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  1. We have received the equivalent of the entries shown in the forum. Two didn't made it, but I think Faded Quest by @Kiwi was a in-progress title for his more recent entry, and @carlsson wasn't able to continue working on his Crayfish Party game.
  2. We are waiting for official information from @intvsteve
  3. The IntyBASIC 2020 Programming Contest is now closed! Wait for the results in one month!

    1. Kiwi


      *waits patiently for 1 month*

    2. Nyuundere


      I want to make a long rest, dungeon master.

  4. And the contest is closed now!!! intvsteve will proceed to validate entries and post to judges in order to evaluate each one. We expect to have the results in one month from now! Thanks everyone!
  5. Two hours and forty minutes for closing the IntyBASIC 2020 Programming Contest. Have you sent your entry? https://atariage.com/forums/forum/343-intybasic-programming-contest-2020/

    1. Kiwi


      *seeing in my head, bunch of people furiously typing on keyboard, finishing their entries, with cans of Monsters scattered around their work space.*

    2. nanochess


      Haha I think I could have an idea of who is :)


    3. Kiwi


      YIPE!! *closed curtains and hides under the bed*.  Wait, I sent mine few days ago.

  6. I'll ask about this because other person is the one receiving all the entries.
  7. This is because my ahead thinking: FLASH ERASE erases eight rows, what if you want to write fast and write each row in sequence until filling the eight rows? Better to leave the choice for the tech-savvy programmer.
  8. DZ-Jay is right with the structure of the code. Furthermore I would do the variable saving code like this: DIM #row(96) FLASH INIT ' ... other code ... write_row: PROCEDURE #row(0)=levelnumber #row(1)=lemonnumber #row(2)=health FLASH ERASE FLASH.FIRST FLASH WRITE FLASH.FIRST,VARPTR #row(0) END read_row: PROCEDURE FLASH READ FLASH.FIRST,VARPTR #row(0) levelnumber = #row(0) lemonnumber = #row(1) health = #row(2) END
  9. Glad you could solve it. I typically tend to have more time the Sunday, but these weekends I'm passing more time with my daughter so I had time until today to read this thread!!!
  10. Your comment is non-sense, please stop. Every year I choose a game, typically my own, and release it for free just to return something to the community. You appear to think that everyone is tech-savvy enough to have an emulator or have a Flash cartridge, but in fact most people is happy of having a cartridge to play directly in their console. Following your logic, I shouldn't have even ported the game, as it is available the same in Spectrum, and everyone should run to download a Spectrum emulator and play the game. I've a thick skin, people like you have made programers depressed, and they simply quit the community without saying a word. A piece of advice: cease to do that, you hurt the community. In other news, I don't have received any response from the original programmers, so I don't foresee a cartridge release.
  11. Most of the games listed in this thread have some type of sound code.
  12. I've an MSX2 and the colors should look almost the same as MSX, so the purple color isn't right. I'll put up a picture once I load it on my Flash cartridge.
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