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  1. The bug that kept revealing the poll results has been fixed. The results should stay hidden now until we close the poll. If you haven't voted yet, please do, as that is what was causing the results to become visible again. I'll close the poll in a few days, which will then make the results visible. Thanks! ..Al
  2. Yes, not to see if it reverts back to visible by itself again...
  3. No, it's not supposed to behave that way, the results should still be hidden. The plugin author is investigating. This is why I'm testing before putting this into play for the Atari Awards. ..Al
  4. I added Retron 77 and Intellivision System Changer. ..Al
  5. It is, the cartridges look great! ..Al
  6. That's the plan. I had to pay someone to write a new plugin to support this functionality with the current version of the forum software. ..Al
  7. This is a test poll so I can do some testing for testing purposes. I know I didn't list everything, I'm in a hurry at the moment. If you can take the time to vote, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks! I can add additional items if you want to list ones I didn't include and I can add them later today. ..Al
  8. Thank you! I'll have to look to see what size my labels are when I return home from vacation at the end of the month. ..Al
  9. I'm personally fine with just one label, especially if that label is the same size as Atari's labels (since I already have die-cut labels for that size). ..Al
  10. Ahh, that's interesting, I wasn't aware of that. That would require another query when displaying the topic, which is probably why the plugin author didn't do it (since the topic is hidden in most places, just not on the forum index as you noticed). ..Al
  11. The "Ignore Topic" functionality is through a third-party plugin, and I'm guessing it's difficult to squelch ignored topics from appearing on the front page. I haven't looked, but it's very likely that the latest topic for all forums is cached to make rendering the main forum index (and any other pages that show the last topic in a forum) faster. If that's the case, it would make hiding that topic (and displaying a topic that is not ignored) much more difficult. I can explore solutions for that sometime down the road. ..Al
  12. Thanks for the feedback, I'll take a look at it. The search shouldn't miss any search terms like "Nintendo" in a post. ..Al
  13. The cartridge looks great! I'm certainly interested! ..Al
  14. In the context of this conversation, yes. We do have another ARM-based board (called the Aria) that uses a less powerful chip that allows more interesting bankswitching techniques (as well as onboard RAM, such as SARA support). And that board also allpws writing to the flash RAM space. Star Castle Arcade uses this feature to store high scores and the current color palette selection. My ultimate plan is to use a board like this for all games that don't require DPC+ or CDF support. ..Al
  15. I'm unlikely to put the logo on the cartridge itself, as I prefer a clean look for the cartridge. To say nothing about the fact that there are already many Melody-based games that do not have the logo. The manual and/or box sometimes feature the Melody logo, but they don't explain what that is. As has been mentioned earlier in the thread, store entries contain more information about this. ..Al
  16. This is a "Question and Answer" forum. The intent is the best answers get voted to the top. ..Al
  17. I've reactivated the plugin that allows you see replies to status updates as well as reply on the main page. ..Al
  18. I have moved the discussion regarding legacy vs. ARM-based cartridge hardware to a new thread: Please continue the discussion in the above thread, thank you. ..Al
  19. Albert


    Invision announced today that Blog Categories are making a return in version 4.5 of the forum software : https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/45-blog-categories-r1176/ I'll upgrade to this version of the software as soon as I can once it becomes available. This is a larger release, and they've been making periodic posts about the new features/changes that will be included in this version. ..Al
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