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  1. Hello Nanochess


    I hope you are well.
    I have a little problem with the compilation of the game following the insertion of music in the code.

      DATA 6
    REM Dummy silence for jzintv init
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
      MUSIC -,-,-
    REM Proper music data
      MUSIC F2  , -   , F3  
      MUSIC S   , -   , A3  
      MUSIC S   , -   , C4  
      MUSIC S   , -   , F4  
      MUSIC S   , -   , C4 


    The error is as follows:

    Error: Use of 8-bits variables exceeds available space (222 vs 199)
    10 used 16-bit variables of 27 available
    Compilation finished
    IntyBASIC compilation failed.
    Program build aborted.

    I have the impression that the music 'player' automatically declares variables to be able to play it.

    If so, can you integrate music differently, with a DATA list of note frequencies, for example?


    Thank you very much.




    1. nanochess


      Hi. I certainly would prefer a message in my inbox instead of a status message.


      The music player uses variables to keep the state of the music player, so you need to optimize your program to use less 8-bit variables.


      Or as you say, implement your own music player using a DATA table and handling directly the sound chip.





    2. ppj34


      Oh, sorry.


      Thank you very much for your answer.

      I will try to integrate this music later because it is quite long to optimize my program. The ones I have done so far are not enough.


      All the best for you 😀

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