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  1. What a trip to read current news on my Atari!
  2. Just curious if possible. I have a sweet little microsoft bluetooth keyboard that would be really cool to use as my XEL keyboard. I just received my fujinet and only just discovered it had bluetooth even.
  3. Thankyou! I stole the cable from my Nuxx and i'm up and running with sound. Works fine plugged in "backwords"
  4. Haven't gone back to ape yet, but I have fujinet up and working. Tried a few BBS tonight and was able to check them out.
  5. Thanks for the link. I needed the basics and the video showed me what I needed.
  6. Thanks for the links. No idea where in the world that all was hiding. Been on the Atarimax page and forum several times. Every manual link i've found was dead, and i've never ran into that page before now.
  7. So will it work plugging into the passthrough of a v1.3? The fujinet covers my audio port on my XEL and my only other sio device is end of chain.
  8. My only other sio device is a Sdrive Nuxx and it's an end device. Will plugging into the other side of the sio passthrough with a cable work? Hadn't thought bout trying it that way.
  9. Ok, question for XEL owners with a fujinet. Is there a sio extension or something? My fujinet blocks the audio port. Might be able to find a 90* audio plug too. What are your solutions?
  10. Finally squeaked out another good one.
  11. Gave up and ordered a fujinet...
  12. Same here. Keep topping out at 14-15k now.
  13. Hated the 410 back in the day. You can always tell by the noise if it's going to error. I sometimes had luck with a dual cassette deck creating a new tape from the old. Or at least as much luck as the original tape. As soon as I was old enough to make a few $$, I bought an Indus GT. Totally skipped the Atari drives because of my 410 experience.
  14. First play I'd forgotten I was still in widescreen for my xbox. Wondered why my ship was so fat!
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