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  1. Is there an alternative reputable modder? He did my 7800 years ago, but very soon afterward the s-video cut out and he never responded to my emails. This was years before I realized there was a number. Luckily the AV mod looked good enough that I didn't worry about it, but it was not a pleasant experience being ignored.
  2. You answered my question at least! Give Rondo a fair shot. I think you'll find it a much, much better experience than the Dracula X.
  3. You can definitely compare the two games. I unequivocally think Rondo of Blood is better than Bubsy. People rank games of different series all the time. What on earth are you thinking? And anyway, what makes a negative review "unfair"? Just because you don't like what the review says?
  4. Did you play the SNES game or the far superior PC Engine CD game? They're not actually the same game.
  5. Pretty sure that is the developer, Arkhan, selling that.
  6. Talk about your necrobump. Honestly, I never loved the game, so if I had a chance to buy it at $50, I'd easily turn around and sell it. This would be my number 1 most overrated game.
  7. I do like the second button. Jump+fire or jump+swing etc. is a great combination for action games. Four is tolerable, but really once you get to the weird N64 and Dual Shock stuff, it just isn't as good as classics.
  8. Perhaps "reviews" was misleading. I meant people I knew who had negative opinions on the game. They never by the way rose to the level of vitriol that AVGN spews, but it was not the glorious acclaim that the first game got. Also, where do you think the internet reviews came from if not from actual people playing the game? Just because your experience doesn't match mine exactly doesn't mean it didn't happen. And either way, my main point was that there was negativity before AVGN. A lot of low or average scores can be found in reviews online starting from 2001, a decade before AVGN. It wasn't one man's opinion which influenced a bunch of youngsters, it was a bunch of people who played the game, hoped for more of the same, didn't get it, and was upset. Doesn't mean everyone felt that way, but to deny any polarity at all is baffling (again, whence the negativity originally?) and to attribute it all to one lame reviewer is factually incorrect.
  9. I distinctly remember Zelda II (and less distinctly but still vaguely recall Castlevania II) getting negative reviews way before AVGN. These are childhood memories, so they're not perfect, but I couldn't have been influenced by AVGN on this because I was talking about it with friends before I even knew what that was. There was the old joke about the "different" sequels, Zelda II, Castlevania II, and SMB II, since they were all vastly different from their predecessors. This must have been early 90s. Funny note, at the time I hadn't played Castlevania II yet (and wouldn't have until emulation), but I had absorbed all of it from Nintendo Power. So these opinions were definitely formed well, well, well before Youtube gamers.
  10. I might have an extra I could sell. Let me check before you buy one on ebay just in case.
  11. I sold you Deja Vu on the NES before? I don't remember that. But no, sorry, I don't have a copy of that. Good luck finding it, though!
  12. Great guy, smooth transaction, pleasure to deal with. Thanks and enjoy!
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