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  1. 8BiTf0oL


  2. Im ready to buy DK and burgertime!!!!
  3. yeah..what happened to DK VCS?I was hoping for a DK JR remake as well!!!
  4. Is this going to be released? This is a great version...If you could do this kind of work,you could most likely redo all of the crappy version,that were done for the ATARI 2600...LIKE.... Donkey Kong jr , amadar ,Q*bert, ETC..I think you have enought fans that would support you...
  5. Is this DK cart going to be made for us to purchase?
  6. Hello,is the new version of DK going to make it on a cart anytime soon or at all?

    1. Fixitguy74


      Patience is a virtue young padawan.

  7. hello im new!!

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