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  1. Received another Intellivision a few weeks ago, tested it and et voila! it works!!! also shows some of the shaky properties. Only need to test with a VCR. Wondering why it doesn't work with my Intellivision System 3 or if my EyeTV is "flaky".
  2. Here is my Elgato Eye-TV Hybrid, the quality is bad, too shaky for my purposes. Used a TI-99/4A here. Also I need an extra mini-TV because you cannot play directly from the computer, too much lag. I hope passing it thru VCR makes it less "shaky".
  3. Got these from the Digital Press Sound Archives: http://www.digitpress.com/dpsoundz/soundfx.htm My favorite one would be the Berzerk shoot sound: 26BEZERK2.WAV Another options would be Presure Cooker: 26PCOOKER2.WAV and Ms Pacman 26MS_PAC2.WAV
  4. All my books with free shipping using the ONESHIP coupon code http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/nanochess

  5. So far I'm liking the Dimension theme. :)

    1. nanochess


      The only missing thing is the Atariage logo at top left.

    2. Albert


      Yes, that's on my list to fix!  Maybe I'll get that done this weekend.  I should be able to steal it from the Dimension theme on the old forum.

    3. Flojomojo


      Only the default AtariAge feels right to me, especially on mobile, where the smaller fonts on the other themes can ruin the experience. 

  6. Cool! I didn't knew Michael was into Intellivision so earlier. 😃 Kudos to Rev for doing the interview. 👍
  7. Twitter has fallen down, but I have Atariage to survive 😁

    1. jaybird3rd


      Ah, I was wondering why so many people suddenly looked up from their phones.

    2. cybercylon


      Can't it stay that way along with Faceplant and Instacrap?

    3. jaybird3rd


      ^ We should be so lucky.

  8. My latest haul working towards 125 games. Loose or CIB. 😁
  9. Lulu.com also doesn't charge for the ISBN.
  10. Ready for my upcoming book on 8088 programming? 😁

    1. jaybird3rd


      Sounds good!  What is your target audience / application area?

    2. nanochess


      Boot sector games :) but applicable to other areas, including embedded programming, and understanding old games.

    3. DragonGrafx-16


      Waiting for the book on 8008 programming...

  11. I got a El Gato Eyetv-Hybrid for Mac but couldn't synchro via RF, the Intellivision screen appears in gray for a brief moment and then all synchro is lost. I thought all was lost, but saw the tip in the first post for passing it thru a VCR and using the composite output. I can do an attempt
  12. Hi. After Space Invaders I needed to do another boot sector game Source code at my Git: https://github.com/nanochess/Pillman Enjoy it!
  13. I've had same problem with the Quote block, also I cannot "break" it for answering questions intermixing the quote block. Don't know how to put text around, so at times I would like to have available the low-level editor.
  14. I think I've bought all what could have been bought in stores and flea's markets. Now the Intellivision goodies are found in Atariage. 😀
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