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  1. What are people using for 5200 now. I use Atari800win Plus. Just wondering what else is out there.
  2. Nintendo - Fceux Super Nintendo - ZSNES 7800 - Prosystem 5200 - Atari800win Plus 2600 - Stella (of course) Anything sega is pretty much Kega fusion - SG1000, Master system, Genesis/CD/32x, Gamegear Adventurevision - adviemulator Anyone who knows or doesn't know what this system is should look into it and play it pretty cool peice. Neo-Geo - Nebula Vectrex - Parajve PC engine/ Turbografx 16 - Magic Engine Lynx - Handy
  3. Yes I liked BlueMSX a lot it was a bit tricky at first but once up and running it works great.
  4. Anyone want to put up a emulator list for various classic systems? I can add quite a few just wanted to see everyone's thoughts on their favorites
  5. Still probably the best emulator for vectrex though
  6. Anyone know if parajve will ever get anymore development I noticed there are a few games that aren't quite right at the bottom of the drop down menu for game choice?
  7. Anyone know of any Nintendo Color TV game emulation? I've been dying to buy one but a bit short on cash. I know this seems to be a gray area I can't seem to find much in the way of emulation. Even a JavaScript game on a webpage would be nice. Also maybe something on some development of an emu for these systems.
  8. Has anyone tried the 2600daptor with a tablet? iPad, android device? Would it work with a nexus 7 by chance?
  9. Rom hunters set is the one I have along with the sets from atari age. Thanks for the quick replys
  10. That's what I figured thanks for the reply
  11. Well now that you mention the pin configuration there still seems to be some sort of metal left in the holes but nothing like my other controllers
  12. Everything seems to be working fine in game controllers button one shows up all directions seems to be there. I really don't get it that's why I believe it's the pinholes. I haven't tried z26 or anything else
  13. Having a problem may be on my end could be driver. 2600 joystick doesn't work quite right but the plug on the controller is a little beat up missing the metal piece's in the pinholes. Some games work just fine, others (chuck norris super kicks) fire button doesn't always work. Other games doesn't always recognize directional movement's (combat) Tried the controller in a real 2600 seems to work fine. Just wondering if anyone has any input. Controller may be at the end of it's life I suppose.
  14. Will this game ever get dumped or is it going to stay as a collector cart for the 50 or so that got their hands on it?
  15. I was wondering what is known about how complete atari age's rom set is? Anything missing that can be found else where?
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