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  1. I just took one here and could quite easily peel a corner back with my finger tip. If it doesn't want to peel because of the pressure which has been exerted on it by the controller plastic, or you damage the mylar, let me know and I can send this one with the test pad to try. PM me your details so I know which customer you are! By the way, another customer has messaged me on sellmyretro to say: It will be interesting to see if it is the rubber itself, or possibly a combination of that and the fingers no longer being in their original position and/or differences in plastic... Realistically, we need more feedback!
  2. I have now had a response back from the factory: I guess it might just be a faulty embossed overlay, so I can send you a second one to replace it with if necessary. The rubber pad has caused a little confusion, as the only feedback we have received so far has been from a couple of users on here where it seems to be too thick and unforgiving and Adam, who has not had a problem. I guess it might well be that the various plastics used in the controllers may vary dependent on where they were made and how the plastic has aged. The existing pads can be peeled off carefully and the factory has sent me a sample of a neoprene rubber that is adhesive backed & overall is thinner, and gives more to pressure to try. If successful, then I can include this as an alternative to the existing rubber dependent on your controller. Do you want to try this other rubber?
  3. I am sorry to hear that there are apparent issues and I shall investigate with the factory... I worked with Adam1977 to create these replacement parts and between the options available for the rubber pad, the one chosen gave the best pressure on the fingers. Adam didn't report any bulge in the controller (and to be honest, other than his feedback, Crossbow, you are the first person to provide any comment. I wonder if there are variations between the controllers and plastics used? As for the extra blank piece of plastic which goes between the layers - just check that you didn't get an extra one by mistake - they do have a tendancy to stick together and so I might have inadvertantly sent two stuck together!
  4. It would be - but I have to justify getting 250 made and covering the cost!
  5. I don't think it would be worth ordering less than 100 - prices would then be: 100 membranes - £22 each + p&p 250 membranes - £15 each + p&p 500 membranes - £12 each + p&p If I order 50 you would be looking at around £40 each !
  6. I have decided to run a pre-order for these membranes to see if there is enough interest - https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/replacement-atari-800-keyboard-membrane-(mitsumi-56-_7324a)-pre-_order-38662
  7. I have decided to run a pre-order for the Atari 800 membranes to see if there is enough interest - https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/replacement-atari-800-keyboard-membrane-(mitsumi-56-_7324a)-pre-_order-38662 Atari 800
  8. In the meantime, why not put some of these on sellmyretro
  9. Thank you - glad to hear they arrived safely
  10. No plans to list on any other sites - because (a) I run sellmyretro.com and (b) unlike other options, prices can reflect where the buyer is located.. ie, as you are outside the EU, then I can offer you the price and shipping without VAT, compared to someone who is in the EU who has to pay the VAT on both the item and shipping. If it is going to be a one-off purchase, then I can deal through PayPal - but you need to pm me with your name, address, paypal email and how many sets you need etc. It is more work for me though and so I do not recommend this to everyone - otherwise I would have to increase prices to cover the extra time!
  11. Replacement mylar sets are now available from: https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/brand-new-intellivision-1-controller-mylar-set-38583 Thanks to everyone for supporting this project; and those who helped test the resulting products!
  12. Sorry but I can't confirm whether there was more than one type of 800 with a membrane - I don't have a collection of computers and had to borrow the 800 from Adam to get a quote! So grand total of mylars required at this stage is 4 - hardly worth investing in a production run!!
  13. I don't think there is any way apart from opening the cases...
  14. As some may have noticed, I have also now obtained a quote for brand new replacement 800 membranes and wanted to guage interest -
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