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  1. Is it something similar to used in TOMS Turbo Drive firmware for LDW2000(Indus GT clone)/CA2001 which works with się of Clock in and Clock out SIO signals and therefore not working with 1050-2-PC interfaces lacking those signals?
  2. Candle new device. I think. Link not working now: http://spiflash.org/atari/misc/soundboard.jpg
  3. About that CAR file loading: 1. If checksum is wrong and size is bigger with those 16 bytes could be that image loaded with that 16 bytes "offset". 2. Is there any possibility to alert user about that wrong checksum of loaded file and loading as raw binarny?
  4. I do not know if it is bug or not, just guessing hypotetical case. Edit: Because there is no modification date written.
  5. Change name of directory is then recreating them with new creation time? Just to be sure.
  6. LDW/CA with TOMS Turbo Drive also supports 180k SS 512 bytes format. TOMS drives extensions were presented in commercials and descriptions in magazines as possible solution to be used for swaping data with PCs that way. Edit: I didn't tried to use that possibility and do not checked if SDX 4.22 Formatter allowed that. There were some tools on TOMS system disk allowing that cooperation. Probably written in Action! or TB XL. Do not remember now and being on holidays trip so could not check that now. Edit2: Did not Happy Warp also supports that PC format to SWAP disks?
  7. So QMEG is autodetecting speed and speeder type like Hias did in his code. Everything clear now. @Kyle22 where is that patch? And new Indusx.sys still needs patch? I thought that @trub incorporated buffering in it. @Jacques it is 68,2k in Turbo mode.
  8. @Jacques how it could be UltraSpeed in Turbo only drive? It is also Turbo. Bad name. Only 3 bytes per second faster QMEG in reading... Not possible with bigger difference between 09 and 06 POKEY divisor.
  9. Allowing to assign to D1-D4 is ok. Those loading multiple times would extend memlo every time with full HS code? - Just asking to be sure.
  10. TopDrive on D1: and TOMS Turbo Drive on D2:. But yes, very rare conditions.
  11. Please do. E.g. for copying from Turbo drive to SIO2SD, etc. I know, rare use cases but possible.
  12. Please do that driver in way that it is on way that supports other connected drive types and turns on turbo only for selected drives numbers. Something that Hias wrote about original 1050 Turbo driver. Will try to find that topic and paste link to it here. And so on...
  13. Maybe you have to use Fn + F5 ? Probably shortcut key set on in bios.
  14. lemiel


    Yes, just go! Can you write something more about this last movie?
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