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  1. wow! Great concept and thats a fun game
  2. piter

    Rikki & Vikki

    I missed too, didn't buy this great game. Me and 3 of my friends.
  3. piter

    Rikki & Vikki

    wooow! I dont have any PC (except Atari PC4) but I have 7800!!! Time for video mod!
  4. hello, Well finally I am happy to announce our another and new invitation for JagNES Fest 2019. This is result of our 2nd attempt in Jaguar programming and took the first, the last and the only place in the Silly Venture 2018 Atari Jaguar Demo Competition. Invitation in the same time was shown in Gdańsk (SillyVenture) and Kleinenbroich (eJagFest 2018)! https://demozoo.org/productions/195353/ Hope you like it! jn3inv.rom
  5. swapd0: if you need some help, with tests on real hardwere, let me know !
  6. we need a little time for finish our JagNES Fest level 3 invitro ! This is on Jaguar platform only ! that is, the only right one! ;D I send party version ROM to eJagFEST party in Germany ! you could see her there, but final version will be soon and another invitation for JNF level 3 is MotionRide video - ranked 1st place on Wild compo!!!! be patience pls and 2 games - I am contacting the author if I can make it public, party version there was a problem with the noise. but the games are really great!!!
  7. I loved Loopz on the ST, I will love on Jag! Great news!
  8. this is Polish Paper Magazine the next issue s planned for next 2 weeks. The first was released in 2000. but... we have a plan to translate the latest number into English I will write here on the forum as I will be here, if this issue will be translated and printed, maybe there will be somebody interested in such a strange thing like this in this digital/web world
  9. super fast delivery to PL !! thank you James! Looking great with my Falcon (my Jaguar has a vacation now but I connect both tomorrow a propos, have we have a games for STe / Falcon compatible with this rotary controller ? ps. review in the new issue of Atari Fan #6
  10. Congrats swapd0!! I wanted to try SCR this weekend!
  11. haha, thank you I classifies them as a PREVIEW - I will print the magazine in end of April, maybe the version you are writing about will be available yet? but this is very good mini game ...
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