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  1. So good. Got mine today and have been getting my butt kicked all afternoon!
  2. My Pole Position II and VCS Frogger are in printed glow cases... they sure are pretty. It is such a trivial feature, but Atari probably could have carved out a little more marketshare if every game glowed in the dark. In the 80's everything glowed or came with slime or both. Such a great time.
  3. Thank you! It gives me an excuse to play some of the games in my collection I'd otherwise just put in the drawer and never play. Left to my own devices, I might spend a month just playing Centipede and Robotron. I did get Streets of Rage 3 and Contra Hard Corps for SEGA today. Contra HC might be a new contender for best game I suck at. Baby Pac Man is right up there as well.
  4. Payment sent! I'm so sorry I didn't see me on the list. Thanks again to all involved!
  5. I love this game. The idea of this game. I suck at this game. So what do you all think of Impossible Mission and what is YOUR favorite game that you suck severely at? This and Super Circus Atari at the games I like most that I don't ever want people to see me play because I am trash at them.
  6. And when they don't..... cue Mr. Burns hand rubbing. Seriously, if anyone backs out...
  7. Robotron (will it support original controllers? SEGA pads?) Joust Crossbow Food Fight Centipede If it has a cart slot that would be amazing since the homebrews are what has really gotten me back into collecting for the 7800. It would rock to play Baby Pac and Rikki & Vikki in 720 on my lcd.
  8. Dang I suck at this game! I LOVE IT though. Most fun ever being terrible at a video game. Of my 7800 collection, I think this is one of the games that modern gamer kids used to iOS apps would really discover and have a blast with. It is just so brutal! So I know most of you have this one, but I'm curious what everyone's high scores are. I always loved the original and Bob's update just cranked my love of this game to 11. btw... Which do you all think is more brutal? This, or Baby Pac? I'm voting Circus.
  9. I guess I'll take the standard cart that is left. OR. I guess I'll be waiting for it in the store. damn slow internet. Bob, if someone backs out, I'll take whatever you got.
  10. Well, those clones and the fpga systems are great, but I dont think it is cheaper than playing your existing consoles via the Tink. As far as I know there isnt an fpga Atari. Not that you can use real carts and controllers on. The Retron77 only does 2600. I like my real hardware. People be crazy.
  11. Anyone know what this person who posted on my channel is talking about? This was his response to the RetroTINK video: sad the retrothink is not a legal device from market regulation point of view as it doesn't fulfill any law, so only sold on grey-market shops. custom may catch them if there are aware of it. HDMI for Atari 2600/7800 and 5200 is already available for a fraction of costs. There are two solutions out there: HDMI built in consoles with a lot of unique enhancements or the universal analogue video connector based consoles having certified adapters like VGA, RGB or HDMI. Cheaper than retrothink.
  12. Here is what you can expect to see out of a RetroTINK via S-video solution. I'm pretty pleased with the setup.
  13. They just work since you don't need the button 2 at all. I just hold one in each hand and rack up the points. You don't need an adapter for a SEGA 3 or 6 button pad unless you need button 2. So for games like Rikki & Vikki, Midnight Mutants, Commando, Xevious, etc. you'd want a Seagull adapter. It also makes the 8bitdo M30 work on a 7800! Sometimes I use two of the SEGA arcade sticks for Robotron when I can get my coffee table cleared off. That is when the kids are napping and its time to get serious!
  14. I agree it is a great port, but Dig Dug never grabbed my like many other arcade classics of the era. It isn't a jab at the ports quality; I simply prefer other arcade games of the time more. If it was side by side with Joust, Robotron, Pac-Man, etc. I would go with any of those first. I actually passed on a Dig Dug arcade cabinet twice in my life. Once I passed on it for a Pac-Man and the other time I chose to go with a SEGA Power Drift cabinet because... SEGA! Now my daughter who is in this week's video LOVES Dig Dug and treats my vinyl Pooka and Fygar figurines like babies. She drags my table top Dig Dug with her around the house constantly.
  15. I love Super Circus, but daaaaaaang I suck at it. Still, I played it so much and the original for that matter, that it is truly a shock to me that I still suck at it as bad as I do! I agree wholeheartedly on that and Frenzy being top tier 7800 games. I only wish the Circus games allowed for wider target zones on the see saw for people who are skill impaired.
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