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  2. its looks like its sending a 1.8mhz clock into Xtal1 or 2 of the mfp can't tell from picture. not a 32mhz booster. be nice to know what the gal logic is! Maybe a serial port upgrade for faster baud rates
  3. I have done so, If the forum was in bold text and a larger font, it would make it easier to find the content were looking for Rob
  4. I get what your saying. I found that the content spy was convenient because it was "TOPIC", "FORUM", "POSTER" in line item format. Now the topic is in Bold text and the forum is in a small font buried under the topic. I mainly used AtariAge for A8 content anyways, which I can still do. There are other forums that have line item listings that I find more usable. I know I'm nit picking on one item and the truth is I like the new structure and content. Especially the clubs. Some of us resist change
  5. Sorry Al. I do respect what you do. The list method of the content spy made looking for new content extremely easy. Way to complicated now and an investment of time I don't have. There has to be a way of incorporating the old content spy into the new forum for dummies like me who like simplicity.
  6. Sorry but no content spy. What a mess. Now we have to fish through a bunch of junk to find the stuff were interested in. Am I missing something here? I liked the old activity content spy!!
  7. Isn't the TBA doing them, don't know there location And yes they are really cool https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld
  8. Cool I didn't have 2 of those disks. thanks
  9. MyAtari on Ebay, B&C computervision is his regular website, has official Atari 1050 diagnostic disk. look him up on Ebay or call him directly. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1050-Diagnostic-Disk-CPS-800-XL-XE-1050-Atari-NEW/130888382779?hash=item1e798e393b:g:QxYAAOxyXWdQ4zp8 Or I could send you a real disk
  10. Ahhh Logic. Hey Jonathan Whats news? Haven't fixed my Rapidus Yet and still no Side 2 to test the U1m software you sent me, But that is changing, beings I went back to work after a 8 month lay-off. Original OP, the 1050 diag disk that Mclaneinc posted, if you can burn it to a real disk, is the best bet to get RPM. It is actually measures in ms for one complete revolution of a physical disk. It will also help you set your track zero sensor among other test. If you cant get it onto a real disk then Nukey Shay's basic listing will do the same thing.
  11. How did you set the track zero sensor? what is the drive rpm? did you clean the drive heads? 173 is bad disk or cannot format
  12. Made one for less than 20 with case and all. Very easy to slap together.
  13. Bottom is specific to the Falcon, the top is the same as a Ste
  14. Interesting, I'll try it out
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