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  1. Should note that Rhomaios and o.pwuaioc are the same person. Just made my name more readable!
  2. Should note that Rhomaios and o.pwuaioc are the same person. Just made my name more readable!
  3. Been a bit busy, but all PMs will be answered tomorrow. Removing sold games.
  4. I meant if Tanooki didn't want it. I'll still take the pouch, though. What other pouches do you have? I have a NGPC that could use some protection against dust.
  5. I'm interested in the GBA box (also depending on the version) and the GBC case. What are you looking for these days? I can shoot you what I have.
  6. Got my games. They were packaged well and shipped quickly. Thanks!
  7. You realize the last post in this thread was over six years ago, right?
  8. Maybe he never actually got it? I've definitely not received items from USPS before. That's what insurance is for.
  9. Looking for a trak-ball to play Missile Command TB and Centipede TB. Due to the price of shipping, US only, please. Local (NYC) pickup is even better. I don't need boxes or manuals or whatnot, but I won't say no to them if it doesn't add too much to the cost. I have a slew of games and stuff for sale that I can PM you if you want (at least until I get my sell thread revamped).
  10. Was a pleasure doing business with Keith (Mephitblue). He was very responsive to PMs, sent payment quickly, and was an all around affable guy. Enjoy the joysticks!
  11. Nope. Photobucket sucks big time. Switch to anything else. You can even do postimages.org without even signing up. Til then, which 2600 games you're selling remain a mystery.
  12. I don't get this. It was posted on the forum, are we not allowed to have anything but positive opinions? I mean, it's not like anyone here is actually going out of their way to tell that guy he's throwing away his money.
  13. If someone bought a new F150 for $1M, I'd also say that was stupid.
  14. The person who bought the game could have been the CEO of a charity. We don't know!
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