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  1. I care about the Exidy Sorcerer, Tempest. I care.
  2. Ooo, I just sang this a couple Christmases ago with my Glee Club! It's the part I was born to play, baby
  3. Any of you guys coming out to this year's MGC? I just booked the hotel room.
  4. Hm, you know, I have a CoCo 1 that really struggles to read cassettes that my CoCo 2 has no problem with. I wonder what chip is largely in control of the cassette stuff? Maybe that needs to be replaced?
  5. How old is the cassette recorder? It might be that there are belts that need replacing, or the heads need to be realigned, etc Have you tried loading from your phone or computer using a .wav file from the Color Computer Archive?
  6. Two games! I imagine that would be quite handy for Time Salvo.
  7. The current CRT I'm using is a stopgap until I get one with better inputs (still waiting on a good deal for a 20" Trinitron). Also, the picture will be improved regardless due to skirting around the finicky RF switchbox that the 7800 uses. Haven't tested straight input, but I will as soon as I am able this weekend.
  8. Ok - so I fiddled around a little more with my 7800, and I noticed something strange. I have the CV signal going into an AV switchbox, which is then going through an RF modulator. I tested switching back and forth between other sources on my switchbox, and when I would switch back to my 7800, the image I was looking for briefly flashed on my screen before it flickered back to nothing. Do you suppose that the video signal isn't strong enough to trigger the RF modulator?
  9. Here's my hatchet job of soldering the UAV in. I feel pretty good about the joints I made on the 7800 board itself, but the UAV is just so much tinier than what I'm used to, so it has a few little scars on it. I used a 3.5mm stereo jack for the composite video and mono sound signals, using a 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect to the television.
  10. I'm fairly certain that it's just that the UAV is very small, and my soldering skills are only slightly above beginner. But I'll get those pics of the install so we can figure out what exactly went wrong and I continue to improve my skills!
  11. I just tried a UAV install this weekend, and it ended up not working for me. Got a few gray bars, then nothing. I checked continuity between the board and the 7800, and everything seemed to be a-ok. I even checked to see if I accidentally created a solder bridge, and that didn't seem to be the case. RF still works (picture wise, anyway). I followed the PDF at the beginning of the thread - is there a common problem or rookie mistake that I may have made?
  12. Just released my podcast recapping the event: https://thegeekiverse.com/listen-memory-machine-39-midwest-gaming-classic-2019/
  13. Do I? Boy howdy, I have too many pong consoles, including: Odyssey 400 Sears Tele-Sports II APF Tv Fun Coleco Telstar Alpha Radio Shack TV Scoreboard Atari Video Pinball I also have a AY-3-8500 pong chip that I intend to use in an electronics project. I love the mid-century modern asthetic of those machines.
  14. New-old stock of the chip can still be bought on ebay. I bought one myself just to use in a little electronics project.
  15. Thanks for posting the interview! It was a total pleasure getting to interview Mr. Harrower. I'd ask him more about his involvement with the Intellivision, but he's currently in the middle of moving.
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