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  1. You need to locate five crosses, some are visible, and some only appear after shooting key spots. Use the pause to see how many crosses you have.
  2. Hi all. It's my absolute pleasure to announce that Princess Quest for Intellivision is now available freely as a ROM file. 😀✌️ Also it's a great opportunity to say to everyone that I appreciate your support through the years, and thanks for everytime you buy a physical copy of any of my games, and I hope to keep writing many games more for Intellivision. 🙏 Enjoy it! princess_quest_intellivision_2014.zip
  3. nanochess


    Already speak about it. I've offered my chess engine as a start point. Andrew wants to follow his own route and already has something working.
  4. As I'm doing a multiplatform release, I find hard to do specific platform optimization. No idea. Never tested with that distribution. Maybe later.
  5. Yes, I find very funny that my games cause chips shortage, and also find very funny when people writes my username as NACHO-ness.
  6. There are four video modes. A must is the original VDP manual http://map.grauw.nl/resources/video/ti-vdp-programmers-guide.pdf
  7. Pretty happy of Aardvark getting the Atari 2019 Award to Best Graphics, and being runner up to Best Game award, won by Galagon. Congrats Champ Games!

    1. sramirez2008


      Aardvark is a visual treat. I like watching it, almost as much as playing it. Congratulations to the team on your win. It was nice to see its progression from WIP at 2017 PRGE to CIB game in 2019.👍 

  8. I think only changed the pattern of memory initialization, and the small ROM aren't repeated to fill 32K. But I'll give a look.
  9. nanochess


    Never tested advanced move generation techniques with old 8-bit processors, but there are Chessmaster for Z80 CPU and Novag Super Constellation for 6502 going around the 2000 ELO points mark (more than enough to defeat the typical coffee-shop player like me ) But I know the optimization techniques, so some suggestions: * hash-table, allows to avoid re-searching trees that come to the same position. Not feasible without less than 16K of dedicated RAM. * null-move, doesn't play and "sees" what the enemy can do, so it can prune trees. * try all captures first, reduces greatly the size of tree. * quietness analysis, if it is in check it keeps analyzing a further ply. This avoids pushing checkmate out of search horizon. * follow recaptures, this avoids pushing captures out of search horizon.
  10. I was going to complain I couldn't vote, but already had put my vote and I forgot
  11. The James Bond ROM isn't Z80 code. It is 6502 code, maybe for Atari 5200, it uses $D40A for WSYNC. The cartridge apparently is loaded at $6000-$9fff, but I wasn't able to run it on an Atari 5200 emulator for Mac OS X. Edit: Also the bankswitch ROMs are 6502 code.
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