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  1. At last got mine! The tools are amazing. I've been willing to open some sealed cartridges. 😀👍🏻
  2. The IntyBASIC compiler isn't smart enough to discover that #backtab is a constant, so it loads it separately inside a register, instead of adding it directly.
  3. Could the hero be dressed as Santa? or maybe put some blue background to the white rocks?
  4. PRINT AT uses the same card number as #backtab. So these are equivalent: PRINT AT 25,$010f #backtab(25) = $010f PRINT AT is a convenience statement to simplify the writing of text to screen. Also allows to display easily numbers. It admits strings and keeps the current cursor position so you can do multiple PRINT statements without setting the position and color. It also allows you to "forget" the GRAM card format and GROM codes for letters/digits. If you are using PRINT AT to draw a few cards on screen, then it is faster to use #backtab, because PRINT keeps an extra cursor variable to keep the next position on screen.
  5. You can pause the music using this: PLAY NONE SOUND 0,,0 SOUND 1,,0 SOUND 2,,0 SOUND 4,,$38 And to re-enable it you only need to do this: PLAY SIMPLE (or the same PLAY mode you were using)
  6. Thanks for the reports! I've solved the bug and uploaded a new ROM file.
  7. I know you want to play a new game for your Colecovision ;) https://atariage.com/forums/topic/296630-z80rogue/



  8. Updated the game with messages for fighting and taking items. Edit: Updated again to make monsters to pursue you, blocking you and forcing to fight them.
  9. Hi all. Here is the source code for z80rogue. It has some nifty examples for doing games for both Colecovision/MSX https://github.com/nanochess/z80rogue Enjoy it!
  10. Hi all. Just a rainy Sunday mini-project. I've ported my bootRogue game to Z80, made first the MSX version and then it was pretty easy to do the Colecovision version. >> HOW TO PLAY << Move with the joystick to reveal the area where you are. Any action is done by touching the target. Any letter is a monster, the Aardvark monster is the most easiest of the game, while the Zombie master monster is the most difficult one. Touching them will cause a battle to start, press any key to keep advancing the battle and see how your HP goes down. The diamonds are traps that will suck your HP. The clover symbol is food. The square with a hole in the center is armor, getting more of these means the monsters will have a hard time hitting you. The up arrow is weapon, getting more of these means the monsters will receive harder hits. The asterisk like symbol is gold, but doesn't affect the gameplay nor is counted, but I wanted to have gold in the game Finally the Amulet of Yendor is represented by a Female sign, and it will appear only in level 26 or deeper. Once you get the amulet, the ladders will start taking you to upper levels. The game will stop once you lose all your HP or take the last ladder to surface. Enjoy it! roguecv.rom
  11. Hi all. Just finished coding bootRogue, this is a roguelike game in 510 bytes of x86 machine code. Small enough to run from a boot sector. You move with the arrow keys, if you move over a object, you take it, if you move over a monster, you battle it. There are weapons, armor, gold, food, traps and ladders. Once you find the Amulet of Yendor at level 26, you can go back and exit the dungeon. If you die, it will stop, if you win, it will stop. Download is available from https://github.com/nanochess/bootRogue Enjoy it!
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