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  1. Can anyone get this file to work? I've tried on my xld and altirra. I can see the 2 files but can't load either. I can view each file, but they appear to be mostly gibberish. Have they corrupted?
  2. I am trying to type in the Alpa program from the Atari 130xe beginners book. I get to line 1060 and there's a bunch of dark triangles that I have no idea how to make... I've also tried Geisters d/l, and while I can get a directory showing the files with dos 2.5, I can't seem to load either of them. I get error 164. I'd rather type the program myself anyway, if anyone can help with the triangle character.
  3. Ouch! That sounds like someone made a booboo.
  4. That looks like what I use. There are some peculiarities with voltage setting and verification. Found a youtube video that helped out. Always seems to do the job anyway.
  5. I used a pickit3 and one of their adapter boards to do mine. Since my pickit is a clone there's some foibles, but it seems to work.
  6. But at $30 for a new set of boards it's much more cost effective to toss the damaged one. Now if the board was rare or something, sure i'd attempt to fix it. I also find it hard to translate the schema to the board. It's not quite like the wiring diagrams i'm used to working with everyday. When the schema says a chip is connected to A1 for example, i'd rather know where exactly the trace goes. The diagrams I work with, show say pin 42 on the ecu goes out to splice 50, through bulkhead connector pin 65, then onwards to temp sensor pin 3. Splice 50 also has 3 other sensors connected to it. This shows me several places I can jumper between. With the schema I have to wonder if the broken trace might have dead ended more of the circuit. That's more just what i've gotten used to though. Anyway, to the important part of this thread, if anything, the trouble I had shows there's plenty of help around and you can fix most anything. Until the beta testers and Mytek get tired of us anyway.
  7. 2" delamination from trying to remove a 40 pin socket with hot air.
  8. I actually tried 4 replacements before receiving another pn2222. All worked the same.
  9. Build it. Even after my troubles and being told I was the reason they shouldn't be offered in kit form, i'd still do it again. If I hadn't roasted my original board, I'd build that one up too. I've built an XEL and an XLD both now. The XEL went fairly easy using the complete kit from TBA. The XLD I apparently had 1 bad transistor the whole time. Otherwise I bet my original build would have worked from the get go. If you buy a complete BOM it should be even easier. I picked my parts from several sources which can cause some errors. Using resistors I allready had was one reason I managed to get the wrong ones in a couple places. Also the BOM changed from when I first started ordering parts. Would probably have worked better to order everything at once.
  10. Now to put the XEL back together..
  11. Did some clean up on the wiring. Then finally installed the case. I think the color was off due to the screen saver.
  12. If we're starting a midiplayer wish list how about a setting to have it autoload and play the next file, or even a random file play. That way you could turn the atari on and let it play some background music. Here's another fun file.
  13. It's a "make offer" auction. No one expects someone to pay the buy it now. Winning offer could be $20.. thus you still need to ask for postage.
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