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  1. Maybe this can help: When a MOB is using the 16-pixel height flag, the lower bit of the card number should be taken as zero by the STIC.
  2. Currently there is no way to do a signed division or remainder. The only way is to check if the operator is negative, and negate the value before and after applying the operation.
  3. I was going from 6502 to Intellivision. So probably tried BNE from memory. Glad it work on the first try 😅
  4. The left scrolling is wrong. It should be: if dir = 1 then 'walk left IF offset_x + SPEED >= 8 THEN offset_d = 1:offset_x = -1 + SPEED ELSE offset_x = offset_x + SPEED END IF SCROLL offset_x, offset_y, offset_d Landscape.bas only shows the scrolling to right. An example of the four scrolling directions is available in scroll.bas.
  5. I wouldn't have any problem if you want to run the contest. Time frames and rules are very well established. If I remember right you ran the penultimate contest. At this very moment I'm pretty unable to do advanced planning, but in February I hope to get more free time.
  6. Not yet. Too busy with Real Life(tm)
  7. In fact I don't have yet modified anything on controller support. I solved the bugs in CPU, video, and sound that prevented some games to work, scrolling tear, or collision bugs. This corrected important bugs in Astrosmash, Frog Bog, AD&D, Tower of Doom, Stadium Mud Buggies, and several others.
  8. This is so sad. Nukey Shay posted so many helpful things about programming the Atari 2600, I learned so much from his posts. A great loss. Rest in peace.
  9. Just confirmed that indeed it has problems with the title screens and some minor nuisances inside the game. Thank you. In fact you could help me testing the base 125 games in order to rule out bugs. Or if there are bugs, to correct them. I think the main problem with FreeIntv is that it was launched too soon and with many bugs. I still need to study the controller logic of Libretro before thinking in anything. I'm pretty proud of how I managed to correct the bugs that prevented Advanced Dungeon & Dragons from playing correctly. In fact never had played before the game for so long and now I can understand why many people has a fond spot for it. The game is simply amazing.
  10. Pressing Ctrl+F4 should generate a TXT file with a memory dump and VDP register dump. The debug file should be placed at your home directory.
  11. Glad you mention it because I bought a ROM some years ago, I should search for it, and I can test.
  12. I didn't knew nothing about FreeIntv until recently, and to my astonishment it had several important bugs that made Intellivision games unplayable. Had to revise it carefully, do my own research, and correct it. So finally all the games are playable. Also added save-states support and rewind support. It feels good to have another Intellivision emulator working. It surprised me how Retroarch has very nice CRT filters. Regarding to the core emulator, FreeIntv is as capable as jzintv, except for the keypad differences that could be cumbersome specially in games like Utopia. I didn't knew about Netplay, but I could give a look. No promises. Time is scarce these days. I can understand no one steps forward in 3-4 years, it is a labor with little reward, and too much complaints from users XD. Edit: Just noticed that Netplay should work out of the box with FreeIntv because I've implemented Rewind support, but currently I don't have the time to test that this is true.
  13. Carlsson is right. As you aren't using pixel-by-pixel scrolling, but scrolling per card, you can use the SCREEN statement to copy (and scroll) only half of the screen.
  14. That would be correct if you are using bank switching in exactly the same addresses. Still you would have the problem at the boot up segment on $5000-$6fff. You would have to patch it to jump to your menu, or also make it bank switchable. I don't remember if LTO-Flash supports bank switching in all pages.
  15. I don't see this including a relocation of addresses of the original game. So it would break. I mean, the CFG file only changes the target address when loading the binary pages of ROM, but the code still will refer to the old addresses.
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