Zoo Keeper and Venture Reloaded posters needed for these orders. No, they did not come folded! One time I had the printer fold an order of posters, and that ended up being a complete disaster. They didn't score the posters first, so when they folded them there was a solid white line where each fold occurred. I was amazed that they actually sent me the order like that, and yes, they did reprint them. Again, printing is an exercise in fun! ..Al
  3. It's $30 per year or $50 for two years. This nets you a longer post edit window, more space for your private messages, the "Subscriber" badge, a 5% discount in the AtariAge Store, and other benefits. I won't hide any important functionality behind subscriptions. They do help cover the considerable expense in running AtariAge (about $500 a month), so they are greatly appreciated. I haven't really pushed them very hard, but I should probably make them more visible and a bit easier to find. I just don't want to bash people over the head with them. ..Al
  4. Yes, I am looking forward to this as well. I've already chosen the new store software that will be replacing the current software. It's much nicer overall, has lots of great features, and will give me considerably more flexibility, including offering game ROMs for sale alongside physical games. I will be working on this in earnest once I get these orders shipped. ..Al
  5. I built the first bin of Zoo Keeper cartridges last night, and will shortly be working on another bin of them. Today I'll also be working on soldering and assembling extra games for all these pre-orders, and that'll take me 2-3 days to complete. Will also be testing and labeling the pre-order 2600 games while I'm doing this (although, sadly, not at the same time). Here's a photo of this first bin of Zoo Keepers: Here's a (more interesting) photo of some Melody boards before I started turning them into Zoo Keepers last night: Back to it! ..Al
  6. Great, glad to hear it finally arrived. ..Al
  7. Well, that sucks, did you try contacting Teslarati about it? Guess I'll hold off on buying that for now! Will need to look on TMC to see if anyone else has bought this. ..Al
  8. Probably will watch it after this French version is concluded. It's in the second season now, I think only two episodes are available thus far. First season is available on Amazon Prime, but looks like I'll need to pay to watch the second season. Not sure how many seasons they are planning for. ..Al
  9. It should, as it's a 4K game and the Retron 77 should be able to play it without problems. Have not tried myself, though. ..Al
  10. Yes, and apparently there was another one produced in the UK in 2019, but I have not watched that one (and heard it's not really that good). ..Al
  11. There won't be a next time like this. That is correct. Just to be clear, when I'm done, there will be additional drawers used for these games as well (only a portion of the drawers are visible in this photo). ..Al
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