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  1. I also have an Aquattack with price sticker but I don't want to remove it 😭😭😭
  2. I've sent scans of my games, you're lucky I made a scan of every game for my Colecovision Games Guide book and still have the files. I don't have Pitstop with Adam mention (maybe NYAD), nor Oil's Well blue box (I think colecomaster has this one), and I don't have seen ever the Tomarc double-ender.
  3. Aardvark ROM for Intellivision now available for sale at my eStore :) https://nanochess.org/store.html

  4. Aardvark ROM now available for sale at my eStore https://nanochess.org/store.html Thanks!
  5. Yes, you can POKE $01F0 to $01FF for standard sound, and POKE $00F0 to $00FF for extended sound. Caveat! You should divide to bytes your frequency values. Forgot where is the list of addresses of sound registers.
  6. Exactly what Rev wanted. And BTW has been a pleasure to work in this new release apparently a trilogy has been created Now we should do the sequel or the prequel? Edit: we should have done IntyBASIC Showcase 4, 5 and 6. Then 1 to 3, and 7 to 9. In the episode 3 a guy in black would scream "Nooooo!"
  7. I'm afraid to say that you now are an expert in the use of VARPTR. These are the only ways to use it. I'll have to look into the intvnut's suggestion for VARPTR minus VARPTR expression for DATA, as probably there is something wrong in compilation.
  8. Yes, leaving untouched the queen ants will cause to get a bonus level: a level with a blue aardvark, and a special music. I don't see a mention of what's your problem exactly with your SECAM Intellivision. Just curiosity, probably is just because the hardware is old. Thanks!
  9. ||||| (°O°) _H_ / . . \ | | V V °¥° | | | | A A
  10. Just tested and the developers of Handbrake decided that users shouldn't be able to upscale because that's silly... 3 years and counting. @intvnut any way you could make an option for jzintv to export 1920x1080 AVI files?
  11. My mistake! Re-recorded the video and updated the pot. BTW, I cannot find a way to import back the AVI to scale it. I'm working in Mac and VLC shows a black screen, while Quicktime and iMovie refuses to do anything. Probably using a PC... *shrugs*
  12. Not sure of how to enable 60hz, but I re-uploaded with ECS enabled for good sound. Thanks for telling me!
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