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  1. That's the way is supposed to look. I believe Lace scan will give you more image area, but its a hardware mod.
  2. Can you swap out the keyboard also can you scope the 5v and 12v to see if it is a clean source
  3. As stated above on a STF its the Yamaha 2149 (U19) pins 19 and 20 https://rdemming.home.xs4all.nl/Atari/DriveSwapAtariST/
  4. Talked to whaky yank before, definitely a loon
  5. 130xe more ram and svideo
  6. Can you get these on Wish?
  7. Bad file, I have had very few atr's not work. But have had plenty of atx files not work. Try to find it in a atr.
  8. Stefan Both left a file link early in this thread: http://www.datentraegerkonvertierung.de/gast/Atari_WiFi_w_Oled.zip The link is dead and Stefan has not been on the forum since July of last year. Does anyone here have the file that was associated with this link (Atari_WiFi_w_Oled.zip) Would be appreciated Rob
  9. Original Covox Voice Master 99.99 + Shipping Works perfect and includes headphone and mic combo plus floppy of software that works with this version
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