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  1. Yeah there's been a few on craigslist. There's one right now I was going to pick up. I already have one identical to it though.
  2. Wow. He is good. Here's what I got from him: Sorry to hear about the dead 128’s. Unfortunately I am not very good having not really turned on a 128 in a couple of dozen years, HOWEVER, some of the guys in the forum fix these on a regular basis. Please post there and if no-one gets you what you need let me know.
  3. I haven't played it yet. Need to set up my old hardware but just don't have the space right now.
  4. Here it is. Actually paid $1.50. Already forgotten that it even has a poster with it too. Pretty good size. This one designed for Windows 95 running on a 486 66mhz.
  5. No this is not Burger King. No you cannot have it your way, right away.

    1. Charlie Cat

      Charlie Cat

      I'll go to Dairy Queen in the meanwhile!

    2. retrorussell


      I saw a sign at a bar/grill that said "This is not Burger King. You get it our way or you don't get the son of a bitch."

  6. I just realised I have this game for pc mint in box. Picked it up awhile back at a thrift store for $1.
  7. Has to be a chip. I even connected to a tv set using rf and an atari 2600 switch box. Same deal. Thanks for the link.
  8. I'll Check all socket chips next time I go in them. Are they still available?
  9. Thanks guys. Trying to get the 128s working is like pulling teeth tho. I've tried everything, different monitors, tvs, different cables, using rf, blind booting, 40/80 key switching, c64 mode when powering on, removing SID chip, reseting all socket chips. Dead. All I get is the red led, a pop in the sound when first turned on, vertical faint lines about 1/4 apart on screen, and a ringing sound. Ringing goes away after a couple seconds on two of them but the third one continously rings. Not loud but enough to hear it.
  10. Nothing in either mode. What needs replacing and is it socket?
  11. All three seem to have the same problem. I've used different monitors, cables. I have 4 128 power supplies and a 64 power supply. 2 1571 drives. When connected, the drives respond to the power up of the 128s. Nothing is displayed though.
  12. The 1702 monitors work like new. Tried all three 128s and they all power up with blank screen.
  13. Yup, ham radio operators. The 6JE6C or something like that.I have a few of them. My tv uses it for the high voltage flyback. I also need a smaller one that sits next to it. Have to see if I have that one. I just sold my RCA tv repairman's case. Didn't really need it. Just looking on ebay, looks like anywhere between $25 and 70.
  14. Some of the vacuum tubes are selling for $50 ea. I actually needed one for a 1968 Magnavox tv console.
  15. especially since the load included 4 ced players. Several movies for them, a couple older crt set from 82,83. A stereo, radio, pioneer stereo components, vcr, a line conditioner, vintage speakers, a denon multi cassette player, several vacuum tubes, and even a 6000 btu Ac.
  16. Once I go through everything, I'll have detailed photos. So far its: 2 1702 monitors 2 1571 floppy drives 3 c128 computers tons of manuals and guides cables and power supplies 100's of disks disk storage units Commodore printer dust covers All this had been in storage for quite some time. I had actually showed up for something else but when I noticed all this, I asked the lady about it and she said take it. I'll start going through everything today and get pics. Here's some pics right now.
  17. OOOOOOOOOH! Who lives at a prison in cell block C?, Dar-yl Dix-on, Taking care of babies and killing zombies!, Dar-yl Dix-on, If protection from walkers is something you wish!, Dar-yl Dix-on, He acts like a man, not like a bitch!

    1. icemanxp300


      I didn't get the SpongeBob reference until the 2nd read.

    2. atarian63


      so good and twisted!

  18. If Darryl dies, we riot!!!

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    2. Torr


      I liked this show when it started, but by the end of season two, not the show, but the FANS made me hate it. Such zeal just turns me away from certain stuff.

    3. CyranoJ


      Literally nothing has happened since the end of season two apart from some really bad dialogue and pointless wandering around.


    4. Video_Invader


      It was great when it first started. I kept up with every episode till the whole governor thing. Not sure how I even made it that far.

  19. I could care less really. They'll eventually come along. Where I live though, it's scarce to find anything game related. As for the ps1 working on PS2, yeah most games worked but when I tried to play Fatal Frame 2, I couldn't run where I wanted to. Just one way.
  20. Yeah I know it's not the greatest but still want to try it. I have Hotel Mario and another game I forget the name.
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