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  1. I wish for a VBXE device with more modern outputs. No scan doublers etc needed. Hate to say it, but HDMI even with licensing fees would be something I'd probably pay for. Pal/NTSC color switching too. Right now I'm gaming on my XEL instead of the XLD because the VBXE changes the look of games too much, and my old LCD monitor isn't as bright and colorful as either my CRT or modern monitors. I haven't figured out how to use the 80 column mode yet. Wasn't exactly sure if I was in hardware or software 80 on TLW.
  2. Played a game today. Score before first city 47880. 76290 final score. My camera really disliked the white screen.
  3. I remember as a kid missing the bus because I rolled the score on this. Think it might have been worth it though! lol
  4. Years ago chinese car radiators came with a baggie of candy in the box. Was quite the dilema figuring out whether to eat chinese candy from an auto parts box.
  5. Had to switch from my XLD with vbxe machine to my XEL. The colors were so muted, bland, changed through my vbxe/lcd it was nearly unplayable. Looks great on the UAV/Svid combo though.
  6. I've only used the pickit3 to program the chips themselves. However, I need to go into the power menu, select power from tool, then change the voltage down 1 or 2 selections from 5v(because china copy pickit). Otherwise I get the error you do.
  7. The plastic stick isn't solid. It appears to have 4 air pockets the length of it. This actually seems to work very well. Sad they have such a poor stick as the control itself works fine.
  8. Several months ago, I bought a Trooper joystick. While it works excellent, the plastic stick broke on me. I contacted Hyperkin to see if they'd send me a new stick. While they would warranty the joystick, I'd have to send the whole thing back on my dime. So I came up with this fix. The thread in the base is 7/16 course. So I took a bolt, cut off the head and rounded the end. Then you need a nut and washer on the base or the stick won't self center. Played several games last night and it works awesome !
  9. I remember back in the 80s one of Analog's checksum programs would automatically print the next line number for you. The one I recently typed in does not. Anybody know the version that does the line numbers? Also in one Analog there was a program that reorganized part of the keyboard into a 10 key. I remember sticking masking tape corrections on my 400 keyboard for it, it was a huge help at the time.
  10. I still have my original 400. For cart games it's a solid performer. But my favorite stock 8bit version is the 800xl. I sold my first 800xl, but I have 2 now. One of which I originally bought back in 1988 for parts to fix my original xl.
  11. Several years ago the drivers for USB to serial adapters were changed to disable chinese clones. If your adapter is one of these, it will no longer work. I had 2 identical adapters, both from Radioshack. One still works, the other evidently was a clone. Found it interesting they both came from the same place and had the same packaging.
  12. My current setup. 1088XLD with VBXE and internal GBS to VGA. An old NEC monitor, and an Sdrive NUX.
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