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  1. This looks so good; day#1 VCS buy. Thanks or the extra information here.
  2. I think that a cart will come along with the ability to generate codes from purchases, to give games to others. A wider range of payment offerings also. I don't have any special information on that, but I think I read a reply from Atari on Discord. I could be wrong!
  3. The official page for this game is here; I didn't link it before, but added it to the parent page. https://www.retroninja.com/copy-of-games
  4. There's a Tweet with new images from @Tony Barnes, the developer, here. Very nice images; this game certainly is making progress, it seems.
  5. Last Friday (2nd Flashback Friday) Games Now Released! 2021-10-22 -- Ninja Golf - $2.99 2021-10-22 -- Scrapyard Dog - $2.99 There's a thread devoted to the re-releases on the VCS also. 🙂
  6. I've never heard of this game, but I wasn't into PC gaming in 2014. As a Windows game, I think it could not be carried forward easily to the VCS. However, as a concept, it looks interesting, and better than "Alone In The Dark"! Teaser Trailer
  7. The next in the series, episode 6, is now ready to watch! "Let's Play Black Widow: Recharged"
  8. Ninja Golf 7800 Scrapyard Dog 7800 (Two more great classic 7800 games!)
  9. Ninja Golf 7800 Scrapyard Dog 7800 Two more great classic 7800 games!
  10. Could you list the 10 extra challenges, please, and maybe take a photo or a screen capture of the screen showing them? It would be very nice if this image could be shared here and with your permission, elsewhere, when people ask about it. I'm quite a way behind you, else I'd do so myself. :-)
  11. I agree about the lack of lives. I understand the developer's thinking, but in my opinion, he's wrong. In the arcade, a <continue> was also sometimes possible, just by dropping another coin in the slot. Now, multiple lives on the VCS versions, that would be a nice feature, rather than just bonus levels etc.. I have not completed the challenge levels on Centipede: Recharged on my VCS yet, (lack of time/skill), so I've not seen the 10 extra VCS exclusive levels.
  12. I wish I knew what time they'll publish the next two titles. I'm also wondering what platform they will be for. :-) It's already after 1pm here, but I also have work to do, ha ha.
  13. Also, this video, from months ago, describes setting it up, and Crow was very pleased with it.
  14. Although it's not the topic of his video, his conclusion is OEB Pete's answer I think. He bought the system not expecting a lot, but Atari is continuing to evolve the VCS.
  15. This video might interest you - how to best use the Atari VCS Classic joystick with Stella under Windows.
  16. As I recall, the Ubuntu drivers are quite a lot older than the AtariOS ones which AMD supplied to Atari, as I understand it. In Google Chrome, the "chrome://gpu" option shows a lot of interesting video information, but not the driver version I think. I don't have time to look right now, either. I guess you or somebody else will verify/disprove my comment quicker than I will. As much as I like Ubuntu, sometimes issues like kernel+video versions, long a problem with Nvidia drivers, get frustrating. (In particular re: CUDA drivers for Ubuntu, but that's not relevant to the AMD-based VCS of course, but just for context.)
  17. Cool. So now you can try to conquer the 10 extra exclusive levels on the VCS version!
  18. Atari will only be creating Recharged versions of Atari IP, of course. Can we keep this on-topic?
  19. I'm practicing Desert Falcon on the train, via my Blaze Atari Retro Handheld. Yay! Ok, but so much better, crystal clear on a big screen, via the VCS. 🙂
  20. Any USB port works I think. I used front ones (but no reason why not the others).
  21. Yes, no doubt, IMHO. Atari are showing they are committed to it as a platform, and it's hardly started in terms of the evolution for Atari fans. If you buy it for what it is, what it's advertised as, and not thinking it's trying to replace any of the big 3, you'll like it. I never expected it would outsell any of the big 3 systems. If I'd wanted one, I'd buy one. Instead, I wanted versatility. Not for everybody, of course; what is? YMMV
  22. Other Atari systems on the VCS will follow, also. 7800 just the first. Playing Desert Falcon on the VCS with the new Classic joystick is so good, but of course also works with VCS Modern controllers. Happily now I am on a train practicing Desert Falcon again on my Blaze Atari Retro Handheld too. 🙂 Atari days!
  23. An interesting thought (to me) on this. 1. How will High-scores on the VCS compare to high-scores using the original Atari 7800? I've not played Desert Falcon for years, as I was never good at it, with original controllers. Already, on my 3rd game, I'm through to the 4th level, with the Classic joystick, on the VCS. Wow. 2. Should high-scores be recorded here, or added in a new category of the 7800 High Score Club forum? https://atariage.com/forums/forum/89-7800-high-score-club/ 3. Would you want to use your original 2600 or 7800 joysticks on the Atari VCS for these games if you could?
  24. Pixel Games confirmed the new game for the Atari VCS. https://pixel.lu/donutdodo/index.html Here's the video on YouTube! This video shows some more about the gameplay, with more BIG challenges!
  25. The Newsweek article is much better informed than some before! https://www.newsweek.com/new-atari-vcs-review-retro-tech-meets-geek-chic-1638846?amp=1
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