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  1. Or devolves. But yes, we don't all speak Proto-Indo-European (or its ancestors) for a reason.
  2. There's a crappy bar on 3rd and 25th that does the neon purple, but you might get salmonella from sitting down.
  3. Friends scratching discs were a real nuisance. Not only games, but movies, too, once you get into the DVD era. Then once you visit them, you realize why: their whole family is content to use DVDs as coasters! I also like how we as children were just casually trading $30, $40, $50 carts like it was no big deal. That didn't go on too much, though. We mostly just hung out at the house of whoever had the latest game (especially once we got to the SFII and MK era). Plus, with Blockbuster you could always just rent a game for yourself.
  4. Very patient and friendly fellow, great to do business with. Thanks!
  5. I don't hate Tower of Druaga, but it did absolutely nothing for me. It never felt fun. I never played the arcade or Famicom versions, though, only PCE.
  6. The website is hot garbage, but I think this place still sells them. https://www.retrogamecave.com/ I can't remember where I had purchased mine from, but I don't remember it coming from this place (I think I would have remembered the bad HTML, but perhaps that's from a later update?).
  7. It's crazy to be a user of a forum for a decade and realize that it had been around a decade prior. 99% of the forums I was posting on in the early 2000s are just gone, yet here AA is, churning away and perhaps even growing with kids who were born after 9/11.
  8. Sold jgkspsx a bunch of games in two separate bundles. Great guy to do business with, genial and patient. Thanks and enjoy!
  9. Graphics aside, is the gameplay any good? It's never a game I played as a kid nor ever gave it the time of day since.
  10. Makes more sense than the OP. But wait, it gets worse. In the US, we get Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II, Final Fantasy III, and then Final Fantasy VII! The people were irate, and a dinky Mystic Quest wasn't enough to placate the feelings, so that's why the market crashed.
  11. Your dad? Or did you compete against a virtual clone of yourself, perhaps Tron-style?
  12. 2.9m to 100k is a 96.55% drop. 6b to 2.5b is only a 68.337% drop. Given that it's the end of a cycle, it isn't comparable.
  13. Any period of time in between releases is just going to be arbitrary. Pong does though have a more thorough release history: From Wikipedia:
  14. You're off by almost a decade. Pong (1972) and Pong Quest (2020). This has to be the actual longest. Not as long, but apparently a new Breakout game is coming out for the Amico this year.
  15. VGA is a joke, too. But what's crazy is that whenever I see anything on grading I think of VGA first. I had no idea about WATA and Heritage. Guess it "pays" to stay out of the stupid loop.
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