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  1. I too had one of those. We had to pay the local Kinkos for a 3 ring binder full of copies. 3 binders for the semester, each as much as a regular text book. Then we were supposed to edit it as we used it and turn them back to him after we finished the class... so no selling it back either.
  2. I took Fortran in the fall of 89. It was supposedly the last time the class would be offered at WSU. Was still a requirement for engineering when I was there though.
  3. Thanks! Deleted fnconfig and held the B button. It remembers my network again. Appears to all be working.
  4. Ok. Reflashed the fujinet. Still won't remember the network. I have to select and reenter my password at every coldboot. Anything else I can do? Or do I need to start asking TBA about a replacement?
  5. My fujinet seems to have suddenly started having problems. It's now forgetting my network whenever I power off the machine. Also on 2 different atari's sometimes when I go to boot, the machine goes to basic instead. Even with basic turned off in u1mb.
  6. Any files you use with Altirra.. just put in the tnfsroot folder and there they are on your real Atari. Write some new software and want to test on real hardware? Easy peasy. About the only thing fujinet doesn't do, is cart files. I think you'll love it.
  7. You said what I am also thinking. My sdrive nuxx just sits now. In fact I'm debating buying a 2nd fujinet so i dont have to swap between machines. Even with hd's on both atari's I still use the fujinet. Just much easier to keep the files on my pc which is always on anyway then all my machines can easily access the same files.
  8. The fujinet also has an sd card. You can actually use the atari to copy a file from your pc to the sdcard via wifi as well. So no need to move the card.. just make sure both machines are on at the same time when you do the copying.
  9. With fujinet, you just download the xex or atr and put it in tnfsroot folder on your pc.. Then select the file on the atari and load it in a slot. Press option and that file boots. Also there are online servers that allready have many files. You can select them just as easily. Fujinet will also allow you to go to bbs and will print to your pc as a pdf.
  10. I've got my first machine. I did the 48k upgrade a few years ago. Even though I have 3 other modified machines I could use. When the 400 incognito comes out, i'll do that as well. I really don't use the 400, but when I do, I'd like it to be able to run all the software I enjoy on the others.
  11. You can never tell when things are fake now. Even from big name suppliers. There's a rash of fake bosch o2 sensors right now. I've seen fake spark plugs sold at Napa. When Radioshack was still in business I bought 2 usb to serial adapters same part # , same packaging, looked identical from the same physical store. One ended up being a fake that was killed by a software update by the manufacturer, specifically to kill fakes. There was a bunch of msd ignition boxes sold by Amazon, Summit, Jegs that were fake. Instead of the cd ignition they had a cheap gm module in the potting. Clue was all had the same serial number. Price of doing business in China.
  12. While your problem sounds familiar, i've got some memory issues and have completely forgotten most everything in this thread. It's as Mytek says though, it will work when you finally discover the problem. Sorry to not be more help. I recently finally installed a cf adapter in my xel. It didn't work at first, but ended up being my cable not making connection. Tried several times, then swapped ends and it works. Weird things happen. Good luck!
  13. I think I like this hobby now, better then I did back in the day. Mostly due to new hardware, but most of that won't work without people putting in the time on the software. So Thanks everyone for your efforts!
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