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  1. I already stated I'm going to move the posts to another thread, please stop harping on this. Your posts about this are also off topic. Thank you, ..Al
  2. Try refreshing the page, then saving again to see if that helps. I've seen this a few times myself when saving a post. ..Al
  3. That's most likely not low-ink, but clogged printhead nozzles. If I ever see that, doing a cleaning cycle generally clears it up. Also, looks like they used a low-resolution image as well, judging by the poor quality of the text. Overall this is just a very low-effort reproduction. ..Al
  4. Shitty inkjet paper printed on shitty paper. ..Al
  5. I'd like to do this, however, the post numbers you are seeing are different than the post numbers I see since there are several hidden posts in this thread. Because I can see these hidden posts, that throws off the numbers. And I don't want to move the wrong posts. Best thing to do is to copy the link for each post (by clicking the post number) and pasting it into a message. Best to PM me this privately. I can then move all of those posts into a new thread titled "Commodore Disk Drive Discussion". Also, I cannot leave a single post in both threads. It's either move it or not. Thank you, ..Al
  6. Avalanche Atari 2600 by John W. Champeau Avalanche is a port of Atari's arcade game Avalanche, originally released in 1978. Gameplay is very similar to Activision's Kaboom! for the Atari 2600, which was released in 1981. In Avalanche you need to collect falling rocks using baskets before the rocks reach the bottom of the screen (in Kaboom! you are catching bombs in buckets instead). Avalanche supports 1 or 2 players, using paddles or joystick controllers. Avalanche Development Thread
  7. Once again, we'll have demos of several upcoming games at the AtariAge booth during the 2019 Portland Retro Gaming Expo. Here's what we have lined up this far: Atari 2600: Avalanche Chaotic Grill Deepstone Catacomb Lunar Lander Ninjish Guy in Low Res World Robot Zed Sokoboo Tower of Rubble Zookeeper Atari 5200: Magical Fairy Force Atari 7800: Arkanoid Atari 800/XL/XE: Adventure II XE Atari Jaguar: reBOOTed Last Strike Crescent Memories Not Outrun Crumbs Xevious This list is by no means exhaustive, these are just the games I've lined up so far. I will update the list as we continue to march towards the show in October, and I will provide details about the individual games in posts below on a periodic basis. ..Al
  8. Albert


    That one is interesting, I wonder how that happened. I can probably manually fix these. ..Al
  9. Albert


    Not sure, I'd need to investigate how the code highlighting works for other file types. This is a commercial editor (CKEditor), and I assume the code syntax highlighting is one of the built-in features. Not sure how easy it is to extend it (although there are many third-party modules available). ..Al
  10. Albert


    I can try fixing some of the other issues listed. ..Al
  11. Albert


    Invision has stated they are going to be adding categories to Blogs soon, as that's one of the most requested features. ..Al
  12. I just don't want it to go any further.
  13. Let's not get into politics or religion here, thank you. ..Al
  14. I agree, and if it continues I will start kicking (more) people from this thread. ..Al
  15. This is usually the case every time there is a major upgrade of the forum here. There just hadn't been one in a while before the recent upgrade. Originally AtariAge was running "Ultimate Bulletin Board", which was a Perl-based forum system, and it was pretty terrible. It was slow, and didn't have very many features. The forum was then switched to phpBB, which we used for a few years. There ended up being many exploits being discovered in that software, so I quickly moved away from it at that point, and that's when we switched to Invision, which we've been running for nearly 15 years I believe. Each of those transitions were a major change since those moves were to completely different software. And there have now been at least two major upgrades of the Invision software, first from 2.x to 3.x, and now from 3.x to 4.x. And Invision is already hard at work on version 5.0 of their software, although they haven't revealed anything about it yet and I imagine it'll be two years before it's released and mature enough to move to. And probably another year after that before I'd actually want to switch. With each of these transitions, there are always people who are resistant to the changes, but that usually dies down after a period of time. As I've said before, while there are certainly some rough edges, I think overall it's been a good change. And also as I've said, it was imperative that I perform the upgrade, for a variety of reasons I've spelled out earlier in this thread. I really had no choice about it. ..Al
  16. Traffic on the forum has slowly risen over the past decade. Even with the advent of social media, it hasn't impacted the forum too much. It's hard for me to judge at this time how much of an impact the forum upgrade has made. Certainly there are some people who are having problems because the site is now full-time https, so old browsers and computers may not be able to connect at all. This was worse when I first moved the site to the new server, and that situation has been improved a bit to allow some older browsers in. There are always people coming and going. And I'm sure there are more casual members who are using Facebook to get their classic gaming fix. But Facebook and Twitter also allow us to promote the AtariAge site to people who might not have otherwise learned about it. Also, there are features I am not using yet in the forum (like social media promotion) that would allow me to promote content from the forums directly to social media. I'll start taking advantage of that soon. ..Al
  17. Yes, the thread can be split into two. I'd just need a title for the new thread and would need to know which posts to split off into the new thread. ..Al
  18. Yes. And I'm going to make the "Condensed" view even more condensed when I have some time. ..Al
  19. That's an understatement. Peter continues to create fake accounts on Facebook (while claiming multiple times he's no longer going to do that), and still sends unsolicited emails to me and to others. The last one I received a month ago started threatening and ended with (paraphrasing), "Hey, we can still work together! Just don't tell Lance!" Seriously. ..Al
  20. Wow, those new backgrounds are beautiful, thank you for sharing! ..Al
  21. An Indus GT with the case, even, that's awesome! Does it work? I had two of these bad boys "back in the day"... ..Al
  22. Right now it will only search back a year, so that's probably why it failed. I complained about this and Invision has fixed it in the next version of the software. I'll be updating the forum soon to that, I just need to make sure all the plugins work with the new version. ..Al
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