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  1. Hope you guys like my latest videos. Let me know what you all think. Hope everyone is having a great week!
  2. I've had this for years since I last worked retail. Just a cool bit of swag that I finally got around to scanning into a pdf. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This is from SEGA's 32X/Saturn era with some retailer newsletters at the end that I though was kind of a cool snapshot of where SEGA was at in the early 90's. Though I'd share and see if it sparked any cool conversations. Hope everyone is well! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ccF8eErMnpPV555pYBE23o1FBfI8g1tX/view?usp=sharing
  3. Here is my list of awesome games that are cheap to start a collection. Other than that, some kind of upscaler solution for modern tvs like a RetroTINK or maybe Hyperkins HDMI adapter. Congrats on the find and SEGA!
  4. Thank you! I'm working on Trouble Shooter and Fatal Labyrinth right now. My play through of Fatal Labyrinth clocked in over 11gb so it'll be uploaded while the family is at work! I was capping video of Pat Riley Basketball tonight and thought my RetroTINK was crapping out on me. Turned out my tv just sucks and flips out when the game goes to the quick time events it loses signal for a second. [SWEAR WORDS!!!!] I want to go through Revenge of Shinobi again, but I'm not looking forward to that damn jump on the dock level. No joke, I'll have 8 lives on that spot and sometimes I'll lose them all trying the stupid jump.
  5. Didn't want to spam the forum, so I waited until I had a few to post. Hope everyone is doing well. Let me know what you all think. I'm trying to learn Premiere and After Effects while I do my usual reviews so the process has been a little chaotic. I'm working on a play through of the SEGA CD Lunar (its taking a bit. ) and I did a play through of Fatal Labyrinth this morning that I'll be posting soon. Feedback appreciated and so is discussion about the games. I do love to talk games.
  6. That does sound really bad. The NES version always seemed like a complete fail to me. Like whoever worked on it really didn't want to work on it.
  7. Model 2 all the way. I have a CDX, but its more of a shelf piece since I don't ever want to get it worked on. I've heard they're a bit of a nightmare. I play through Lunar, Sonic CD, and Dark Wizard pretty often.
  8. Trouble Shooter Musha Phelios - I know its an odd one, but I've always liked it.
  9. Were the micros better than the Fami/NES and Master System versions? Those really hurt. I still have my original model 1 Genny from 89 and original 32X and CD model 2. Golden Ax - the user built me a nice all in one power supply out of a Gamecube power supply.
  10. My first two game reviews are Sunset Riders and Altered Beast. I've always been a SEGA kid, so I thought after spending a year on the 7800, I'd dedicate my next run of videos to my all time favorite console. Let me know what y'all think if you get a chance to check them out. I'm wanting to do a list video soon featuring the best cheap games to start a Genesis collection with.
  11. If you have an AV modded system, the RetroTINK is the way to go. Can't beat it for the price. Almost all of my Atari reviews on youtube are capped using one.
  12. So good. Got mine today and have been getting my butt kicked all afternoon!
  13. My Pole Position II and VCS Frogger are in printed glow cases... they sure are pretty. It is such a trivial feature, but Atari probably could have carved out a little more marketshare if every game glowed in the dark. In the 80's everything glowed or came with slime or both. Such a great time.
  14. Thank you! It gives me an excuse to play some of the games in my collection I'd otherwise just put in the drawer and never play. Left to my own devices, I might spend a month just playing Centipede and Robotron. I did get Streets of Rage 3 and Contra Hard Corps for SEGA today. Contra HC might be a new contender for best game I suck at. Baby Pac Man is right up there as well.
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