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  1. Plague Inc? There was also a flash game version from ages ago called Pandemic. https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/360724
  2. It is so nice outside. 70F outside.

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Go out and enjoy your day :)

    2. GoldLeader


      And...We're supposed to get snow tonight (Blech!)...Maybe they'll be wrong.

    3. Trinity


      Greta farted.

  3. batari basic for the Atari2600
  4. I also have a Wallstreet Powerbook that I could use to format. I just wanna be able to game on my old Performa.
  5. I think it is HFS: however, I haven't found a way to format them to that. My newer macs all have the newer HFS format.
  6. Anyone here play or collect Mac Performas? I have a Performa 550 and 6213CD. I cant seem to figure out how to burn games to disc to play with the old ones? Is there a special format? I have a G4 Tower to my disposal. Unsure. Thanks Sage
  7. Interesting to see how you like it. I want to get one for myself eventually.
  8. It's been a few months, just checking in. Still Alive :D

  9. I am Finally getting to putting Linux on my Surface Pro.

    1. jd_1138


      Cool beans!  I think it will be nicer to use.

    2. fujidude


      Way to go!

  10. Retro - Built in or Cartridge Modern - CD or Direct Download For years Retro: <2000 Modern: 2000 +
  11. @metarog I just counted I have 17, so that puts me in the Lead category. My Stuff:
  12. Happy Independence Day everyone!

    1. Wally1


      Thanks, Buddy!


      'and the rocket's red glare..!'


  13. What I mean is, isnt't there a RCA cable that goes from the back of the computer to the RF modulator?
  14. Yeah.. but in the event he already had a spliter on hand and it didnt cross his mind, might get him up and running faster.
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