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  1. Ooh ooh! Am I too late? If not: Bill Kendrick billkendrick Olympia, WA
  2. PS to get it to work on my The Ultimate SD Cart, I had to use the little "RomToCar" (html+JavaScript (!)) tool to convert the "atxbasic.bin" to a suitable "CAR" file. (Slightly different header, I guess?) Also, these PMG commands aren't in the online help, and also not noted under the list of non-Atari BASIC-compatible commands in the PDF docs. Oh, and listing the version # in the online help would be groovy.
  3. Discovering the Player/Missile Graphics commands, which are exciting. (Had never used BASIC XL before, but knew of it, thanks to Compute! books I had as a kid.) I'm realizing that PMG stuff gets turned off when the program ends (last line executed, or END issued). Makes it a bit hard to toy with things in immediate mode. Noticed that, e.g., "PMMOVE 0,100" results in an unexpected "Error- 30 ?Label at line NNN". So I guess "STOP" it is...
  4. Does AEB support bare "NEXT"s (no avar), like I recall TBXL supporting? (The docs don't show the avar being optional)
  5. I'm going through the doc PDF and it's excellent! (I've been wanting to try and go through and make a nice English doc for TurboBASIC XL; seems I don't need to!) I love that you've called out which keywords are from BASICs beyond Atari BASIC (e.g., "(AEB, TBLX)") I'd like to suggest you do that for some of the other concepts covered, e.g. hexadecimal aexp's, %0...%3, etc. Thanks for your consideration, and amazing work. I look forward to playing with it! (I'll try it on my Ultimate SD Cart tonight, if I have time.)
  6. H/t to Steve Boswell for sharing this thread on Twitter today. I somehow missed this, and it's right up my alley! Looking forward to toying with it, and perhaps using for my next set of BASIC 10-Liners
  7. A few random thoughts, after seeing a video Willie! (Arcade USA) posted the other day, and trying it via my Harmony cart just now... (and now my 7 year old is at it) As usual, this is an incredible piece of work! Well done, all of you! I'm super jealous that there's still not a good Galaga-style game for the Atari 8-bit computers When I first got a 7800, back in the mid-1990s, I had very few 7800 games for it, and Atari's 1984 Galaga was one of them. I was so disappointed with it, I ended up selling the 7800 to a friend. (I was gifted another one ~15 years later, and it's now my 2600 game workhorse ) -- Suffice it to say, your 2600 version is way better. Perhaps we'll one day see a "proper" Prosystem version!? My one niggle is that when I have dual-shot, I'm used to being able to hit two baddies next to each other, in their formation. (Based on my recollection of the arcade game, the (IMO) very good Nintendo NES port, and the PlayStation (original) version.) I wonder if the dual-shot bullets could be spread out a little, to account for the wider formation? I played Galaga a lot as a kid, in my local Safeway grocery store. Years later, I'd go to a local "laser tag" place, and play the arcade games they had there. (Don't think I ever did do the laser tag. ) I frequented that place with a couple friends of mine to play Tekken 2 (before it came out for PlayStation). (Marianne was expert at reversals with Michelle Chang; Thea always stuck to Anna Williams; I focused my button-mashing on Marshall Law.) Anyway, I discovered that days where I totally sucked at Tekken, I was awesome at Galaga. And vice-versa. There must be totally different parts of my brain dedicated to fighters vs. shooters. So... any thoughts on a Tekken port to the 2600?
  8. I've peeked at the YouTube video so far. It looks great! I definitely appreciate the use of double- and quad-width PMG sprites that I'm seeing!
  9. Michael asked me what firmware I have on my Ultimate Cart. I assume "the latest", since MacRorie just built it, and when I noticed the JTAG port on the back, he said "I can flash it when a new version comes out, if you want" (I'm fortunate to live about 15-20min away, though ) However, the menu program that comes up when I boot with the cart installed doesn't actually say! Is there a way to tell? Further, I noticed in Flashjazzcat's review of the Ultimate SD (sounds like he rewrote the menu program for Electrotrains) that you can drop a "_boot.rom" on your SD card, and the Ultimate Cart will boot the Atari into that, instead of the menu program built into the firmware. That's cool! Though my initial thought was "save a game as that file!", but that didn't work. Reading further, I guess I'm not surprised, since the firmware running on the FPGA maps some data into the ROM that the Atari uses (list of files on the SD card, etc.) Probably not something Pac-Man would appreciate, for example Are there any alternate menu ROMs out there to play with, or a way to sign up as a beta tester? (Sounds like simply dropping a file on the SD card to test, and deleting when you're done, is all that's needed, so seems safe enough.) So long story short: (1) is there a way to tell what firmware's running on the Ultimate Cart (I suppose, does the firmware make it visible to the menu program?), and (2) can I play with other menu ROMs?
  10. So how does one do this to the Summer Games (XE cart) ROM dump? My Ultimate Cart's reporting a similar error. I did a hexdump of the Mario Bros ROMs in this thread (non-working, vs the one you fixed up), and saw _one byte_ difference. I attempted to hack the same change in the SG dump, but to no avail. I have no idea what I'm doing, though. Is there a description of cart ROM headers out there that I could work off of? Or clues you give me? Thanks!!!
  11. Cool! Well, if you're interested in bringing any game or computer systems, you're welcome to do that. Otherwise, we're always happy to get help unloading & setting up in the morning, and breaking things down and loading back up in the evening. I'll need someone to make sure everyone who drops in gets raffle tickets for the prize give-away (and I doubt one person will want to do that the entire time, so would be nice to have a few people who can share that duty). People who can relieve exhibitors when they need to hit the restroom, grab some food, or just get up & stretch & check out everyone else's set-ups, would be welcome, as well! (aka, make sure nothing gets stolen, broken, misplaced, etc.) Email me ([email protected]), and check out all the info on the website, if you haven't already http://newbreedsoftware.com/atariparty/2016/ Thanks!
  12. By the way, here's what's coming, so far, thanks to 10 (and counting!?) volunteers: Atari 2600 (x4) Atari 5200 (1-2) Atari 7800 (x2) Atari Lynx (x4) Atari Jaguar (x3) Atari 8-bit (x5) Atari ST (x2) Atari Portfolio Atari Video Music Nintendo NES (w/ Atari & Tengen games) Nintendo Gameboy Advance (x2) (w/ Atari games) Sega Genesis (w/ Tengen games) Sony PlayStation (w/ Atari games) Sony PlayStation 2 (w/ Atari games) Modern Windows PC (w/ the latest Gauntlet) Centipede arcade cabinet ...and probably a bunch more, not yet confirmed Also, we'll be having a free prize give-away where we'll be handing out: a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (thanks Rob McMullen of Player/Missile Podcast) an Original Nintendo Wii game system & games, gently used (thanks to my brother) Edladdin Super 78 arcade controller (thanks to Ed Kelly) Copies of Terrible Nerd by Kevin Savetz (thanks to Kevin & ANTIC podcast) USB sticks full of ANTIC podcast interviews (ditto) Game Art book (thanks to No Starch Press) Python for Kids book (ditto) Arduino Project Handbook book (ditto) Learn to Program with Minecraft book (ditto) The Manga Guide to the Universe book (ditto) Blaster game cartridge for Atari 8-bits (thanks to Paul Westphal of Eight Bit Fix) MacRorie's R-Time 8 Replacement cartridge for Atari 8-bits (thanks to Marlin "MacRorie" Bates, who'll also be exhibiting) Also, Bob "bob1200xl" Woolley and Nir Dary, and maybe also Rob McMullen, will be dropping by! Lx Rudis (Atari Lynx sound & music programmer), Dan "Trak-Ball man" Kramer (maybe?), and other Atari folks are likely to show up, too! It'll be a blast!
  13. Great, thanks John! I've added you to the volunteer page. Drop me an email ([email protected]) and we can chat more. And yeah, bring the Video Music if you can; we had one a few years ago, but they don't commonly pop up at my event.
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