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  1. Wonder Twin powers ACTIVATE. Shape of a Gibson Les Paul. Form of Jimmy Page!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. GoldLeader


      The timing of the arrival of the Wonder Twins is pretty suspicious.  Am I the only one who thinks they had something to do with Wendy & Marvin's disappearance from the SuperFriends?

    3. retrorussell


      I didn't miss Marvin and Wonderdog, but Wendy was kinda hot.  Gleek could burn in 7 layers of hell for all I care.

    4. DragonGrafx-16


      I thought one could only turn into an animal and the other something water related (AKA gopher moat lol).

  2. They aren't retro, but I would highly recommend: Journey and ABZÛ (PS3/PS4). Both are exploratory games that are gorgeous and very relaxing.
  3. Wow. I really just want to follow this thread to see what the answer is! LOL Great question.... I assume it would be assembly or something at the metal/hardware level.
  4. A good way to tell if your channel is "for kids", look at the Analytics under YouTube Studio Dashboard. Click Audience and scroll down to look at the age groups. For me, only 2% of my audience is 13 and Under, so clearly young kids aren't my audience and that would be pretty easy to prove if I needed to. If your is significantly higher than that, I would mark it just to be sure.
  5. I have really enjoyed the games I have for my PlayStation VR...but honestly I almost never use it. It's always a bit of a pain to get setup, you have to sit just right, those motion controllers are never charged and then you are in a bubble where you can't hear anything around you as you play the games. It's cool tech and I've had a lot of fun with VR...but it needs another generation to get more convenient.
  6. Thanks for sharing this! It was a fun video to make
  7. ...and I'll be honest, this video did way better than I expected to. When I originally decided to do an Atari Jaguar video, I wondered if it would get almost no views... but I was pleasantly surprised!
  8. Is that noticeably better than S-Video through a line doubler (RetroTINK2X) to 480p? Are you able to get true component / RGB video out of the Jag?
  9. I wish I could have bought all the games! HAHAHA. There's always next year
  10. I finally added a Jaguar to the collection plus a ton of new game releases. Shoutout to Albert and staff at the AA booth (as well as Songbird). Loving it so far! Gameplay shown using RetroTINK2x at 480p 60fps: Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe Fantasy World Dizzy Soccer Kid / Frog Feast Protector Special Edition Defender of the Crown REBootEROIDS Cybermorph
  11. I picked it up on Switch. Really, really enjoying it so far!
  12. I'll be there all weekend. We have a Metal Jesus Rocks SUPER MEGA EXTREME Panel (yes, that's what they called it! LOL) on Saturday at 3pm. Looking forward to it!
  13. If you are on Facebook, I would highly recommend the Big Box PC Game Collector's group. Really well run, very active with over 4,400 members and there are some big name devs in there too. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BBPCGC/
  14. Always fun going back to the Wii for some more Hidden Gems. These are games that are relatively unknown but still fun to play! Games shown: Dawn of Discovery Monster 4x4: Stunt Racer The Munchables Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Kid Adventures: Sky Captain Wicked Monsters Blast! Battleship Pitfall: The Big Adventure The good news is that GameSpot still sells Wii games, so pick em up while they are still relatively cheap!
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