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  1. Frogger, Star Trek, Montezuma's Revenge, Roc'n'Rope, and Bump'n'Jump sold.
  2. Not a problem. I'm talking of the intybasic_prologue.asm and intybasic_epilogue.asm files that are the machine code support library for each IntyBASIC program. No modifications allowed here because that would be advantageous assembler code.
  3. No love for Slurpy, One on one Basketball and Up'n'Down? These are near mint! I'll try to put some closer pictures soon.
  4. Someone who wishes to gift me a working Apple IIc with some game disks? :) It is going to be my birthday soon. I would pay gladly the shipping via DHL.

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    2. carlsson


      Yeah, perhaps someone would send him a Raspberry Pi preinstalled with an Apple emulator?

    3. TwentySixHundred


      Im still waiting for that kind hearted individual that is willing to send me a modded NTSC 7800 to Australia. Still hasn't happened

    4. Kiwi


      I checked my stash, but didn't have an apple IIc.  I do have plenty of MacIntosh apples that's waiting to be eaten in the kitchen.  I don't know if they'll make it to you before they start to rot.

  5. Galaxian, James Bond 007, Gyruss, Centipede, Frogger II, Star Wars, Blockade Runner, Squish'em, and B.C's Quest for Tires now in hold sold.
  6. Added pictures of the games of the new list. Removed sold lots. Root Beer Tapper, Donkey Kong, Mr. Do's Castle, and Spy Hunter now on hold sold.
  7. Colecovision *RARE* games sale: 10% discount if you get THREE GAMES from my collection. Also I'll take the 5.5% commission of Paypal.


  8. OFFER! I'll take the Paypal commission (so no 5.5% extra) Also 10% DISCOUNT if you buy at least THREE GAMES. Adjusted shipping prices. EVERYTHING MUST GO!
  9. Now selling my Colecovision collection in pieces, 26 games already gone


  10. Broke lots to help a friend to complete his collection. Not available anymore: * Artillery Duel. * Choplifter. (not even listed!) * Dance Fantasy. * Linking Logic. * Memory Manor. * Oil's Well. * Sammy Lightfoot. * Sewer Sam. * Tomarc the Barbarian * Wizard of Id's Wizmath. * Word Feud. I'll relist remaining games. Or feel free to send PM with your requested list
  11. It's a great answer @DZ-Jay. Thanks. Just would like to point to @Mik's Arcade that the page 50 of Programming Games for Intellivision contains the table for controller values. My procedure to generate the table was to set a 32 bytes table, and index it by the controller values. Choosing 1 as up, 2 as right, 3 as down, and 4 as left. 0 for no movement. As you can see some values are repeated because no player presses exactly the disc when moving straight.
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