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  1. Payment for 1 console shell and 2 cart shells sent.
  2. I just tested the batch of games I received for Christmas on my heavy sixer: Blinky Goes Up, X3V0LuX and Flappy work perfectly! Stay Frosty 2, Byte Before Christmas, Omicron and Pinata do not work at all.
  3. I'd like to reserve a standard copy, thanks very much!
  4. What's up with this release, I ordered 2 years ago and still no game (and no reply to PMs).
  5. I'm looking to buy or trade for a copy of Suikoden II for the Playstation 2. I have several Atari 2600 games for trade, or I can pay cash (Paypal or otherwise). Please leave a response, send me a PM, or send e-mail to [email protected]
  6. I'm trying to trade for Tapper for the 2600, a rarity-6 cartridge. I have a few carts to trade, including: Rubik's Cube (rarity- Gopher (4) Star Wars: DS NO LABEL (4) Star Wars: Jedi Arena (4) Summer Games (4) Arcade Pinball (3) Breakaway IV (3) Circus (3) Gunslinger (3) Race (3) I've also got a bunch of rarity-2 and rarity-1 carts that I could thrown in. Anyone interested, just reply or PM me. Thanks.
  7. I haven't traded on here for a while, but some of the old timers may remember me. Here's a list of games I have for trade, followed by a list of wanted games. Rubik's Cube rarity-8 Summer Games 4 Gopher 4 Star Wars: Death Star 4 (NO LABEL) Star Wars: Jedi Arena 4 Race 3 Gunslinger 3 Star Wars: ESB 2 Super Challenge BBall 2 Tank Plus 2 Night Driver 2 Realsports Baseball 2 Realsports Football 2 Joust 2 (with instructions) Kangaroo 2 Kangaroo 2 (NO LABEL) Laser Blast 2 (with instructions) Golf 2 Demons to Diamonds 2 Combat 1 E.T. 1 Frogger 1 Missile Command 1 Space Invaders 1 Star Raiders 1 Ghostbusters PAL x (PAL version) HERO PAL x (PAL version) WANTED: Tapper rarity-6 Frogger II 6 Bank Heist 5 Cross Force 5 Pete Rose BBall 5 Beamrider 5 Alien 4 Fathom 4 Front Line 4 GI Joe 4 No Escape! 4 Pressure Cooker 4 Fantastic Voyage 4 Encounter at L5 3 Tac-Scan 3 Air Raiders 2 I'm for multi-cart deals, 2-for-1 deals, etc. As long as we both walk away happy. I can provide pictures of individual carts upon request. Please feel free to reply in the thread or send PM. Thanks.
  8. Huh? 965197[/snapback] I meant Swoops!, of course. Just seeing if you guys were paying attention...
  9. Swoosh!, Hunchy II and Crazy Ballon from Atariage. I saw some old 2600 games I wanted, but figured I'd be better off trading for those in the Atariage marketplace.
  10. I just got back from the Philly VGXPO, and wanted to put in my two cents about the show. Let me preface my review by stating I've never been to PhillyClassic, so I can't compare. First of all, Atariage had its latest games, including a few not yet released, running on several monitors. It was great to be able to play these games before purchasing. Speaking of purchasing, Albert (whom I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time) had a very organized and well-laid-out sales table. In fact, I'd say Atariage was the most organized and interesting game vendor at the show. As for the rest of the show, there were plenty of used games to be had for all systems. The few carts I looked at were reasonably priced. No great deals, but no ripoffs, either. There were lots of classic arcade games, although it seemed some required tokens while others did not. I only played Defender and Gorf, which were both free. That's about it from me. Again, I've never been to any other classic gaming convention, so I have nothing to which I can compare this event. Maybe some of the PhillyClassic veterans will have a different take. P.S. -- Can't wait to get my hands on Man Goes Down, Reflex and Bolderdash -- hopefully they'll be ready for Christmas!
  11. First off, hello to everyone I've traded with on this forum. It's been a while! I'll be attending Saturday. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the Atariagers face-to-face.
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