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  1. devwebcl


    I gave some shots to find out the algorithm, but still with no luck. I figured out just a small "behavior".
  2. devwebcl


    Now with sokoboo_20191011 I tried to replicate my last game.
  3. devwebcl


    I used sokoboo_20191010
  4. devwebcl


    Yes, it's valid, I didn't modify anything at all.
  5. for newer cc65 version the environment variable is CC65_HOME i.e.: set CC65_HOME=C:\CC65
  6. I remember it's almost infinite, but it's about 200 lives... or some.
  7. I have that book from years, but I haven't typed any game at all :) We have scanned several books at http://www.atariware.cl/ and this is one of the target. I have uploaded some quick pictures of the book: https://manillismo.blogspot.com/2012/10/aventuras-y-como-se-programan-en-el.html
  8. There is a Spanish version: http://manillismo.blogspot.com/2012/10/aventuras-y-como-se-programan-en-el.html
  9. Bopotron from basic game from Analog.
  10. Good thread. it would be good to have a complete list on atarimania about it. or here
  11. flapper: 19033 total: 71723 after two pirate ships, earthquake, pest, and lost a plot.
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