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  1. Buck


  2. Hot dang! This is terrific! I will be checking this out soon! Thanks a million!!
  3. I think it will work. They said it was next to the movie theater. Pizza and movie? Sounds like date night! Video games are icing on the cake!
  4. Holy crap. That is quite the setup. You are the man for the job! Wow!
  5. Yet. I like yet. Better than never!
  6. I like Kickstarter. If the dollar value you choose for your time and effort is not met, the project isn't funded and you don't have to the work. Nobody is out any cash. No harm, no foul. And it would be sort of be up to the community to make this happen. Kind of like, "Hey, you said you wanted this. Here's what its going to take." It would be up to us as a community to spread the word to make this happen. If it doesn't get funded, you can legitimately say the community as a whole did not want it. Again, No harm, no foul. As others have stated, I prefer physical media whenever possible. I would love to see this happen. Thanks for at least checking out the responses here, Glenn. :-) Later Buck Edit: To get you excited for this, please view this press release! http://www.biglist.com/lists/stella/archives/199908/msg00099.html and the CyberpUNKS homepage! (thanks wayback machine.... https://web.archive.org/web/20011021163858/http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/1698/cyberpunks/
  7. Sorry for digging up old threads, but I just looked at my dusty old Stella at 20 VHS tapes sitting on the shelf and was reminded of this. I wonder if a Kickstarter campaign for this would help? Maybe there could be enough cash raised to let Nathan take the time needed to do this and be compensated for the time involved? I don't recall Kickstarter really being a thing when this was first brought up eleven years ago. Just a thought!! Later Buck
  8. It was $14.99. I probably would have paid more, too. I bought it because it was a wild find and truthfully it is just going sit on display anyway. Yeah, actually finding something renews the interest a bit! :-)
  9. Found a Sears Video Arcade II at a Saver's thrift store! 5 years ago this wouldnt have been a big deal to me. Lately, I had all but given up the quest for stuff at garage sales and thrift stores. But there it was sitting next to a bunch of old VCRs. I have no idea if it works, has no controllers, has no power supply. But I was so excited to have actually found something that I bought it. The fact that I never had found a Sears Video Arcade II before helped. Sheesh. I think I was almost as excited as the time I found a boxed Sears 6 switch with 20 boxed Sears titles and original controllers. (for $20) That one was cool to find. Thanks for your time. Just felt like sharing! Buck
  10. I totally still would make the cushion fort. Wife hates when the cushions are messed up, though. Oh well. Just blame the 11 year old son, right?
  11. Absolutely LOVED Star Raiders! When I was young, I used to take the couch cushions and make a fort-like structure in front of the TV so I would be in my space ship. I loved the 800 version, too. Never had an 800 until I was an "adult" so I had to play that version at our local library. on topic, though: Space Shuttle absolutely needs the manual. I still havent got that down even with the manual.
  12. Noticed that member since was displaying an incorrect date on this instance.. Shows member since 2007 when there is a posting from the member in 2001. Just thought you'd like to know since you have nothing else to do... edit: forgot the attachment!!
  13. Thanks for posting "Metal" by Gary Numan in your Music and Noise section. Hadn't heard that one in a very long time. And, THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!! (wish I commented before Chuck, though. I thought of it on my own, too! Promise!) :-)
  14. Very cool. Might have to make it over there sometime. On a side note, if you every get to Lakeville, Muller Family Theaters just off of I-35 has a few games,too. Galaga 3, Addams Family, a racing game. Jeez, I wish I remembered more, but I remember thinking that it sure seemed like a lot of games. For the number of games, it may rival this pizza place.
  15. Good interview! Thanks for posting!
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