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  1. You most certainly would not be the only one to pay it!! ..Al
  2. I'll have some of what they're smoking, please. ..Al
  3. BRB, need to go throw some 2600 systems in the oven! ..Al
  4. That's almost certainly a Hozer cart, looks like this "damage" may have started by trying to remove the Hozer logo: One way to tackle eBay items like this is to purchase it, then report it to eBay as a counterfeit item upon receipt. ..Al
  5. Anyone can edit threads in Development subs indefinitely. In other forums I can give permission for authors to indefinitely edit specific posts indefinitely. ..Al
  6. I don't recall the specifics, but I think we had some extra SGMs available after satisfying the pre-orders for that batch. The ColecoVision Fans Facebook group had nothing to do with this at all. Great that you can invest $15K - $20K up front, but not everyone can afford to do that. ..Al
  7. This is not true, the two batches we sold through AtariAge were in the hundreds, between those two runs we shipped over 600 SGMs. We had a pre-order for the units and allowed people who were interested plenty of time to get their order in. The units were then produced and shipped out to everyone who pre-ordered. Nobody involved was trying to create an artificial scarcity. In an ideal world, yeah, you'd produce a ton of these in advance and make them available without doing pre-ordering, but these are expensive to produce and you're talking about a lot of money up front to make that happen. ..Al
  8. Just a note, nobody is going to get banned unless they decide they cannot remain civil in this thread. ..Al
  9. Albert

    Baby Pac-Man

    Thank you, I've sent a message to the seller explaining that this is not the same version of Baby Pac-Man we are selling, and to please remove the credits section from his auction. ..Al
  10. That's just silly, avalanches are comprised of snow! ..Al
  11. Albert

    Baby Pac-Man

    No problem, I appreciate the vigilance. I saw the auction earlier today and my first reaction was that it was a bootleg copy of Baby Pac-Man, but then when I looked at the screenshots I saw it was something else entirely. ..Al
  12. Albert

    Baby Pac-Man

    Take a look at the screenshots, it's not the new Baby Pac-Man from Bob and Kurt, it appears to be a hack of Pac-Man Collection. ..Al
  13. Likely, yes. That's a fair question. Right now I'm researching new eCommerce software so I can replace the current AtariAge Store with something better. Once I get that behind me, I will be working on rewriting the entire database from scratch. This will include adding Atari 8-bit and Atari ST sections, and later arcade games. Some of the changes I'm making to the database will allow me to better support computers than what I have now. I also want to add all the homebrew games to the database (for all supported systems), which will take a bit of effort. ..Al
  14. They will be. Scramble first, and Adventure II some time after that (hopefully not too long after). ..Al
  15. Just built a few games using these new cartridge shells.
  16. Here's a first peek at the Dragon's Cache box, featuring the wonderful artwork created by Benedikt Scheffer. ..Al
  17. I have a bunch of 7800s (which I use to demo games at shows), and of those one is a straight out "evil" 7800, and then I have another that's about halfway between normal and evil (runs nearly everything, but sometime I run into a game that won't run). It's really annoying that they exist! Glad you have a 2600 you can use to enjoy the games. Yes, I'd be glad to sell you the boxes separately for any games you previously purchased without boxes. Thanks for the kind words, glad you're enjoying the site! ..Al
  18. Of those three games, Space Rocks and Scramble use a Melody board, and Star Castle Arcade uses our Aria board. Unfortunately, sometimes there are compatibility issues with some 7800 systems, and we tend to call these systems "evil 7800s". Atari tweaked the 7800 several times during its run, trying to fix compatibility issues with 2600 games, but it seems they'd fix one issue only to introduce others. Even some of Atari's own games have issues on the 7800, and some third-party cart have issues as well. I'm sorry you've had issues with these three games. I would be glad to replace them, but it's likely the replacements would also not work on that particular 7800. ..Al
  19. Seconded, and if it doesn't stop, Eduardo, I am going to kick you from this thread. There is no reason you guys should be arguing in public like this, especially if you didn't first contact CollectorVision privately to try and work out any issues. And resorting to name calling ("jealous asshole") just weakens any legitimate arguments you may have. Thank you, ..Al
  20. Please keep politics from this thread or I'm going to start removing posts. Thank you, ..Al
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