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  1. I have received the Canadian 2609 part number 2609-9589 marked "EURO RR REV-D" from Adam (many thanks) and this has now been passed onto the factory so that they can bring together the two versions and hopefully get an improved version. Fingers crossed the quote will not be much higher than last time!
  2. Thanks - Adam is sending me a non-working one which is better for the factory as they can keep it then
  3. Thanks Adam - I have sent a pm. The Euro RR Rev-D seem to give better feedback on the side buttons in particular, or so I understand and that is why I wanted to incorporate those changes. Rich
  4. At the moment the ones from Venezuela are your best bet. My own project has been on hold for 2 years now because the feedback was that people wanted them based on the Canadian 2609 part number 2609-9589 marked "EURO RR REV-D"; but as soon as I pointed out that I would need one of these mylars on which to base to the new ones, everyone suddenly went quiet It is always the problem with producing new mylars / keyboard membranes - people are willing to say "Yes, great - invest some money and get some made", but as soon as you ask to borrow an existing one on which to base the new production, there is no-one willing to send you a sample!
  5. Yes it does - not as easy to set up as a USB printer, as it can't automatically detect it (or at least doesn't seem able to)
  6. Thanks - but that is no better than using a Windows font - I don't want to replicate the actual dottiness of a dot matrix printer... But the main issue is that the fonts ignore all of the Epson graphic characters which would need to be re-added.
  7. Getting the wrong keyword when you press a key is not a fault of the keyboard membrane normally - it could be anything from a corrupt ROM chip to a leaky cap somewhere. Asking on www.sinclairzxworld.com is probably your best bet
  8. Yes, the Retroprinter will be back on sale soon once the manufacturing issues have been addressed
  9. The speed and size problem is because the PrinterToPDF code needs to currently create a PNG image which is then converted to PDF. Ensure imageMode = 1 (it creates the PNG in memory) as creating it on the disk is really slow. Ideally, the routines would be changed to write the text directly to the PDF, but the issue there is creating all of hte necessary fonts, as built in PDF fonts do not match the full range of characters and international character tables supported by the Epson ESC/P2 standard; which means a lot of work! It would be interesting to see how you have progressed - and link to the code on Github, so that people can find your work based on it.
  10. I have now released the Retro-Printer module which captures data from a parallel port and converts ESC/P2 or PCL data so that it can be printed on a modern printer (www.retroprinter.com) An Atari STE has just tried using this to print from WordPerfect 5.0, using the default printer. The output seems to use printer codes other than PCL or ESC/P2 - so I was wondering if anyone knows what printer it is for and whether there is a list of the control codes, so that I could create a new conversion routine. The output is basically: ESC @ (Reset) PL ESC @ (Reset) F1 <CR> ESC $1F $79 $20 ESC $57 (ESC W n - double printing on/off) ESC $1F $OD Bold ESC $26 ESC $1E $09 <LF>, <CR> ESC $1F $79 $20 ESC $1F $OD Underline <CR> ESC $1F $79 $20 ESC $1F $03 $20 ESC $1F $OD ________________ ESC $1F $05, $5F ESC $1F $OD, $5F <LF>, <CR> ESC $1F $79 $20 ESC $1F $OD Italics <LF>, <CR> ESC $1F $79 $20 ESC $1F $OD Normal <CR> ESC $1F is not ESC/P2 or IBM pro-printer codes. Could it be the specific Atari printer?
  11. Bas can't recall looking at these machines, so has no idea what he did in the end! I have however, posted some thoughts on the other topic - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/280489-betagamma-computing-purevideo-2600vec-video-quality/ Certainly it appears that it could be that sixers are more problematic (as including the OP, these are the only machines we know of where problems similar to this have been reported - albeit by a maximum of 3 individuals).
  12. Bas has got back to me - whilst he agrees that there are various factors at play here - namely the quality of the cables being used, the TV you are using, and the age of the TIA chip; it may well be resolved by trying a different power supply (NOT switched mode) and possibly replacing the 8305 5V regulator with either a traco one or the replacement designed for smoothing power issues on the Sinclair QL - https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/28469
  13. I just came across this topic - and you might be interested in my own forthcoming Retro-Printer Module - www.retroprinter.com This is a hardware solution which captures centronics printer data and converts it to PDF and will output it to a modern USB printer if you wish. This is currently at the factory for final production of the module and case so we are hoping to have it available for sale in July. If you are looking for just the conversion routines, we have released the ESC/P2 conversion routine on https://github.com/RWAP/PrinterToPDFso that this can be improved. It handles most ESC/P2 codes (unlike the various ESC/P conversion routines available on the internet).
  14. Yes, the US QL is about twice the weight of the UK / European one. I have never seen the shielding on any non-US version of the QL.
  15. The only downside with the US version of the QL was that because of the difference in TV output, games which used UDG fonts which could butt up to each other to form (say) long lines on the screen (such as D-Day and War in the East) had to supply two sets of fonts - one for the US version of the ROM and one for all other ROMs. I never saw any other software which did this; although there are plenty of examples which used UDG fonts (although admittedly not much of it was released commercially).
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