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  1. No one replied to my status update, Well you would be intrested in this... I GOT FLASHBACK NES SOUND TEST AND GAME ROMS! I am not telling you who sent them!

  2. Guess? You think flashback roms released? well i got them, REALLY SERIOUS!

  3. Post a Game diffrence between the 7800 and the flashback 1 like the example. it does not to be the same game. Food Fight: In the flashback version, charley is missing some of his body when he enters the ice cream cone. Also sometimes when you die, you get half of the lose life song muted and the rest is heard. Not the 7800 does these two stuff.
  4. I got a 368,700 on beginners with 1 instant replay!
  5. What my secret santa guess is The Pokey Version of Pac-Man 320 or Pac-Man Collection, on a Cartridge with Artifical POKEY BOARD PUT INSIDE THE CARTRIDGE!!
  6. Really really really really really really really really really IN IN IN!
  7. I was in the middle in my jawbreaker in pacman hack for the 7800. but when i was editing the title, i noticed a few lines i did not color with 1, 2, 3, 4,. why is this happening! PS: WHY DO WE ALSO HAVE SYMMETRICAL MAZES?!>!(#$!
  8. Well i can sniff your nose if i can SNIFF MY PEE

  9. Well i sniff your bro's earwax!

  10. The Galaxer

    Rally X

    I love to play rally x in my life! and i just wondered if it was possible for the 7800. For right now, i created a sprite mockup. rlxmockup.bmp
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