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  1. Well the left side is still a RetroTINK just with composites. Have you considered an Analogue FPGA?
  2. I use the RetroTINK with my 32X setup with RetroVision cables. Here is what it looks like… I really like the results especially for the price of it all.
  3. Thanks eebuckeye! I’m getting back into it; I start teaching film classes in the fall and need an excuse to play with different editing software.
  4. With my attention span I lasted 10 minutes! 🤣. I need to get my kids to play it just to watch them meltdown.
  5. I plan on popping in more now that my life is getting closer to normal. Let me know what y’all think or just share the SEGA memories. AFTERBURNER COMPLETE for SEGA GENESIS 32X REVIEW POWER DRIFT for SEGA SATURN REVIEW STAR WARS ARCADE for SEGA GENESIS 32X REVIEW CANNON SPIKE for SEGA DREAMCAST REVIEW
  6. Too much on my plate to program, but mad respect for those who do. I do carry my weight as a level designer and I hope my sprite work shows the time I typically put in on a project. When I get my kids off to college and life slows down I prob will learn to program. I studied Turbo C and Pascal when I was in high school. I keep thinking of getting into Batari Basic or that NES GUI driven thing sooner or later, but I have some projects I’m not at liberty to discuss (the NDAs are killer) that are keeping me busy.
  7. So my family has clocked in waaaay too many hours on Animal Crossing and I was thinking there really isn't a reason this couldn't have worked back in the day and then I thought what would it look like on my beloved 7800. So some quick mocks using 7800 palette colors and some fatmode stretch later and here is some basic Atari Crossing layout mocks. Granted no battery backup back in the day would have sucked, but there were battery backup games on other systems and the 7800 was slated to have had add ons, so ya know... Of course I might replace Tom Nook with ET or something... damn trash panda. 7800 fat pixels of course... If I get bored I may add to my tile sets just for fun. Anyone else play Animal Crossing want to add to the 8bit cast? My daughters won't forgive me if I don't add Peanut.
  8. Bob you are a beast sir! Ok I’m not asking you to do this so no one freak out, but I wanted to show Bob this and simply ask if this looks possible on the 7800. We’ve playing this all day with the kids on the new Namco collection on switch. Apparently it is running in Namco’s NES emulator and I’m trying to decide if this would give the Atari a stroke. I would love to hear the XM sound processors take a wack at the audio if nothing else. i would think fat mode graphics because of the rolling colors, but I figure your existing PAC engine already proved the scrolling would work. Just idly wondering if there was anything you could see in the video that would just make you say “nope that wouldn’t work.” At any rate can’t wait to play your latest masterpiece. I’m still playing Baby Pac daily and I still suck at it but it’s the most fun I have playing a game I’m awful at. Thanks for all you do!
  9. My kiddo’s Gen 1/32X/CD2 had some weird noise that turned out to be a cheap after market power supply. Once we switched him to an original model 1 power supply it went away. Also a ferrite clip on the audio mixer cable out of the headset jack can help.
  10. Well the 8bitdo AND Retro Bit dongles both work through the Seagull so at least there are multiple options. I’m using a Wii U pro controller to play Froggie and I tested the Bluetooth Saturn pad on Xevious.
  11. Hope you guys like my latest videos. Let me know what you all think. Hope everyone is having a great week!
  12. I've had this for years since I last worked retail. Just a cool bit of swag that I finally got around to scanning into a pdf. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! This is from SEGA's 32X/Saturn era with some retailer newsletters at the end that I though was kind of a cool snapshot of where SEGA was at in the early 90's. Though I'd share and see if it sparked any cool conversations. Hope everyone is well! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ccF8eErMnpPV555pYBE23o1FBfI8g1tX/view?usp=sharing
  13. Here is my list of awesome games that are cheap to start a collection. Other than that, some kind of upscaler solution for modern tvs like a RetroTINK or maybe Hyperkins HDMI adapter. Congrats on the find and SEGA!
  14. Thank you! I'm working on Trouble Shooter and Fatal Labyrinth right now. My play through of Fatal Labyrinth clocked in over 11gb so it'll be uploaded while the family is at work! I was capping video of Pat Riley Basketball tonight and thought my RetroTINK was crapping out on me. Turned out my tv just sucks and flips out when the game goes to the quick time events it loses signal for a second. [SWEAR WORDS!!!!] I want to go through Revenge of Shinobi again, but I'm not looking forward to that damn jump on the dock level. No joke, I'll have 8 lives on that spot and sometimes I'll lose them all trying the stupid jump.
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