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  1. Got a new one up - this one about early 70's arcade games, the sorry state of preservation they're in, and what can be done about it. https://memorymachinepod.com/2021/05/03/the-memory-machine-57-the-70s-video-arcade-game-preservation-society/
  2. New podcast all about the Atari 7800 and heaping praise upon it, featuring guests from the Pie Factory Podcast, @Inky and @Dauber! The Memory Machine #53 – The Atari 7800: An Appreciation – The Memory Machine Podcast
  3. Has anybody checked out this project or tried to build it? It's a diy clone of the Vic-20 using all new parts, excepting the VIC chip. I'm feeling quite tempted to build it for myself... https://bitbucket.org/danwerner21/vic2020/src/master/
  4. It seeeeems like it would be fine? I can't think of anything on the board that runs directly from the 9v input.
  5. Just put up the newest one, this time with arcade historian Ethan Johnson about the era of penny arcades (pre-pinball, even!) The Memory Machine #52 – The Era of the Penny Arcade w/ Ethan Johnson – The Memory Machine Podcast
  6. After much hemming and hawing, and fumbling about trying to start my own website and RSS feed, I've finally relaunched my podcast after a hiatus! The first one back features historian and Atari Age-er Kevin Bunch (ubersaurus in the forums), talking about his YouTube series Atari Archive, as well as ventures into the worlds of the RCA Studio II and the Bally Astrocade. Enjoy! The Memory Machine #51 – A Conversation With Kevin Bunch (Atari Archive) – The Memory Machine Podcast
  7. Must have gone awry with Brexit. I remember stuff being shipped to America from the UK was peanuts about 5 years ago.
  8. Nateo


    Is it just now acting up with the cassette? Could be an issue with the SALT circuitry...
  9. I recently recapped my CoCo 2. Makes me feel a lot better about its longevity. Now I'm just waiting for a composite board to come back in stock so I can finally chuck the god awful RF modulator in the trash!
  10. Nateo


    Wonder what could be causing that? Failing caps maybe?
  11. Nateo


    Glad it's not just me who thinks the CoCos have garbage RF output. I can't wait until Ed Snider makes some more CoCo 2 composite boards so I can put one in mine!
  12. I got an unexpected bonus on my paycheck, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Harlequin 128k from Byte Delight. Now I just gotta get a system ROM, a case, a keyboard membrane, rubber mat and faceplate. Basically, this is now the retro computer equivalent of the Johnny Cash song "One Piece At a Time".
  13. Aaaaaand I was WAY outbid on the Speccy I was eyeing. After reading some of the responses and weighing the notion of getting a fixed upper when I will have to order most, if not all repair parts from overseas, I think I'm gonna go the Harelquin 128k route. It'll be a great quarantine project to build a Spectrum from the ground up!
  14. Well, I finally got the hand wired keypad working! I decided to just do it over given that desoldering and resoldering all those diodes would have been way more of a pain than just starting from scratch. Now comes the question of: what should I house it in?
  15. I currently have a low bid winning on a Spectrum, but if I'm outbid on it (and I'm likely to), I'll probably just go the Harlequin route. I like soldering stuff anyways 🤷‍♂️
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