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  1. Chances now for all of you having discussion here in new thread on my projects. BadCoder forums are gone so I need new place for talking about your comments. Have fun! BadCoder.
  2. Is coming nicely, small new binary, and blogging news. When you had problems before tell me now so I make fixes to next. Have fun! BadCoder.
  3. Happiness on your birthday, time is evaporating. You having also musics for bad coders to borrow? Have fun! BadCoder.
  4. Another tells me of your question is for coders. When I am coding I am not writing home pages but am perhaps getting them by another with help for me. Other coders are also holding pages and giving news in those pages. When you are wanting updating with news, you are not wanting promises, coders are always losing to you. Telling always parts with no showing makes only owners angry and losing the interest. For news there is a saying 'eyes that are not any more seen are soon forgotten'. Against news is 'the jug can not go to drink every time again easily'. Finally 'if you marry it is best to sleep only in your own bed'. Have fun! BadCoder.
  5. BadCoder is hoping that it is not called 'War Balls' as that is one special mode in the BadCode5 'Bad Balls/Bad Walls' binary that is developing when BadCoder has some hours or minutes to spare in these days. The binary will be running with BJL or similar, saving to 64 word EEPROMS or 1K word EEPROMS using the UGD published documentations published. Linkovitch, BadCoder is thinking Jaguar 'Global War' will be a popular addition. Have fun! BadCoder.
  6. Hi. Actually 3 things on this, I'd like to say. 1. Various downloadable versions of my binaries are available direkt from my own web site at http://badcoder.atari.org/ including verzions of BadCode4 (Metal) suitable for Flash ROMs, pure binaries, and with .JAG headers suitable for uploading with BJL for maximum convenience. Due to problems at Atari.Org my site was down for a week, is back today. 2. My binaries are <not> public domain, they are released as free to use, whilst I retain all copyright and distribution rights. In particular, a condition to download is that files are not redistributed, I want to know how many copies are downloaded and how often, by seeing the log files of downloads from my site. The small numbers of downloads (maybe related to GoodJag recently) is why I decided before now not to release BadCode5, with no feedback also given recently. It is sad that people distributing files for emulators cannot respekt this, and the author of GoodJag refuses to even reply to any request to change the description of my files from PD. 3. BadCode4N (New Metal) as a stop-gap for BadCode5A should be available on my web-site very shortly, the update was lost due to problems on the server. For other ROM images, Justclaws had a DOS EXE on his site that strips off a Jaguar header, and also utilities to add or remove the .JAG headers. I believe JUGS came with a utility to strip off .ABS headers to get a .BIN. TBird is that PD maybe? Have fun! BadCoder.
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