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  1. Very hard to find. My previous find was in January, and now it is June, almost 6 months.
  2. Another 3 games for the Mexican collection: Diversión en Palabras (Word Fun), Combate Astral (Astrosmash), and Poker & Blackjack.
  3. No problem on using my libretro core for non-commercial use if it already works. Currently I don't have enough time to work on another port.
  4. I think you should post this in the Colecovision forum instead of the Intellivision forum.
  5. Maybe I'm getting old for my reaction times, but feels somewhat unfair to run so fast into a monster and lose half your energy bar. My suggestion would be to reduce your movement speed by two, and also the monster movement speed. Also not immediately clear what things can damage you, I ran into something that look like ordered chairs, but it damaged me. As a suggestion, you could use a color scheme to make easy to identify dangers, like painting all dangers in red.
  6. Sorry, no way. This year income doesn't have enough extras to travel.
  7. You didn't read the CoolCV manual. In Windows there is a small folder-like icon in your bottom bar, just click it and I'll show your recent files. From there just Drag&Drop your ROM file onto the CoolCV icon or CoolCV window (press the mouse button over the ROM file name, keep it pressed and displace your mouse until reaching the CoolCV icon or window).
  8. If you don't use music routines, this RAM is safe. If you are using PSGLib, the you need to change the PSGDataPort to $ff (This is the port where the PSG is decoded on the Colecovision)
  9. Mom! They are talking of me at 02:48:00 because of Pumpkin Mischief! Wait a moment! My mom doesn't even have an Atariage account. Anyway cool! Edit: Again at 02:55:00 for Unlucky Pony's Adventures!
  10. My chicken spy... errr, my spies, at Rev headquarters tell me Rev is making a new super-special supply soon to be available. Apparently even just a glimpse of that supply will make you jump 1mt high This is a very realistic projection of Rev's Virtual Labs of the behavior of the Intellivision community when they see the latest super-special supply (the games are at the top of the wall):
  11. Yes, with some double key combinations. But typically if you use all the keys, 1+9 is like getting an extra key. Besides, Mattel games started using it as pause, so it is like a standard.
  12. I mean these replicate valid codes of movement, and/or button usage.
  13. I prefer to avoid using PEEK, as IntyBASIC provides enough idiom to do it: c = CONT IF c = $a5 THEN GOSUB global_pause While the procedure global_pause is like this: ' ' A procedure to be called when pressing 1+9 is detected ' global_pause: PROCEDURE IF debounce THEN debounce = debounce - 1 RETURN END IF c = sound_effect sound_effect = 0 PLAY NONE SOUND 0,,0 SOUND 1,,0 SOUND 4,,$38 debounce = 50 DO WAIT IF cont.button THEN IF debounce < 10 THEN debounce = 10 debounce = debounce - 1 LOOP WHILE debounce > 0 DO WAIT LOOP WHILE cont <> $A5 debounce = 25 PLAY SIMPLE NO DRUMS sound_effect = c c = 0 END The debounce variable makes sure there is no reentry after exiting the pause mode (pressing again 1+9) If you are using sound effects in the style shown in my books, sound_effect = 0 stops the current playing sound effect. Notice how the sound effect is restored just before exiting the procedure. If you are using music make sure to replace PLAY SIMPLE NO DRUMS with the mode you are using, or simply remove both PLAY statements if you don't use music. The statements PLAY NONE and the following SOUND statements are required in order to turn off any upstanding note playing. This code comes from my game Frankenstein's Monster. It processes the controller code using c = CONT, that's the cause of the final c = 0 in order to avoid moving player after exiting the pause mode. BTW, a good way to know the code you need for some combination of keys is using this inside a loop: PRINT AT 0 COLOR 7,<>CONT Notice that most key combinations "crash" with real usage of disc and buttons.
  14. I don't have an idea how to do it, but I'll research into it.
  15. Of course! You cannot READ directly to the arrays but through a variable, and there's no MID$ like in Microsoft BASIC. I find extremely curious the fact you need to DIM the B$ string. Well, you have solved a 35 years long doubt on my mind 👍🏻 My friend didn't had at hand the reference manual of Atari BASIC, so I never could get to work READ/DATA that day. Even less the string access. Supposing the PRINT CHR$(125) is CLS
  16. I should write a book "Modern way of becoming rich" One chapter should be "Melt your consoles!"
  17. Hi all. Just wanted to share a memory. In 1987, I was age 8 and went to my friend's house, and we were looking for something to play, so I suggested chess, but he didn't had his chessboard. But he had an Atari 800, so I started coding a BASIC chess program for two players. Well, saying it was a chess program is a little of over-stretch, as basically it only received starting and ending coordinates of movements without any validation. When finished we played two games there. And he went out of the room, and I typed NEW to enter a new program. He came back with a notebook to take note of the program, and when he saw the program wasn't there anymore, he throw a tantrum! Anyway, just a few weeks ago I recoded the program from memory (probably the constants and variable names aren't the same), and sent a copy to him (thirty years later!), and he is happy of having it. 😊 P.S: Forgot to add a REM saying who did it, but anyway you saw it here first P.S.2: The piece names are in Spanish, easy to change. Sorry!
  18. Thanks! The latest Windows version is v0.6.9 and available in the first post. Maybe it is the way it accepts codes? I cannot be sure without reading the manual. Maybe you found a bug.
  19. The keyboard numbers are configured by default for controller 1, maybe your game is expecting these in controller 2. I configured the controller 1 numbers for 0-9 to same numbers, and O for asterisk, and P for number/hash. I configured the controller 2 numbers for 1-9 to "RTY-FGH-VBN", also J for asterisk, K for zero, and L for number/hash. There is a brief chance that you keyboard generate other scancodes, so you can press F7 and then your key in order to see the code that you can add to coolcv_mapping.txt in your Documents folder.
  20. The CoolCV Retroarch core for Pi4 (works with Retropie) can be downloaded at the first post. No ADAM support.
  21. It cannot happen in the same program. Two separare programs should be compiled.
  22. To use the JLP multiplication/division just turn on the --jlp compilation switch. IntyBASIC will use it in most cases, except constant multiplications that are shorter than loading the JLP registers. Anyway, JLP does the multiplication >immediately< a typical 100x speedup.
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