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  1. That's correct, I have a rather lengthy waiting list, and the plan is to go through them in the order names were placed on the list. It's certainly easier if I were to just notify everyone at once, but I want to be fair. ..Al
  2. That thread on Facebook was not going well for Peter. Here's the last comment before Peter deleted the entire the post... Followed by a new post attacking Sal (again) a few minutes later. Here's the first comment on his brand new post: He's never going to learn. ..Al
  3. If I catch anyone doing this via AtariAge, they will receive a permanent ban on the forum. ..Al
  4. This type of attack against Marius by Peter J. Meyer is typical, and is the sort of thing he's been doing for years. Only now he's mostly relegated to his own Facebook group since he's been kicked from numerous FB groups over the past two years for similar behavior, and of course his peteym5 account was banned from AtariAge in January 2019 for continuing to create fake accounts after I asked him repeatedly to stop doing so. At one point I told him that if I caught him doing it again, he would be permanently banned. He stopped for a while after that warning, but I guess he couldn't help himself at some point as he started ramping up the fake accounts again. Here's my public post on AtariAge explaining why Peter was banned: After being banned from AtariAge, Peter really went off the rails and created a flurry of new accounts attempting to get back in, and that's when he also started creating fake accounts on Facebook. I've documented at least 15 Facebook accounts that can be clearly tied back to Peter. He's even stupidly discussed creating fake accounts on his own FB profile and how he's tried getting around Facebook's security to prevent discovery of his fake accounts. I have thoroughly documented everything, including unsolicited private emails and messages that Peter has sent to various people in the last two years libeling myself and others with preposterous bullshit. These people shared these emails and messages with me to inform me what Peter was saying behind my and others' backs. Peter does not respond well to criticism, and this is the end result. He's attacked myself and AtariAge numerous times over the past few years with fantastical bullshit such as how I've tried to steal ROMs and source code for his games, how I'm trying to damage Lance's business because I don't want competition, and all sorts of other conspiracy-laden garbage that's all false. And he's been stalking and harassing Sal as well with numerous emails, often masquerading as someone else (it's very obvious it's all Peter). For people without access to Facebook, here is a screenshot of Peter's post and subsequent discussion on his group: Here's a direct link to Peter's post on Facebook, I encourage everyone to report this post for either harassment (if you are a friend of Marius' on FB) or bullying. Make sure you report the post to Facebook as you go through the prompts: https://www.facebook.com/groups/retrogamesrus/permalink/1449547515252701 It's really sad that Peter can't just focus on his games, and that he has to continue attacking people in this fashion. ..Al
  5. No, because this page pops up before the AtariAge server is even hit. ..Al
  6. Hi Mike, The game is Dragon's Cache, and it is one of many games that will be released soon. ..Al
  7. There are several countries where the majority of spam and other attacks originate where I've set this up. These countries almost never have legitimate AA users (don't think we've ever had someone from India, for instance) so you're one of the first people to bring this up. If you have a static IP (or a relatively small range of IPs), I'd be glad to punch a hole in the firewall for you. ..Al
  8. Can confirm, this is very likely a copy I made some time ago. We created new labels for this and two or three other games at the time. Haven't sold these in quite a while. The bag is also a giveaway. ..Al
  9. You're welcome! I'll check on this periodically to see when they open their verified account program again. ..Al
  10. I tried doing that once and they just ignored or denied the request, don't recall. I can try again, it's not really that important to me. ..Al
  11. Nah, don't do that, most everything works fine on the 7800. I don't run into this issue TOO often, and certainly not on the scale I saw recently with this batch of POKEY games (which use a unique, more complex board that I don't use for other games). There are some 7800s that are...finickier than others, to be sure, but that's a small subset of 7800 systems overall. Even some Atari and third-party games had issues running on some 7800 systems, hence Atari continually tweaking the damn system during its short lifespan. There are many fun games on the 7800, and even more so with the great (and growing) 7800 homebrew library. Lots of fun games coming in 2021 as well!! ..Al
  12. I have a slew of 7800 systems, including one or two "evil" 7800s, so I should be good there. I'll be testing the second round of prototypes soon once they arrive. I'd be glad to send you some built-up prototype boards to test once I've done my testing. ..Al
  13. It has nothing to do with the POKEY. ..Al
  14. They are temporarily unavailable for ordering, as of the last batch I built for customers, a good number of them did not work upon receipt. They did work on the 7800 system I tested them on, but apparently failed on several customers' systems. Until we can resolve this, they will not be available for ordering. We have designed some new 7800 boards and are in the process of testing them. ..Al
  15. Anyone who is having problems uploading files -- please send me a PM so I can give you an email address so you can send me the file(s) directly. I will then try to reproduce the problem on my end, and if I see errors, I can hopefully figure out what's going on and correct the issue. Thank you! ..Al
  16. We do have an Amiga Forum here, better to ask there: https://atariage.com/forums/forum/173-commodore-amiga/ ..Al
  17. It would go back to the top of the current page. It certainly would not navigate to another page in the thread. ..Al
  18. I'll be amazed if the first hotel in Vegas gets built, and doubly amazed if it looks anything at all like the renders. I'm sure Vegas is hurting right now because of COVID, and it'll probably take a while for the city to recover. There are some new renders here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PEIQt4jSaGfQgHRCtJolnz0TmX56s40v ..Al
  19. It was removed because it's politically-motivated. YouTube removed QAnon-related channels/videos and other conspiracy garbage spreading misinformation. Good on them. ..Al
  20. I think the newest version of the forum software does give the admins the ability to change how clicking on the thread title works. That is, whether it displays the first post or jumps to the first unread post, the latter of which most people are going to want if they are logged in and have previously read a thread. I'll be updating the forum software in a few months, it's a more significant update (4.4.x to 4.5.x), and all the third party plugins, applications, and themes (including the custom AA theme, which I may change considerably) all need to be updated. Most of the plugins and apps have been updated, as well as the two third-party themes. The custom theme needs to be redone, though, and I'm waiting for the theme author to have some free time to do so (he's busy updating many customers' skins as a result of the 4.5 release). ..Al
  21. Looks like I need to list some 2600 controllers on eBay! ..Al
  22. I think many sites have moved away from having a "Back to Top" button since you can just hit the Home key (typically) in a browser or scroll back up with the mouse wheel. Now, having said that, removing this button was a bit contentious with this forum software, and I'm pretty certain multiple parties have coded a "Back to Top" button as a plugin you can get for free or purchase.. I can take a look. ..Al
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