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  1. skosh


    Interested in the MegaSG just sent a PM.
  2. I am pretty sure if you post what you have done or explained what you are trying to do that someone would help you towards success.
  3. Some other options to consider. Altirra also emulates the 5200 very well. The 5200 is just a modified 400/800. I would be surprised if kat5200 was better. For Gameboy(Color) there is KiGB which is cycle accurate and something I do not think Visualboy Advance ever tried. Also for GBA I would imagine that No$GBA also would be better than Visualboy advance as it was sold as a dev tool with debugging feature which now is free. Higan is a great choice for SNES and also the other systems it supports as it is another emu focusing on cycle accurate emulation which delivers an experience closer to the real thing than those that aren't cycle accurate.
  4. Please add me to the list SainT.
  5. ROMS do not change... roms are roms and just dumps of chips from cartridges or from arcade boards and any system that has chips. The problem in emulation is that most folks refer to anything you load into an emulator is a rom.... it isn't. Tapes, disk images, hard drive images, cd/dvd all are not roms even though the masses refer to them as such. higan would be a better option for SNES and it also emulates other systems. I also agree with Keetah that space for emus is not an issue as it's a small part of the space needed for emulation especially for modern systems. ccs64 is a nice C64 emu and Vice is as well and covers many Commodore systems. Since you say sources where you get stuff are/can be shady why don't you just download emulators from their homepage?
  6. 1: For the ST and that time period you should be fine with Pacifist and I recall Winston was also an option. For 8-bit comps there was Atari800 which was created in 95 and you should be able to track a version of it compatible with 98 with some searching. 2: Should not be surprised by that at all as it was emulated quite well early on and is a simple system. Which emulator are you using? 3: Go grab a copy of CCS64 from their page that is V1 or V2 not sure if V3 would work on your setup. 4: UAE 5: 6: Try O2em? 7: V7800 would be an option. The emus I've suggested were the best for the time however that does not mean that newer versions would not work however may run slower than you'd like. Aside from some ST/ most Amiga stuff you should have an emulation experience for the other systems that is decent. Emulation during this time was still in its infancy and people would go nuts over low frame rates just to see something emulated as it was all new to the masses. Go to Zophars page for emus as he has a decent selection of the old stuff( not complete by any means) and you can find emus from the Win 98 time frame.
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