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  1. Yes, sure, but then I might as well play on a proper console.
  2. The Game Gear was my first handheld (the Game Boy was my older brother's), yet I can't play it anymore. It was great as a kid, but now I'd rather play any of its games on the Master System or Genesis on a real TV. The few exclusives it had don't justify what a battery hog it is. Maybe if anyone ever comes out with a rechargeable battery like the Game Boy Advance, I could get back into it again. That said, I did have a lot of good times with it in the early 90s.
  3. Just read the Texas Chainsaw thread. Just wow. The audacity of some folks.
  4. I had forgotten about that, thanks.
  5. Dunno what Myusa is, but scanning quickly I think the only one that's JP only is Final Fight Guy.
  6. For me, it would be 1 is easier than 3 which is easier than 2 (US, of course). SMB is easier to warp through most of the games and the layouts are easier to memorize. SMB2 is a delight in and of itself, but it really plays differently.
  7. How on earth could an Everdrive come out that didn't support Pilotwings or Super Mario Kart? Is that really right?
  8. Seven years later I will still say that 1994 was the greatest year for the Super Nintendo.
  9. It was my older sister who could afford it, but definitely Super Mario World. The NA launch still holds up today in my opinion: F-Zero, Pilotwings, SimCity, and Gradius III (despite the naysayers) are all excellent Super Nintendo games.
  10. That's a shame, too. So many of the great games from the pre-NES systems make an appearance on the NES as well. Even if they're not everyone's favorites, there's no denying that it sits alongside its predecessors (and competitors: I mean, the Famicom was released in 1983 after all) as part of a larger generation of video games. Now, I wouldn't want to it to overtake discussion of the earlier consoles, but it would be cool for more NES fans/homebrewers to populate this little nook of the forum. Hopefully more people who know a thing or two about NES homebrews stop by. For what it's worth, Micro Mages seems to be all the rage, though I wish Morphcat would finish Super Bat Puncher!
  11. RetroMags, too, which I'm surprised is still up. I thought it was shut down some years back.
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