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  1. Hello all. Recently bought a Uno and I love it, works great with my light sixer except for Pitfall 2. I put in the 10/2018 firmware upgrade and it's playable now, but the screen flips. I'll be glad when it is up and working but I have PLENTY to play in the meantime.
  2. Thanks for everyone's help. I wanted to duplicate the same system I had growing up and decided to go with a light sixer. Got one in very good condition with 10 carts for $70 inc shipping and already looking forward to playing it. Next, duplicate the same games I had growing up...
  3. Ok, admit it.. who out there is the high bid. haha https://www.ebay.com/itm/352620143733
  4. We're talking close to 40 years ago so I have no idea. That's cool to see, thanks. I definitely remember my cartridge being a dark black background. If Combat came with both the heavy and light sixer, I'll just have to guess it was a light. I think I got it new in 1981.
  5. Thanks. I had the sixer growing up but unsure if it was heavy or light. Did that model come from Sears along with the text only Combat?
  6. Hello all - I am wondering what years and what models of Atari 2600 systems came bundled with the Combat cartridge. I know their are two versions of labels and the one I remember was the label with text only. Or was it the only cartridge that ever came with it? Thanks, just trying to remember fuzzy memories.
  7. I actually have a game club magazine announcing that contest.. I'm thinking about offering it on Ebay.
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