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  1. For future reference, I ordered one from RS Online (Finland). With taxes it cost almost 10€, but it matches the original part exactly so maybe I don't mind. The product picture on RS is wrong, with SKU 155-8971 you will get 7101J1AV2QE2 which has three 90 degree bent legs and it's not the panel mount version. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/rocker-switches/1558971/ Picture of the switch I received: Looking forward to getting my 130XE fixed...
  2. This is what I suspected, since AA price is similar to RetroHQ (and in US the sales tax is not displayed). So to my point, if I had the choice, I would prefer RetroHQ as a seller.
  3. Like I said in another message, the price is very much different depending on whether it is sold by RetroHQ or by DragonBox. I have no reason to order from AtariAge as the shipping and duty costs will make it the most expensive option. So, I hope you will ship 186 carts yourself
  4. While having proper distribution and support channels is great, it also means that price will go up. Original RetroHQ price was £140 which in today's rate is 160€. Dragonbox lists JagGD for 190€ which is 19% increase and again that's fine, 20% is typical profit margin for such products.
  5. Edit: Didn't see SainT's reply about Dragonbox in time. Well done if that's the case!
  6. SainT, first of all, great that you consider electrical equipment waste to be also your concern. Although Jag GD is most likely never going to end up in a bin, this approach is commendable. I do not remember seeing anything related to recycling in any of my modern retro purchases, as you implied. Technically if you're compliant with UK EEE and WEEE guidance, it means you should be compliant with EU too. UK is still in EU and the whole point of the union is that member states are aligned in matters like this. If you now decide to prioritise UK and non-EU customers above EU customers, you should clearly communicate that to everyone who has made the pre-order. Having distributors is also a good idea, but will not automatically sort out the pre-orders. I understand you're doing this as a business and shortcuts won't be an option. Maybe this company can help: https://erp-recycling.org/uk/
  7. Hello SainT, I would like to purchase one cased cart, thanks. BR, - karttu
  8. Well this has to be my favourite issue, it has Canon CX-1 - the first computer I ever programmed - on the cover!
  9. DC Earthquake Devastation http://t.co/lPoPIBo via @jmckinley

    1. Chuck D. Head

      Chuck D. Head

      reminds me of the Phantom Menace: "the death toll is catastrophic" when no one seemed to be dying.

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