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  1. Makes more sense than the OP. But wait, it gets worse. In the US, we get Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and then Final Fantasy VII! The people were irate, and a dinky Mystic Quest wasn't enough to placate the feelings, so that's why the market crashed.
  2. Your dad? Or did you compete against a virtual clone of yourself, perhaps Tron-style?
  3. 2.9m to 100k is a 96.55% drop. 6b to 2.5b is only a 68.337% drop. Given that it's the end of a cycle, it isn't comparable.
  4. Any period of time in between releases is just going to be arbitrary. Pong does though have a more thorough release history: From Wikipedia:
  5. You're off by almost a decade. Pong (1972) and Pong Quest (2020). This has to be the actual longest. Not as long, but apparently a new Breakout game is coming out for the Amico this year.
  6. VGA is a joke, too. But what's crazy is that whenever I see anything on grading I think of VGA first. I had no idea about WATA and Heritage. Guess it "pays" to stay out of the stupid loop.
  7. I'm convinced it's just a small handful of "whales". Let them have the perishable goods, imo. Anyone who wants "bragging" rights for owning some plastic carts or a CD is already a sucker in my book. Might as well make a buck off them. Buy what you want, have a small curated collection of favorites, and who cares about the rest? That's why the gods invented emulation and flash carts.
  8. Repeating Crossbow's sentiment: Another excellent transaction. Enjoy the games!
  9. I'm always down for a pint and click adventure!
  10. It's crazy to think just how many dinosaur games came out in the 90s. Truly that defined an era.
  11. Loose stuff fluctuates. Some rise, some fall. It's the graded stuff and a very small number of those collectors that are driving the price of sealed (and probably faked) games. Can't see why anyone of us should care what fools do with their money, so long as we can play what we want.
  12. I somehow missed all the criticism. I even had the guide book. Yeah, my friends and I were all playing other things together, but Doom 64 was one of the few games for the N64 I devoted an enormous amount of time to by myself.
  13. I remember enjoying WWF Royale Rumble on the Genesis. That was fun, but yeah, anything after that felt a little lame to me. Extreme-G was perfected with 3 for the PS2. I never felt a need to go back to the N64 versions afterward.
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