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  1. The Atari8bitBot on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Atari8bitBot) supports Logo, if you can fit it in ~280 characters!
  2. Oh wow, yeah, I hadn't thought of the Touch Tablet. That's a cool idea! I'm also now having a brainstorm for a USB or Bluetooth-based "controller" device for the Atari, where you could, on your modern tablet (Android, or iPhone/iPad), emulate a bunch of different controllers, including... joystick paddle mouse / Trak-ball Touch Tablet / Koala Pad keyboard controller Driving Controller I'm guessing the paddle-based ones may be more difficult (analog POT input, vs. digital for the rest), but again, I'm not experienced with this stuff.
  3. I had an idea like this for racing games. A controller that could, somehow, be switched into different modes for Pole Position (up/down for gear shift), Enduro (fire for gas), etc. 🙂
  4. So a long while ago I had a bright idea on a "captain's chair" 'controller' for playing Star Raiders on the 8-bit / 5200. My thought is a joystick on one arm of the chair (e.g. on the right, for right-handed folks), with a thumb trigger on top, or index finger trigger on the front, so it can be controlled entirely with one hand. On the other side, there'd be a keypad controller (like used by the 2600 version of the game), offering the various toggle controls: front view (F) aft view (A) long range view (L) galactic map (G) attack computer (C) targeting computer (T) target selector (M) shields (S) hyperwarp (H) pause (P) That's 10 keys, so totally doable with a 12-button keyboard controller, connected to the second controller port. Finally, on that same side (e.g., left, for right-handed users) would be an analog throttle, like you see in a boat. Fully forward (towards the TV) would be "twin-ion engine" at full-speed (9), and fully back (toward the player) would be full-stop (0). This would be connected to the paddle input of controller port 1, alongside the main digital joystick input (if I'm reading things right, it looks like the POT stuff is used by keyboard controllers). Obviously, a hacked version of Star Raiders would be required for this to work (read paddle for engine control, read keyboard controller for other keyboard control). It'd be a pretty cool set-up, though, don't you think? Sadly, I don't have the skill to do either the hardware, or the ROM hacking. 😛
  5. I tried calling him randomly the other day to check in. He never called back, the BUM
  6. Not sure how you're managing the tiles (I'm still waiting for your ATR to finish loading in Atari800, in turbo mode! )... but don't forget you can create larger tiles without necessarily chopping down how many different tiles are available. Say you're using a 40x24 text mode, and want 2x2 tiles to get higher resolution shapes appearing in a 20x12 tile grid. Normally, you'd end up using up to (usually) 4 characters per shape, meaning you've got 128/4 = 32 possible shapes. But using DLIs, you can swap between two different character sets (fonts) every other line, meaning you can get 64 different shapes. That requires another 1KB of character set data, but you can also use Load Memory Scan so that every other line shown on the screen is simply a repeat of the one before. Here's a thing I did two years ago as a little test static test. This is GRAPHICS 12 mode, but with 64 2x2 tiles that fit in a 20x12 (really 40x12... but not 40x24!) grid. Anyway, it's late, my brain is turning off and I need to get to bed. Hopefully this makes some sense.
  7. It always annoyed me that it was physically possible to to type merely 99.6% of the characters using control/inverse/escape sequences. I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to type it (e.g., with an escape sequence like [Esc][Return]). Has anyone tried patching the OS's E: handler to let us do it? >;-)
  8. I so rarely see the XMM801, which I had and used the heck out of (and finally learned binary, and could then make my own character sets on screen, thanks to the manual), back when i was a kid. Nostalgia kick
  9. This exactly the magic trick some of us used to create complicated BASIC 10-Liner contest entries. They ended up create an "EXTREM" category for such limit-busting submissions.
  10. Ooh ooh! Am I too late? If not: Bill Kendrick billkendrick Olympia, WA
  11. PS to get it to work on my The Ultimate SD Cart, I had to use the little "RomToCar" (html+JavaScript (!)) tool to convert the "atxbasic.bin" to a suitable "CAR" file. (Slightly different header, I guess?) Also, these PMG commands aren't in the online help, and also not noted under the list of non-Atari BASIC-compatible commands in the PDF docs. Oh, and listing the version # in the online help would be groovy.
  12. Discovering the Player/Missile Graphics commands, which are exciting. (Had never used BASIC XL before, but knew of it, thanks to Compute! books I had as a kid.) I'm realizing that PMG stuff gets turned off when the program ends (last line executed, or END issued). Makes it a bit hard to toy with things in immediate mode. Noticed that, e.g., "PMMOVE 0,100" results in an unexpected "Error- 30 ?Label at line NNN". So I guess "STOP" it is...
  13. Does AEB support bare "NEXT"s (no avar), like I recall TBXL supporting? (The docs don't show the avar being optional)
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