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  1. I recently purchased this retail standee display and accompanying items. The Batsignal lights up when you press the button and it still works. It runs off of a 9V battery. I'd never know of Grey Matters magazine before finding this and attempting to find copies of other volumes doesn't look easy. Hope you all enjoy and if anyone knows of other Lynx displays I'd like to see them. http://imgur.com/gallery/AFodP
  2. I had a good find at Goodwill yesterday in Great Lakes Atari Digest newsletters from the late 80's and early 90's. This was a cool piece of history as an Atari fan. I've messaged some people on Facebook who share the names with the authors of some of the articles in hopes of finding some of them. Atari STs seem to get talked about a lot in these. Did anyone ever write or subscribe to one of these?
  3. My spreadsheet says 629 but i'd bet I have 50 doubles sitting around too.
  4. I checked the cover and it does give a photo credit to Atari Inc. That makes it cool in my book, no pun intended. I figured the value would be low given the Amazon prices but its an interesting addition to the collection.
  5. I saw this for sale at a local used bookstore and snapped it up for $2. That artwork looked pretty familiar. The book is pretty cool and all but one of the games run in 8K. It even has instructions for conversions to TRS 80 computers. So my question to you guys is have you ever seen this before? EDIT: Sorry for the double post, mod can you remove?
  6. I love collecting 2600 stuff but the shark has definitely been jumped and finding great things in the wild is rare. I'm also starting to pick up the older game guides. Love looking at the fatalities in the MK series ones and the level designs of sonic. I figure for a buck i'll buy them all day.
  7. Here's my newest garage sale find. Spent $20 for the lot. I wish I had a pic of it but I also picked up the Sears Superman Pic Label. It's a nice piece to have but it's no Red Sea Crossing.
  8. I only have 30 to 40 dupes right now. Luckily I have a guy that loves to hoarde games in town so I can send them off to him in batches and get games for other systems I'm missing. Its a win win thing.
  9. So what do you guys think about the ending price of $13K? High / low?
  10. It's not a big Atari score or anything but that little joystick that plugs in the TV can be tough to find cheap. I should have gotten them in the picture but I got a standard Atari 2600 joysticks and 2 sets of paddle controllers, one was Sears which was my first of that kind. All told I got 16 games, the 4 controllers, the VHS tapes, and a Sega Genesis without cords for $10.50. This was from a flea market in Michigan.
  11. This isn't exactly Atari but I grabbed all 4 this weekend for $22. Looks like I made out pretty well. These will definitely stay in my collection though. Great fun factor. Just need a friend that would be dorky enough to play with me.
  12. Here is what I found at a garage sale this weekend. Not really Atari necessarily but they're in the museum now.
  13. I think these types of things are usually a result of people not understnading that things that are old do not necessarily mean that they are valuable.
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