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  1. So 6-7 is required with the IO board? That's how I thought it went. Haven't heard a jingle yet, but have been working on other things. Thanks DrVenkman. Some reason between you and the Doctor, I get this going in my head. LOL
  2. Ya, it's 7 pins now. I'd noticed the change earlier from the first version boards. Been poring over pics of everyone's XLD's for awhile now LOL. Also ran into a change on the gbs2vga board and bom last night. The BOM i'd used to order parts and the board I just got from Dropcheck didn't agree. Inductors swapped positions and a couple more resistors added. As these things get refined stuff is changing. So since I have the Midi IO board connected, I don't need any jumpers? And it IS supposed to play the tune correct?
  3. Thanks, this made things easy. Now has anyone used the rgb2vga board inside an xld with vbxe? I'm finding the physical fit is off. I think it will all fit, but I had to lift the board 10mm, which means it won't plug directly into the xld board. Not a big deal, I'm going to run a power cable instead and then I'm not planning on running the output back through the monitor port. Just using the dedicated vga connector instead.
  4. You'll notice that it was after that post, that I tried the other transistors I had on hand. And Michael felt that they should have worked. There is however, enough different between them to cause problems evidently because both 2n3904 and bc547's have the same issue as the "bad" pn2222a I started with. " On 5/14/2020 at 10:17 AM, mytek said: The BC547 should be fine as a substitute (showed as a cross for the 2N3904 which is very similar to the PN2222 that I spec). " That's just to say, his suggestion wasn't ignored. I had some transistors on hand we thought would work. They do not.
  5. Something else interesting. The first 4 PN2222a transistors (Q2-5) I had on hand when I started on the board. I needed one more, which I ordered from Digikey, that ended up being Q6. Kinda coincidental.....
  6. Parts came in the mail today.. Success!! It was NOT any of the IC's. It was NOT Q2-Q5. It WAS in fact Q6 as the Doctor suspected. Evidently the original Pn2222a was trash to begin with. Then the 2n3904 I tried first didn't work, nor the 3 different brand new bc547's. But a brand new PN2222a installed today and everythings groovy. That has to be the world's most expensive transistor!! Lol But hey, I got me a new oscilloscope out of the deal. If I hadn't delaminated part of the old board around the PIA i'd build that one too. If anyone should need a pair of IO boards I have a pair of black boards unused. Thank you everyone for putting up with me. It was at times extremely frustrating, but with my shop packed away in storage and covid, I'm not sure what else I'd be doing anyway. Now to build my GBS adapter board and move my vbxe from the xel into this machine. Looks like the xel might get a sophia 2. Only 1 of my 2 CF cards apparently works, but hey, it does work and the light turns green now! One last thing, i've got the dreamblaster board installed now. Is the machine supposed to play the "have you played atari today" tune? It doesn't, i'm not sure if it's supposed to, and totally unsure of settings in either case.
  7. I like that Fluke! I looked hard at those, but ultimately bought a virtual scope from Owon. The 1022i 25mhz. The software was better rated then the cheaper Hantek, but price was between hantek and picoscope. Almost went with the pico though. So far it seems to do what I need as a newbie. I've previously only used scopes in the automotive environment.
  8. 35700 gyruss. Been too busy working on my xld to play.
  9. Experimenting with Midi was one of the main reasons for building an xld. The CF card will be fun to experiment with too, but my nuxx has always done almost everything i've wanted. The new Sophia now has me rethinking video. I'll probably stick to plan though and move the vbxe to the xld and use the internal gbs mods.. allready have them. But maybe the XEL will get a sophia 2.. then it'll be a big debate over which one to use! I'm hopeful one of the ic's I ordered will fix my problems. It's hard to believe it's anything board or solder related since both builds had the same issue.
  10. Is anyone doing a 1088xld badge/band for the 1050 case?
  11. This post reminded me, and the fact I just updated 2 U1mb's and ordered a third, to send a few $$ Johnathon's way. It's not alot, but thanks Flashjazzcat for all the work you do on this.
  12. While in the ordering mood, I ordered the Dreamblaster module and a U1mb from TBA. The U1mb is to replace the one I stole out of my 800xl for the xld. I'll leave the original black Candle board in the xld.
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